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  1. Thanks. Thats Inferno Orange (which pictures do nothing for). Man, it worked so good. I made sure to enjoy it the last couple days - Its not miles per gallon but rather smiles per mile right?
  2. Brought her home yesterday folks. Kind of a weird day - I quite enjoyed my car but it was time so mixed feelings most of day. But, I love it no doubt. Pic #3 just curious on the thoughts. I wonder why no plug for these rear ones. Its all metal down inside there and looks like lots of drainage but still.
  3. thanks - i did see those but they look like they hang way down. I think i read that also. I bit the bullet and just had dealer do - GM accessories are fully warranted too i guess.
  4. Anyone know who makes these? Crew Cab 4-Inch Round Assist Steps in Black | GMC Accessories ...I want to add some side steps to the 2021 Sierra but the dealer pricing is too much.
  5. well based on Kijiji ads folks are asking alot...but its just that - an ask. I think hoping to cash in on the Covid price increases lol
  6. truck finally arrived from other dealer. Shows well of course and is full warranty. No carfax or anything for the dumb transit damage. Apparently transit damage happens fairly often Boys, I think i want this one - final hurdle is me thinking my trade is worth more. I am making sure my heart is not making me feel this way but comparable ads make me think my 2010 Camaro 2ss/rs full load in Inferno Orange with 6spd is worth more than 18k trade in. 18k CAD trade in is about 14,300USD. Now, I do save some on tax also, its like i brought them 20,700 CAD cash. What is your thoughts?
  7. Thanks all for comments. Update today I am going to look at one I have been waiting on...it was delayed as it had transit damage on front bumper they had to fix before or for PDI. 21 Sierra Elevation X31 - 5.3 and the 10spd. This is likely going to be the one folks. I am trying to make a list of stuff I should check out but then i laugh at myself and say "it isnt used"...but i will still go underneath for a look, exterior etc...what can you add folks?
  8. love your thinking Transient. However, looks like I am going to end up with a 2021 Elevation x31 in Satin Steel Metallic. 5.3 10spd. I was sooo close to the TB but honestly to me it just isn't the right truck. I think fairly early I will dislike that aggressive of a tire and lift. Never mind that after all this hoopla Chevy didn`t level the damn thing. Still has a rake even as a lifted truck.
  9. funny story. You all know i am hardcore looking for the right truck for me. Recently had an experience with a Trail Boss LT where dealer said they wont honor the corporate discount afforded on other trucks. Other dealers will do this so they are missing out, in fact dealers within 50kms are doing the deal. But, with this market they know they can sell the truck without my discount so i understand but it shouldnt be up to them. This is a national program.
  10. yeah I thought I had it all figured out but now I am back and forth again. Who knows where my head is at tomorrow. Sure appreciate all the comments here though.
  11. ok fair enough. I am not against GM in fact I am fan. It comes down to this - for the same money: 2021 GMC Sierra Elevation with x31 or 2021 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss with z71 ..this is what I have to decide on.
  12. hahahah @ TNT. I don't disagree but what could possibly make it that way?
  13. yeah thats sort of my point. Maybe interiors can be more refined (in fact i think gms have more soft touch) but from a 5.3 and 10spd they are identical in every way huh. I am going to try to move forward today on the TB.
  14. ok i see as far as TB to AT4. When people say the GMCs are more refined - how could that be - they are basically same drivetrain huh
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