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  1. Is there another mount to hold the front wheels separately so you don't have to store them in the bed of the truck? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. BTW, these are not my setups. I just googled it and looked at images - https://www.google.com/search?q=bike+rack+on+tonneau+cover Then click the images
  3. Run a ratchet strap from the back stake hole up through tires and back to the other back stake hole.
  4. There are some threads that already cover this, although they may not be specific to your truck. Pics included too. CONSOLE SAFE
  5. This is proof that they do not wax the vehicles before they give them to you. They charge you for the service ($100) i think. Any shop worker detailing the truck would have caught this. SMH. I had an issue where the back door wouldn't open because the locks wouldn't disengage. I think my new truck was back in the shop three times in the first week. Part of me thinks the shop is there to make $ so they wont say anything and then they can charge the work back to the manufacture for time spent but what do i know?
  6. I went with the GATOR and love mine - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XVQ3KL5/ Got mine for 539. looks like the prices have gone up.
  7. I purchased and installed this antenna and have had no noticeable issues. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N2WBWJ8/
  8. I saw a set one day in the center console at the dealer while i was waiting for warranty work. Maybe its in the center console?
  9. Anyone found a set that will work with the 2020 Sierra's I reached out to ZROADS to see if the '19 Silverado model would work on the 20 GMC thinking the hinges/hood might be similar. They got back to me. Just curious if anyone else has found hood mounts similar to these available? Response - We actually have a 2020 GMC 1500 in our shop for R&D right now and they confirmed Z362181 will not work on the 2020 GMC. They will have new part numbers available for the 2020 GMC in 3-4 weeks and should have all the light applications covered. Please check back in a few weeks and we should have new part numbers loaded on the website.
  10. Not as bad as needing paint, but they broke the shark fin unloading mine. I noticed it after i got home. Called the sales guy and he was like oh yeah, forgot to tell you about that, its on order already and should be here tomorrow. That was the 2nd trip back to dealer since i bought it two days prior. Other issue was the back door locks wouldn't go up. Whoever installed them had the bend backwards so we couldn't open the doors as the door locks wouldn't go all the way up. That one was odd.
  11. Just curious why you are limiting yourself to just those two covers. I have a Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover on my truck and i love it compared to my previous cover which was a solid fold. I like the flush look much better along with the ease of pulling a cable on one side to allow me to unlatch both sides at the same time from one side of the truck. Before i would have to unclip each side one at a time to start flipping. I have not had any leaking issues but i have only been through the carwash once so far as i tend to hand wash my truck. Removal is a breeze with just spinning 4 giant knobs to loosen the clips. Perhaps the two you mention above are the same. I picked mine up for $539 on Amazon and i would buy another one if needed. I have not tried either of the two you mentioned.
  12. I went to my sales guy who printed me a build sheet with all of the RPO codes.
  13. I do not use Apple products so i am unable to help you there. Torque is my goto app - see side by side comparisons for two apps on the link below. You might want to try obdfusion for apple or better yet, get a cheap android device like a kindle 7 inch for 50 bucks and use Torque. https://www.obdadvisor.com/best-obd2-app/
  14. I use torque also which is why i asked which app they were using.
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