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Found 39 results

  1. Hello All, I just bought 2017 sierra with the 7 inch touchscreen that advertisted as compatible with apple Carplay and Android auto. For whatever reason myself, the dealer, and the GM infotainment support can't figure out why it isn't working with apple. We can get the radio to work with Android Auto and connects right away as it should so I think that confirms that the USB port is not faulty and is correctly transferring data. I am using an Iphone 8 IOS ver 12.4 with the factory cable in good condition(no fraying of the cable) and have confirmed that the phone cable combination works in my girlfriends 2017 Chevy Cruze. We have also tried it with different cable combinations and different IPhones. Occasionally when an Iphone is plugged into it a message will appear on the radio saying "Playback Source is not available" and I have attached a picture of the message. Just a quick rundown of things I have tried to help with troubleshooting: Made sure that the Apple Carplay is on in the settings of the radio. Double checked that "press home for Siri is enabled" Double checked that the screen time settings weren't preventing carplay from working forgot phone in bluetooth settings and re-paired it. factory reset of radio tried different Iphones (IPhone 6, IPhone 8, IPhone XR, IPhone XS) tried different cables (and confirmed they all worked in the 2017 Chevy Cruze) Made sure the phones worked with Apple Carplay in the 2017 Cruze. tried all USB ports in the truck. Appreciate all the help Jacob
  2. I installed a new JVC radio in my truck but both the driver and passenger speaker are not making any sounds. I suspect it's the wire harness not aligning with factory harness. Where can I find the right wiring diagram to rewiring the aftermarket wiring harness?
  3. Hello, Recently purchased a 2016 Sierra. I plugged the ipod in a couple days after and it worked fine. Go back to the audio menu to choose the iPod to play music and see it's no longer in the audio menu. All I see is one option, "AUX". I've tried everything. I turned the iPod on and off, I tried 3 different USB cables which I know work with the lightning power adapters. It disappeared from the audio options. I can however play the iPod on bluetooth but then I have to disconnect my phone, you can't have two devices connected simultaneously. Any help, suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks to all in advance
  4. I have a 2014 1500 LTZ and was looking to upgrade to something with Apple car play. I took it to a local shop this week and got my truck back yesterday and I’m disappointed with what they put in, on my drive home unit shut off twice and is laggy. Was a pioneer brand unit. I’m going to be requesting they remove it, Any suggestions what I can swap too? I’d like to retain my factory mic and usb functions as I lost those with the unit they recommended. I was looking at this not sure on quality though. Thanks! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stereo-12-1-Android-Vertical-Screen-Chevrolet-Silverado-2014-2018-Nav-Radio-GPS/173781842298?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180105095858%26meid%3Dbdb1e22d8bb44a738f1309a120affa2d%26pid%3D100904%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D3%26sd%3D282219624979%26itm%3D173781842298&_trksid=p2509164.c100904.m5276
  5. Hi all. New member here. Feels great to come back from the "dark side". After owning and loving my 07 Tahoe LT3 and then having a horrible experience with an 09 Tundra, I finally landed in the drivers seat of my lovely 15 GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain. Ive looked through the various options and lurked on the forums for a while and I cant seem to find a solution to my problem that fits my needs. I'm aware of the kicker audio upgrades for the sierra, and custom (or pre-made) enclosures for under the rear seat. Unfortunately since I use my vehicle for work and frequently have expensive audio/visual equipment in the rear of my truck, a rear seat enclosure isn't an option. While bose is a love hate brand, I had no issues with the stock bose system in my 07 Tahoe. The stereo in my all terrain is decent, but I would love a little low end grunt. I am aware of the dual voice coil nature of the bose sub, if you would even call it one. Has anyone added the center console bose enclosure to a non-bose truck with the center console? Is it possible? Thanks
  6. I decided after a week of having the Crew that the factory non-Bose system really sucks. I will be installing an Audio Control LC6i to convert the factory signals over to RCA. I am running 2 Rockford amps, a Power T400-4 for the doors, and a Power T400-2 for the sub. The door speakers are Rockford P1675 3-ways in the front doors, and P165 2-ways in the rear doors. I am using a single 12" Rockford P3SD4 under the driver's side rear seat in a Subthump box. (http://subthump.com/product_info.php?cPath=1_72&products_id=457) The power and ground will be Lightning Audio 1/0 gauge to the back, and then 4 gauge to the amps. Running 12 gauge speaker wire to all. I'm going to try leaving the dash speakers hooked up to the factory outputs, just to have some fill in up front. Lots of install pics to come.
  7. Hey guys! Wondering if you might be able to help me solve a problem here. I purchased my truck around a month ago. Got a good deal on it but there have been some cosmetic issues on the interior I've been dealing with slowly but surely. One of them is that my Menu button on my selector knob for the entertainment system is cracked. Other than the fact I'm super anal and this crack is all I can focus on, it also affects the functionality of the radio as the cracked edges stop the selector from spinning. I called my dealership and they said my only option was to replace the entire radio panel including HVAC controls and the screen. So, I'm turning to you guys. Is this in fact the case or am I able to replace the button alone. Here's a pic for reference of what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance. -Mag
  8. Has anyone tried this? My truck came with the blue tooth/Apple play capabilities, just would prefer the bigger screen found in the LT and up. Anything hard to swap about? Also looking to swap the black plastic trim around the display for the finished silver plastic trim
  9. I have a 93 1500 Chevy k pickup, got about 208xxx miles and about 3 months ago my radio started to just randomly cut out while playing. It doesn't reset any preset stations or the clock but the speakers will stop working. The only way to get it to work again is to turn the truck off for at least an hour and turn it on again, however it will cut out a couple minutes after. Is this a fuse issue? Wiring issue? Had anybody have this problem before it seems odd.
  10. Hey all, I will start from the beginning here. Purchased my new 2017 Sierra Elevation Edition in February 2017. Drove it off the lot with 6 miles on it. This is my first new vehicle so its been a little discerning to me that this has more issues than any used car I have owned before. A few weeks after owning the truck, my microphone stopped working for my phone calls and the onstar stopped working all together. My OnStar module died and they replaced it with a new one. About 5 thousand miles later, my trucks radio screen started randomly going black, turning off all sound, then coming back on again. It would resume where it last was, phone call still intact or radio still on the right station. This went on for about 2 weeks then my dash lit up and chimed at me, the radio turned off like it does I get a warning of a Power Steering Failure. I call my local shop and get it in there right away. The drive in, the power steering worked just fine. They said the reading came back as High Voltage, they updated the computer and sent me on my way. Fast Forward to 3 weeks later, my truck starts doing the radio off again but this time the dash lights all shut off too. I can't be sure but it seems to do it when its wet outside. It did not have problems after I was in the shop but it was also dry outside. I also noticed when this happens the voltmeter spikes high. I am dropping my truck off again the Tuesday after Christmas. Does anyone have experience with this before? The shop told me last time they have never seen this before. Thanks!
  11. I have a '15 Sierra SLE Doublecab non bose and no nav. I'm going to use factory wiring for this setup as long as people seem to think it's acceptable. I listen to mostly country/rock/metal and some older rap stuff. Here is the hardware I have planned but not finalized if anyone has any suggestions. Amp: Pioneer GM-D9605 (75X4 @4 ohm + 1x350 @4 ohm(600 @2 ohm)) Front Door: Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 6x9 Coaxial Dash Speakers: Stock Rear Door: Rockford Fosgate Punch P1650 6.5" Coaxial Sub: Pioneer TS-SWX2502 (Open to other suggestions, just the best performance to size and price I could find as the double cab doesn't have tons of free space) Front Door Adapter: Metra 82-3004 Rear Door Adapter: Scosche SAGMHR634B Also using factory replacement speaker connectors for simplicity. I plan on grabbing the Metra 71-2107 to go from the HU to my amp line level inputs which will also turn the amp on. Then using the Metra 70-2057 to go back to the factory speaker harness. This way whenever I eventually trade the truck in I can keep my amp. Does anyone know how long these cables are? Any recommendations or suggestions?
  12. The radio stopped working on my Silverado, but found out how to fix it, and I made a video about it, its a really simple fix that works for any 2014+ Silverado:
  13. Ok so I have looked everywhere and got some great info but can not find anyone who has installed a slim 8inch subwoofer behind the rear seat or under the passenger seat. I have a 2015 crew cab non Bose and my passenger seat is not power so I have some room. The Rockford P3SD48 P3 Punch Shallow mount 8-Inch DVC 4-Ohm Subwoofer I got only needs .40 cu ft per manufacture recomendations. So a pretty small sealed or ported box will do it. I got a Alpine MRV-M250 to power it. I'm going to run 4 awg marine power wire from my second battery and it should let me up the amp to 500w if this 8 inch does not cut it. As far as connections I'm pretty good to go but I'm looking for help with the placement of the sub box and would love to get everyone's thoughts. Not looking for a lots of bass just to help the sound quality out some.
  14. My truck has the MyLink, non Bose system. I notice the Kicker vehicle specific solutions taps into the factory stereo harness under the driver side dash, foot well area. I'd like to do the same thing except with a small JL Audio XD400 amp I have and do it without cutting up the factory wiring. Anyone on here done this? Anyone know the plug types?
  15. Last fall I upgraded my door speakers in my CC with the 8" non-Bose stereo. The new Kicker DS Coax speakers were a nice improvement without adding an Amp. The only drawback is the stock dash tweeters are a bit too pronounced compared to the door speakers... Now I'd like to have a bit of a stronger, cleaner sound and am considering a line-level 4 channel amplifier without a sub. Desired changes: - Add a line-level amp so no need to step down the audio outs - Connect the amp to the 4 door speakers - Better balance the volume of the tweeters with the rest of the system - Avoid need for a sub.. I want a clean sound, but don't care for thumping - Keep cost in moderation - These amps are pretty small, so I'd mount it up front under the dash or similar Note: I have Alldata subscription, so any links to the proper Alldata pages would be helpful I need help understanding the following: - As the truck has 6 speakers (4 doors and 2 tweeters), are there 6 channels coming out of the head-unit? or is it 4 channel with some sort of bypass for the tweeters? HOW MANY SPEAKER WIRES AR COMING OUT OF THE HEAD-UNIT? Will the tweeters be problematic? - Amplifiers to consider... seems like the Alpine and Clarion are both pretty popular on Crutchfield. Any comments on these? http://www.crutchfield.com/g_347050/4-channel-Amplifiers.html?tp=35782##&nvpair=AG_General_Features%7CYCSpeaker_Level_Inputs - Would love to find some male and female wiring harnesses to work with the stock connections. An anyone suggest part # and where to get? - Given I'm not looking for a huge amp, power draw shouldn't be huge.. Any recommendations on where to tap into a power source? - Any tips on getting at the speaker outs on the factory head unit?
  16. Looking to see what people have for a SUB setup. Not looking to do anything crazy. Just trying to get some Bass in the truck... Has anyone used or seen the Subthump box for these trucks
  17. Wanted to show you guys my recent audio build I did on my 15 Sierra. Specs: Stock head unit, audio module reflashed for flat 20-20k signal with attenuation or eq. AudioFrog GB Series 3 Way active front stage. AF GB10 Tweeters AF GB25 Mid Range in the dash AF GB60 6.75" Midbass drivers in the doors JL 13TW5 V2-2 Subwoofer SubThump Single Downfire box Metra 6x9>6.5 door adapters Sound Deadener showdown CLD Tiles, Closed Cell Foam, and Mass-Loaded Vinyl Arc Audio XDi 1200.6 for front stage Arc Audio XDi 1100.1 for Subwoofer, puts out 650 watts @ 2 ohms Helix DSP PRO Digital Signal Processor Helix Director Digital Touch Screen Interface for the DSP. Mosconi AMAS2 Bluetooth to Optical module Knu Conceptz Karma SS Speaker Wire Knu Conceptz Krystal Kable RCAs Knu Conceptz Kolossus Fleks Power and Ground Cable Knu Conceptz KNF60 Distro block Tuned with UMIK1 and REW Here are some pics of the build and the finished product at the end. Enjoy!
  18. I'm trying to replace an aftermarket stereo (POS) that came with this truck with a 6 cd head unit (delphi 12207139) that came out of a Pontiac Vibe . I've no issue identifying the yukon's wiring (helms manual) , it's the radio pin out that's giving me a migraine . No where can I find a pinout for this radio or a wiring diagram for the vibe plug. I got the radio for nothing, along with the 2 plugs for the radio with about 8" of wire. The colors don't match with the truck, and even if they did I'd still like to verify. I've sent delphi a few emails requesting a pin out for the radio, but I guess they're busy or something (3 weeks, 2 emails). Anybody got anything on this, or can you point me in the right direction? This is a general all around get crap done truck, don't really want to spend anything unnecessarily, free is good right?
  19. So I've already installed the Kicker Powerstage in my 2015 non-Bose crew cab. It's sounds lot better than the stock system. Alpine recently announced the SPT-21GM drop-in replacements for the rear, front and dash speakers: http://alpine-usa.com/product/view/chevrolet-silverado-tahoe-gmc-sierra-yukon-restyle-sound-system-spt-21gm/ I was thinking of eventually upgrading to the stock speakers as I would like a little more mid bass and better clarity in the highs. How do you think this combo would work using the kicker dsp/amp?
  20. Model: 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 double cab So I got a pioneer 5 channel amp with speaker wire inputs so I can keep my factory radio. I Cut the factory harness speaker wires leaving the power and ground wire intact. Ran the speaker wire to the amp, and then from the amp back into the factory harness. Powered up everything and I am getting no signal, my chimes don't work, no sound at all. Took it to Best Buy, guy said I did everything correctly, and couldn't figure it out either. Anyone have this problem or got an idea? I even tried changing connection to a line out converter and still nothing. Everything is brand new.
  21. So I just had an aftermarket Pioneer Stereo installed, and everything looks and sounds great, except theres a constant static in the background when the stereo is on. It does not fluctuate with engine speed, but it does increase in volume as you turn up the volume on the stereo. I've been looking on google and think it could possibly be that it isn't grounded well, where is it the stereo grounded at so that I could check the connection? OR, could it be something else altogether?
  22. I'm looking to install a Kenwood single din stereo head unit in my 2006 Sierra, and I'm curious to know if its something that is easy to do yourself or if i should just take it in to a shop? Mainly just wondering if the wiring will be the same as stock and i can just plug and play, or if its not that simple. ALSO, I'm not too concerned about keeping the door chimes, steering wheel controls, and OnStar and all that stuff, so if having an easy install I can do myself means losing those features I'm still all for it, I'd just like to not spend $100+ for a shop to install it if possible.
  23. So I had sort of a weird idea, and I've seen some guys on youtube do it, so here's my plan: swap out the stock stereo deck for an iPad mini (obviously some modifications to the dash required there but that shouldn't be too bad) and then just install a high quality single din stereo somewhere else on the dash.. Ideally I'd like to put it where the 6 disc CD changer thing is if possible? just because it would be pretty convenient location and I don't think I've used a CD since i was 7 years old so I'm more than fine with taking the disc changer out haha. I'm assuming I would have to be a little creative mounting the deck there as well but i'm hoping it doesn't take anything major. Just wondering what you guys think and if there's anything I should be aware of moving forward? Basically just wondering how hard it would be to fit a single din stereo deck in the place of the disc changer?
  24. Original Post from earlier in the week: I just ordered mine for my 2014 Sierra CC (Non-Bose) and I can't WAIT for the UPS man to get here today!!! People can talk all they want about the price vs. aftermarket and bla bla bla. I ended up getting mine at Shopgmcparts.com for $847 on sale. Will try to post pics this weekend as well as give an updated eval for the new body style system. For anyone with a 2014 and up truck, you know that you basically run your entire vehicle from the steering wheel. I wasn't interested in messing with that and the head unit to get a little better audio sound. I'm sure I will swap out the speakers for something a little more crisp further down the road but for now, I'm stoked about having a little more boom in my Hip Hop and Rock!! So to update, I just had my system installed yesterday. Yes...I paid someone because I can't manage to pull apart interior panels without breaking all of the clips in the process so the $100 was worth the frustration to me (we can't all be master DIY mechanics!!) I have nothing but love for this system so far! It is so well balanced that it is ridiculous! I'm in my mid 30's and am not looking to turn my truck into a pressurized chamber any more so if that is what you are looking, look elsewhere. What it DID do is make it louder, more crisp, and enough bass to enjoy some electronic music, hip hop, rap, and rock the way the Sweet Baby Jesus intended! I listen to a very wide variety of music (really...not the typical "I listen to everything" knee-jerk answer that most people say) and I put the system to the test with quite a few different genres of music in the next two hours of cruising after picking my truck up from the shop. Not one time did it splat, bottom out, crack...NOTHING! I think that is one of the upsides to buying an all-inclusive package that is designed to go together. It knows its own limits and, within reason, won't let you push past them. I have no regrets on spending the money on it. And when it comes to space and appearance, the pictures they show online for the product is exactly what you get. You can see the sub box under the back seat on the passenger side but the front of the truck looks exactly the same as it did prior to installation. That was one of the huge upsides for me was that I wanted to keep it looking as factory as possible. I know it was a bit wordy but I hope this helps anyone who is sitting on the fence about whether or not to pull the trigger like I was. And come on critics, bring all your worst about how much it costs and how you can get a custom system for the same price and...whatever. I bought it on Tuesday night for $850 brand new from ShopGMCparts.com, had it on Thursday, and had it in the truck for another $100 before lunch on Saturday. Take it from a true music lover (NOT a car stereo critic,) this thing was worth every cent and I believe will not let you down! Cheers
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