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  1. I wanted to see if anyone is having an issue with the dash saying Service 4WD. I've got a 2019 AT4 with 12,500 miles. This first instance occurred at around 3k miles. Whenever the truck is started the "Service 4WD" light would come on. Took it into the dealership, they had it for a week and said they replaced the transfer case actuator motor and all would be good. A few months later at about 10k miles it happens again. This time I take it in they perform some computer updates and say that should take care of it. Now two weeks later it's back on for a third time and comes on every time the truck starts. The other thing that happens is that the parking brake automatically engages every-time the truck is put in park. When it is operating properly the parking brake typically will only automatically engage when I am parked on an incline, unless I manually engage it. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
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