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  1. So be careful. A few of GM’s see an led bulb as an open circuit. You would think by now they would figure that out.
  2. So go under your truck and take a flash light to drivers side. You are gonna see 2 round plastic plugs in the floor board. Simply pull your carpet back make sure you pick the one closet to the side of the truck and there u go. You are in.
  3. Wow. This can be harder and more expensive than you think. It depends on what you already have in your truck. Luck for you there are several aftermarket options available. The mirrors with 360 view or cameras built in are around 350 to 400 each for factory. The bed view I’ve never priced. The harnesses in each door will need replaced the interlink system will either need replaced or reprogrammed depending on which one you have as well as the BCM. Body control module will need re programmed to tell it you have all these new items. One thing I know for a fact the task is not plug and play.
  4. Btw. Have you been under your dash yet? Gm gives you exactly 1 accessory switched wire that I can find. Slim pickings under the drivers side. Passengers side seems to have more of the optional sources but still much tighter over there due to the ac box.
  5. A power horn…. Yep that’s a Marine for ya. lol
  6. I think this might look a little more o e m then the green one. I’m still searching for something to maybe go where your blanks are. What exactly do you want to control?
  7. So I found this https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1314/UI Bulletin 153_wip.pdf
  8. https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1314/UI Bulletin 153_wip.pdf
  9. Well actually you would need a 3 bank fill plate or a 2 and 1 because the gm switches are all dumb. They just tell the BCM to do something. So you would need some type of custom switch that could mount through the fill plates
  10. So let’s move group 1 110 v skid Flashers to the left then tail gate Auto stop hill descent moves left now you have a a spot for a 3 bank at that point you can buy any s bank and all you need to do is run your own wires to them. What is it your trying to control with the new space ?
  11. Have you pulled the pane to see if there is a way to separate the switches? I don’t want to be overly cautious, but when it comes to the BCM. I take no chances. I’ve replaced more than one during my folding mirror drama.
  12. Wow! So first and most importantly let’s clear up the any switch any plug. You would need to check to see what they look like on the back. Be sure to check pin configuration. My first answer would be don’t change the harness/plug arrangement. Try and move them together. Everything on that panel runs through the BCM Body Control Module and it loves to blow up with the slightest bit of resistance or shorting so I’d express caution. so far as moving switches 2 switches = 2.25 inches and one dummy = 2.25 inches so I’d deduce that movement is possible. I would not under any circumstances
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