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  1. Check your headliner and carpets. They could be retaining water.
  2. TRY GMUPFITTER - https://www.gmupfitter.com/pdflists/view/47 https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1290/20_Sierra_1500_Electrical_Body_Builder_2019JUN20.pdf Section 2-52
  3. Welcome to the club. The dealer does not do any of the work, except replace parts that the glass companies break.
  4. The door/on off button on the overhead console near the garage door universal buttons.
  5. I use the unlimited data plan for $15 / month. This works great when we travel as the wife can work remote in the truck while i drive. Helps offset my t-mobile coverage where AT&T might be better due to sat coverage's.
  6. Eli - What am i looking at here? Drivers side or Passenger side? i am assuming passenger right?
  7. Did you do this? How did you make out? Might have to do the same for mine as i tapped into the wires under the passenger door sill.
  8. As Pink Floyd sang, WELCOME TO THE MACHINE :( , While i love the song, i hate the process.
  9. I musta fat fingered that. Yes, it is 20. 22" overall (bolt to bolt). It fits with the license plate
  10. Since no one has responded - I added my LEDS higher and lower to the ground as i didn't want the hassle of getting in behind the grill with the radiator shutters. 30 inch curved 2 row lightbar - lower Zroads kit - upper Both tied to a 12v remote relay. No wires required in the cab of the truck. Use the homelink to activate the lights or separate supplied remote control for the remote relay. 12v relay ZROADS 30 Inch Lightbar - This one is an example. Forgot where i obtained the lightbar.
  11. According to youtube ( i know, its not always accurate ) ... but should be similar, right?
  12. Hey all, Thanks for the reminder. Been busy traveling. So - Status update. Got the truck back. It appears to be fixed. The inside smells like a new truck (new headliner). The window is level. All the parts put back where they belong. Nothing rattles (yet), and it doesn't leak. Truck was dolled up and no scratches or glue are visible. The only issue i have found is they scratched the side post where the passenger seatbelt retracts when they dropped/installed the headliner. Still waiting to see what the dealership is going to do. I am giv
  13. I hope you have better luck than i did. The glass replacement actually fixed the leaking. IF the glass company could have just put the glass in straight (not crooked) i would be happy. I find out Monday where i stand. Still haven't heard from the dealer whether they got the headliner delivered to the shop and installed yet. As for Mr Lemon, i thought about that but it comes down to trying to get a replacement truck and i hear its slim pickings.
  14. 64 I want to say glass solutions but do not quote me on that. I overheard it in passing but not sure.
  15. Just got a call from the dealership. Rear window has been removed, Headliner is out (via the rear window). This explains the airbag alert i received. I am being told the headliner is expected to arrive next Monday or Tuesday. Then the headliner needs to go back in. They are going to attempt to send the headliner in through the back glass hole before the rear glass gets re-installed. Re-install the rear glass. Wash it to verify it doesn't leak and then we go from there.
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