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  1. Is that really 30" on bottom? Wow looks are deceiving was thinking it was 20" but looks good! I wish I could go that route unfortunately live in one of those provinces where front plate is mandatory.
  2. Those who have installed light bars behind the grills of their elevation can you share some pics and what light bars you used? Links would be even better! Looking to add a bar or bars behind my grill but would like to avoid as much cutting of plastic as possible! I see zroads has a 6" kit but would like something a bit bigger than may fit.
  3. Well this is disappointing! Had I felt it from the start would have left it on lot! They went and filled truck with gas day i was going to take it so issue wasn't there. I didnt drive it for another week after getting it home. Thought the next few starts were a fluke but dealership is saying gm is considering this normal for this transmission. They will look at it they said but likely won't do anything. Will try the tow/haul mode tomorrow morning.
  4. They are saying this happens under light throttle eh... Guess I'll try hammer down when I leave home later and see if its smooth/I grenade transmission or it sends me flying thru my seat when it shifts.
  5. Just wondering if this is a common problem or if there's a recall for this? When I start truck for the first time of the day I have a hard shift from 1st-2nd consistently. Only occurs first time i start it that day and runs smooth afterwards. Its like it gets stuck in that gear then sends me back into the seat when it finally engages next gear.
  6. Wanting to upgrade my halogen reverse lights to LED, finding the halogens just aren't giving me enough lighting im used to from previous truck. Anyone have recommendations on bulb type/link to where purchased? Its for a 2021 elevation. TIA!
  7. Looking to add some LED lighting behind my grill, wondering if anyone has a good link or tutorial on how it is removed. I seen one video that showed whole front end almost having to be taken apart, surely there is an easier way!
  8. Ok thanks for info! Just never seen a cap like it before and our 2018 traverse is capless so wasnt sure.
  9. Good call, I thought about hacking it off if its supposed to be capless but I do so much gravel driving maybe I should just keep it on.
  10. So I picked up my new 2021 elevation on Friday, was looking around at home yesterday checking things out and looked at gas door. Inside is an odd looking black fuel cap like I've never seen before. It doesn't twist off it is simply pulled off/pushed on. Is this something that's infact supposed to be there or possibly should have been removed prior to delivery? It has a plastic line attachment that hooks to the fuel door so that kinda is whats throwing me for a loop making me unsure if its supposed to be there or not.
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