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  1. I havent moved forward with it but would appreciate your input after you do the install,.
  2. The problem with using the belt to check the heater core for the culprit is that the sound is not consistent - i mean it doesnt happen everytime I drive truck.
  3. yup all good points. Thanks. If there was a consistency to it i could come up with a plan to see if actual water flows out. Maybe it is the heater core suggestion. I will report back forsure when i found out wtf it is. Thanks again all.
  4. thanks for replies so far. Interesting about heater core. I do swear once that water poured out of my door but it was all so fast and I wasnt expecting anything that i couldnt be sure as ground was soaked already.
  5. didnt know this could be a thing...please explain more and where plugs are?
  6. Hey guys, 2021 Sierra Elevation X31. A couple times now I have moved truck after a rain and i hear water pour out at what sounds like front doors area. Before I had a Tonneau i thought perhaps water in bed but now this happens still even though looking in box shows no moisture. Wth is going on? Anyone else experience this? I had a thought tonight that maybe those hand holds or whatever we call near the tailgate are actually filling with water in a rain and then flowing forward when truck moves?? Thoughts?
  7. great to hear. I expect some protection as alot of these trucks are marketed towards folks living in snow belts with salt right?? Love my truck so far..6500kms now i think
  8. Hey guys - winter is taking hold here in Eastern Canada. Have any of you had to protect stock wheels from the salt and ****** winter driving brings? I think they are protected and clear coated. Zero interest in steel winters or otherwise. Also, the wheels would be under warranty for a few years anyways right? 2021 GMC Sierra Elevation (x31)
  9. The fix continues to work. It is the long term fix.
  10. Thanks Rob - I cant figure out what this is really telling me, rather what it means to me: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/249511-powered-bass-tube-or-cabinet/?tab=comments#comment-2523356 ...also, do you have this and is your truck Bose or no?
  11. Been a few days, just moving this to top in case anyone has new input.
  12. the reset has been working for me for 8 days now. This was hard reset including user settings. Thanks all.
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