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  1. ya I was there, emailed them at a couple different support email addresses, and I may have emailed someone at gm also, crickets
  2. weird on the 2000 peak, I'm leaning typo on that one, some great info there, thanks aaaaand....we still don't even know how big our turbo's are, let alone what a smaller one might be if that's the case on the l2r
  3. well I have a refresh custom 4x 2.7 that came with 20" and haven't seen sport mode anywhere, I'll have a look next time a drive and see if I can find it, not that I care, I would have gone for a camaro if needed more zip zang than this thing has already
  4. x3 on the Falken's, we've had a bunch of winter and ice as well and I'm doing a ton in 2wd on the skinnies I put on that normally would have me reaching for the 4x button, second set of these and they run on my other vehicle, first set on the truck and they are one of the, if not thee, top choice in snowflake rated all terrains, I run load range E only, don't like flats
  5. tomato tomatoe, y'all knew what I meant right? cab points...happy Bill? and I put mine on myself lol
  6. be the guinea pig man, 98%+ they will work and you'll sell em real easy if not as there's nothing better, I've now seen mine in snow, mud, combined frozen etc. and they are awesome, the grippy stuff and how solid these are, combined with their fitment to body and clearance makes them in a different league and worth the money imo, they happen to look incredible too, they aren't lightweight, I'd have to guess 25-30 lbs a side, quality stuff, best side step I've seen outside of some custom aluminum extruded grip strut type steps I've seen on oilfield trucks, anything works if there's no snow/mud etc. but most are slippery hazards in that stuff, these can play for real work, and don't forget they are there when jumping out, that grip stuff can give good road rash to the back of your calf, it's a self trainer and you learn the lesson just after you put them on also, there's multiple locations on the board for the 3 brackets to move to, to align with different trucks frame points etc., so they designed them to fit several trucks
  7. and lets count the tunes so far...I see 5 now 2019-2022 half tons (no refresh) - 310hp/348 ft/lbs Cadillac - 325hp/380 ft/lbs 2022+ refresh half tons - h.o. 310/430 ft/lbs 2023 mid-size - three tunes 1. 237hp/259 ft/lbs 2. 310hp/390 ft/lbs 3. 310hp/430 ft/lbs (h.o. shared with 2022+ half tons) unsure if the Cadillac ever got more than one tune? don't really follow cars
  8. bro, there's tons of data, read this thread perhaps, there is no lifters on this motor, it's a proper 21st century motor built much like the 3.0 duramax which runs higher pressures like all diesels do (diesels ~2600 psi cylinder pressures at peak boost 25-30 psi, ford ecoboost ~2000 at peak boost of 18 psi, this 2.7 can do 22 psi so likely lands a little above 2000 psi at peak boost and naturally aspirated somewhere around 1000 psi fyi), but this 2.7 is the most truck designed 1/2 ton gas 21st century motor available imo, simplest design, inline, minimal cylinders, big jugs and long stroke, with 1 really kick ass healthy dual volute turbo that minimizes lag, just research the dual volute turbo for more on that little piece of awesomeness, but also watch the gm videos about this motor, it's not 2nd gen, still the same motor, just added about 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of webbing to strengthen the block and 30% stiffer crank and better bearings for the H.O., and yes it appears to have the least amount of flies on it in all of half tons, it's been out since 2019, it went into a Cadillac car as well, and it's now the only motor going into the gm midsize trucks for 2023 and forward, surely it will see more applications also, yes ford started the party but car design with v6 and twin turbos and square bore/stroke, gm went far more cummins formula with inline, big jugs with long stroke (read...way more torque than hp), dodge is so late to the party it's almost laughable, they at least have an inline coming but it's gonna be a short stroke twin turbo...again...the most 'trucky' of them all is still this 2.7 from GM, they designed it from the ground up to be a truck engine, passes the same durability testing as all their other truck engines...nice to see people finally catching on I'm 17,500 kms (10,800 miles) on my 2022 h.o. and absolutely love this thing every day, smiles per miles still there.
  9. older model but I did something similar recently, https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/258553-rear-lights-added-into-bumper-steps-rigid-ignite/#comment-2592799 as the other poster above said for 50 bucks and 30 minutes and harness for it there but it sure wasn't very hard, the new bumper steps a little different and I believe someone else with a more loaded up truck did something recently and there was a bit less room behind the one side for the back up sensors stuff? but he still got it done to note, when you tie into the bed lights feed, the bed lights will work in reverse or park but don't work in drive, which is fine, I prefer bed light tie in for more manual control especially when parked and wanting to work on something behind vehicle like a downed deer, so reverse tie in wouldn't be as useful, if I need more lighting while backing up I just turn the bed lights on and away we go
  10. bro, I got reliant on these back up sensors in a 2013 suburban ltz, then backed into what was a bunch of empty stalls after swinging wide loop and reversing in using inside mirror with the stereo too loud and normally didn't run stereo loud so I was used to the beepers as a 'fail safe' but it was a great song and so I had it turned up and someone zipped up the ramp right into that stall as I was backing in, without those nannies and aids you use all mirrors, back up cameras etc. anyway, thought I mentioned that already...I speak from experience when getting complacent with all these wonderful aids and nannies, takes the driver right out of you, any guesses who got the liable on that one? ya....that's the entire point of my comments here, turn the crap off, if it didn't come great bonus for you, your insurance only cares about what your eyes, hands and feet are doing 100% of the time and it's on YOU if you decide to get complacent about that and the more crap they put in these cars only encourages what comes natural to humanity (complacency), you make something this dangerous to operate more designed to make you fall asleep at the wheel and you ask for trouble...follow some prius/Tesla pages on instagram, but it started long before that, then make the licenses even easier to get and voila...what's the wrecks/deaths and overall horror of motor vehicles on this planet? ya, half shouldn't have a license and making these almost drive themselves is the dumbest idea ever....unless it's owned by someone else, insured by someone else and you just pay a ride fee, like a bus, train, plane, uber, or stick to a bicycle perhaps so you're less of a danger to others Tesla cracks me up, you buy a car you don't own, it can be taken control of by others at the end of it's systems at any time, and you're the one liable for the accidents even though it's not even your car. Why in the world would anyone pay for that? Uber thanks...I'll do that with much less cost and liability. Your horse should not be connected to anyone else ever. No internet, nothing! Not unless they are also named on the pink slip and insurance slips and pay their share for each. Onstar? ya...buh bye. Disconnect number 1. Insurance and pink slip says the reigns are mine...Onstar can say otherwise anytime it likes. Sold in the name of convenience. No, you can plug into my truck when it comes in for service, otherwise...not a facking chance you can control a critical part of my ride by who knows who or whenever they may want. Really wanna mess with people maybe report their gm rides stolen and see how long they keep that onstar connected haha, giving myself ideas for my gm friends. Takes a long time to get this far from reality and truth but here we are. Any autonomous vehicles going forward should be owned by corporation that controls them, you just pay your monthly membership and order them up when you need. There's no other logical way to own a Tesla.
  11. same people buying them bought Prius's before them, only kinds, the virtue signallers or those who have no business behind the wheel and lots of crossover there, they hate driving, don't have the first clue, so they come out with even more nannies, aides and autonomous features and voila, people can't wait to do less, pay more, and virtue signal through the roof too.....these are the cars for the virtual signallers or those that hate driving and shouldn't drive...period, some great instagram pages to follow about both of them lol, it's funny how many of their drivers seem to fit these molds, they really know how to look after their fellow man on the road and I am capable of using the features lol, the best way is turn them off so I do so whenever possible and ignore their existence where ever else possible, so you stay focused on what your eyes, hands and feet are doing 100% of the time
  12. I think you'll feel any e-rated tire but I'm happy with the ride, they are not worse, maybe slightly better than the others. I found the ko2 turned into hockey pucks for the last half of life.
  13. Attack the messenger strategy. A 21st century ‘go to’ for when the message is hard to attack because the truth is uncomfortable. Anyhow, if that’s how you read it and that’s how you want to respond that’s on you. In case you haven’t noticed it’s the few who are immune to the group think and current public perceptions which have been nudged a certain direction a very long time. And the past few years have shown just how smart it was to be with the masses ‘perception’ eh? I’ll stick to a reality truth based world regardless of comfort. The masses can keep going with the nudging towards opposite day clown world. So what you’re saying is if it’s not the perception of the masses then it’s a distorted perception? Truth could care less what size group perceives what, it’s pretty clear that public perception can be nudged to the opposite of the truth, have you been paying attention the past 3 years?Bro...whatever makes you feel comfortable lol. Don’t like facts? There’s no high horse being ridden here, feel about it however you like. Perceptions have nothing to do with this. Masses are comfort addicted and love being sold more and more convenience to point of having to do as little as possible and when sthf we become useless. Those are facts. Why tesla so popular? Rest my case, people don’t wanna drive. They wanna buy the drive to do other stuff while on the way. Your insurance and liability will show you very quick what a great idea that is. That’s all I’m saying here...less is more, nannies and aids are bad. Turn off as much of that crap as you can to ensure you keep the reality of task at hand every time you start that weapon/death trap.
  14. You will come to find this a gaslight. It’s the few who see what’s going on accurately. If you don’t understand what I just said you’ll be in the last group to figure it out. The answers are pretty simple though, see who’s name is on the insurance slip and you’re (YOU) are piloting 2.5 tons of death at rapid speeds through public spaces. But the masses as I just alluded to feel like drivers licenses should come in the glove box with purchase of car. They don’t wanna drive, they are destination not journey people and feel driving is a right not a privilege, that it’s a mundane everyday chore that has the same seriousness and attention levels required to make a sandwich. They don’t want to do the work required for the true responsibility required to their fellow man for the seriousness of the task. More aids, nannies and auto pilot the better. So many out there didn’t have to pass the same driving tests I did and as evidence by so many discussions on the internet by the comfort addicted masses it’s clear you have the distorted perception. Less is more, but we dug this hole, and so we live in it. So glad I get to share the road with Tesla’s. Be careful with reliance on these nannies and aids...they will come back to haunt many. Those who created them aren’t named on the insurance slip so when they fail it’s all on you.
  15. falken wildpeak at3w - snow flake rated all terrain that seems commonly compared against the bf ko2 or Goodyear duratrac, both of which I've used but now prefer the falkens
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