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  1. Hi all, I'll be in the market for a Silverado very soon (pending the sale of my current daily driver) and was wondering if there was any recommended dealers in the southeast. I live in Miami, but wouldn't mind traveling a bit to get the best deal possible. My wants on the truck are as follows: Crew Cab 2WD LT or RST 5.3 V8 Allstar package Leather Convenience package II Safety Package Any ideas what I should be paying for the above?
  2. Spoke to this dealer. They’re selling the Custom for the same price I’m getting it for. LT is where they’re having the best sales on.
  3. Agreed. If this dealer sells the car for $1,000 less than the other dealer you’re still netting money on your part.
  4. Yes, that’s an option the dealer gave me. Would bring the price down to $36k out the door.
  5. Would you mind sharing the dealership? I don't mind flying and driving the truck down to Miami if it means getting a better deal.
  6. Just a reminder that the $37,500 number includes all taxes, fees, tag, etc. The actual sales price of the truck is closer to $34k
  7. MSRP - $39,295 no trade 7.5% tax dealer fee is $895
  8. Hi all, Hopefully I’ll be joining the Silverado family soon! I’m in the process of negotiating a 2019 Custom Crew Cab short bed 2WD with the convenience package. I’m not financing with GM financial as I’m using PenFed. The last number the dealer gave me before I walked out was $37,500 out the door. I’m not sure if that’s a good price or not so I’m asking for opinions. What do guys think? Can I do better?
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