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  1. I’m currently building a set of mounts to go on my 2012. I am an avid camper, and have an atv that I load into the bed (5’8” so I load the quad as far forward as I can) and then hook the trailer on. I also landscape on the side, so I have a full sized toolbox I put in during the summer months to store all my straps and supplies. I wanted a rack that would work with both my tonneau cover and my tool box. My tonneau cover stays on through the majority of the year (slow season through winter) so finding mounts that allowed the cover were key as take the cover off and installing the rack everytime I was leaving to camp was out of the question. All that and I enjoy the challenge. So far what I have is flush top plates that will sit on the bed rails, mounting to the inside and then a piece to raise above the tonneau cover to allow a flat bar to be welded on for the back rack mounts. (Using a used rack off my grandfathers 89 Silverado it will be a bit taller then the cab but it will do for now) I will be welding another piece of angle iron to provide a front cover, and flat top for the rack to mount. As well as a small piece bracing it to the front cab wall.
  2. Where abouts did you find those mounts? I’ve been wanting to do something for my axe (big time camper/atv’er in the summer so it rides there all year) to keep it up out of the way of everything else and that is exactly what I’m aiming for!
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