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  1. New window install failed. Basically they put the window in crooked. There is a 1/4 inch gap on the left side near the spoiler and no gap on the right side. Going back to dealer to have the 3rd party remove and fix the window yet again.
  2. Add me to the list. 18k miles. Sealant attempted. Failed. Going back in for new window. Mexico truck for anyone still tallying the results. What i find hysterical is that they did a multi point inspection and did not provide me with results as stated on the document.
  3. Two things. 1) Noticed the rear window leak, Scheduled the service appointment. 2) Ran out of gas as i was pulling into the gas station. 50 miles out the gas warning hit. Needed to go 40 miles. Warning changed to LOW for miles remaining. Made it home. Left to go get gas, drove 1/4 to the gas station and as i arrived, truck shut off, instructed i shift to neutral and attempt to restart. Shifted to N and coasted to the pump. Filled up, started normally. 512 miles on the tank, highway and around town driving.
  4. Thanks... Let me preface this with... I am NOT a fabricator, or at least a professional. I winged this one... Which is why the upper mounts were made by professionals... LOL. So, i notched out a hole with a dremmel or a grinder into the plastic lower. The plastic melts easily as you grind it. A little air around it helps with cooling. I grabbed some alum angle iron from lowes and i had some other metal angle brackets laying around. Basically fabricated a support bracket for the left and right arms of the light to extend further away from the light and rest on the aluminum that runs from the left to the right support for the bumper. I had to trim the angle brackets for the connection to the light so it didn't look cheesy from the side. Used self taping screws for the metal connections. What i love about the light setup is that i ran a 12v wireless remote relay to the battery and the lights into the relay. I use my overhead homelink to turn on the lights remotely or the remote that came with the relay. No need for wires through the firewall. Link to relay - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XK7D73Q/
  5. Hood Hinge mounts are finally in stock for the GMC https://zroadz.com/i-23910362-2019-2021-gmc-sierra-1500-hood-hinge-bracket-pn-z362281.html Finished my install yesterday
  6. https://www.gmupfitter.com/pages/body-builder-manuals https://www.gmupfitter.com/pdflists/view/45
  7. Tapatalk will slowly erode away. https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/10/24/tapatalk-has-been-pulled-from-the-google-play-store/
  8. Amazon sells it and ships to your door. Not sure this is the correct filter for your truck. https://www.amazon.com/19370138-10-9277-55495105-19391402-Duramax/dp/B08BS5HD1P
  9. I bought the re-learn tool from amazon to do it myself after tire rotations. Easy. $11 https://smile.amazon.com/VXDAS-EL-50448-Pressure-Monitor-Activation/dp/B072BK693N/ Go to the tire section of the information display push and hold the reset button on the steering wheel horn will honk go to drivers side front - push the button on the tool. Horn will honk same on passenger front, then passenger rear, and finish on drivers rear. Horn will honk twice and you are done. takes 30 secs.
  10. You have 2 million miles on your 2020 truck? Did i read that right? or do you mean 2k miles or is it 2000 kilometer miles? HaHa. As for the towing were you in trailer tow mode? i found i got better mileage when i wasn't it tow mode.
  11. I assume all your brake recalls are up to date? Not sure about your specific vehicle but there have been a few brake recalls.
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