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  1. Thanks all. Have been trying to get thru the spot shown by GMCsierra99 but that's where I cant seem to push the wire thru. Will take a look at the under floor option.
  2. Have been trying to get battery power to a VHF/UHF radio in the cab but have been flummoxed in finding a path thru the firewall. Found a nipple on the rubber gasket on the passenger side of the engine compartment where a wiring bundle passes thru, but am blocked on getting it thru by something in the dashboard. With the diesel turbo, this location also has limited access for my hands. Have tried going in from the passenger side compartment under the kick panel, the fuse box and the glove compartment but all are blocked by something. I really don't want to drill my own hole, and my next step seems to be removing the battery for better access from the engine bay. Even the dealer's 'accessory guy' couldn't find a simple route. Anyone have a sliver bullet?
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