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Found 46 results

  1. My new truck has cameras all over it. Front, side, rear, top. I figured out how to remove the tailgate, even made a short UTube video to help others, but after removing it, I found out that the camera system does not work. I still wanted the front, side, and top cameras to work with the tailgate off. Has anybody else encountered this? Figured out how to keep them working with the tailgate off?
  2. For those of you looking to setup your own MultiPro tailgate speaker system, well HERE YOU GO! Wiring harnesses and amplifier brackets to make your project super easy!! No splicing or hacking away at your expensive factory wiring! I have a limited number of the items in stock, 10 or so of each, with more that will be ready next week! When I did mine, I used the Soundstream ST4.1000DB bluetooth amp (and I am very pleased with it so far), so all of the options are available as plug and play with that particular amp. Or you can just get a harness with a pigtail that will give you 12v+ power and ground in your inner tailgate, so you can wire it up to whatever you want. Don’t forget to check out the options for adding lights and the speaker wiring harness to make the whole system truly PLUG & PLAY. so much better sound than the Kicker system for a lot less money! All items come with complete installation instructions (with pictures, ha)! Let me know if you have any questions! www.multiprorocks.com
  3. I'm looking to get a soft roll up tonneau cover for my 2019 trail boss. I was at the dealer last night and they were telling me that since the 2019 trail boss has the auto open tailgate that you have to go with the GM version of the tonneau cover and that the other branded covers prevent you from utilizing the auto open feature. Does anyone know if this is the case. and if so has anyone ever had the GM tonneau cover? is it good quality? I have always been an access guy but would still like to still be able to use the auto tailgate open feature. does anyone have any experience with this? does anyone have the lorado access cover on their silverado and still able to use the auto open feature?
  4. Anyone have any luck with tailgate letter inserts? Was interested in getting some, but wasn't sure what color to go with on my Northsky Blue Metallic. White might make it pop, but the silver/aluminum or American flag might look cool too. Any pictures on yours might help me as well. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I purchased my truck a few months ago and most of the time i need to press the button 2-5 times to drop my tailgate without any help. With a little (and i mean 5 lbs) of pulling while pressing the button it works most of the time, even then i might have to press it twice. The truck is a new body 2019 Silverado LT 4x4. It started doing this day one, i thought it might just need to work in/break in and it did not. Is anyone else having this issue? If so do you know how to fix it? I have tried with the vehicle on level ground and even then it does not work all the time also i tried it on grounds where the front is up a few inches and i would still have to press at least twice. Every 50 times or so it will go down with one press. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. I noticed when towing a trailer with a trailer mounted crank jack (tongue jack bolted onto the trailer) that the large tailgate on my 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ Crew Cab strikes the trailer crank jack when opened. It appears the tailgate is much larger than older models so that when the gate opens, it actually hits the trailer mounted crank jack handle and could cause damage to the finish of the tailgate. This seems to be a design flaw with this tailgate. Something everyone should be aware of on the 2019 Silverado. I don't think there is any solution to this issue.
  7. Has anyone installed the kicker speaker system in the Multi-function tailgate? If so just wandering how difficult or if you had to take to a dealer. Thanks,
  8. Does anybody know what the 2019 Sierra body parts are made from? The doors, hood and tailgate seem to be made of some type of composite material. I'm having it rustproofed and just am curious.
  9. I have received a small dimple on my 2 month old Denali Tailgate. It appears to be plastic. No paint damage, just a small dimple. I had a few shops look at it, and they didn't want to touch it. I was going to hit it with a heat gun and press it out, but not sure about that. I was hoping I was not the first one to have this issue. Its over towards the right, just by the reverse light.
  10. Is there any preventative maintenance that can be done with the tailgate latch? Mine ‘18 seems to be getting a little tough to open and although it’s under warranty I thought if I could lube, grease, silicone, spit on, or whatever it takes to loosen it up it’d be nice. Thank you for your consideration and as a side note I will not be having a garage sale this weekend.
  11. Does anyone know if the new model Tailgate can be substituted directly on a 2016 Sierra?
  12. Some useful information from GM TechLink regarding the GMC MultiPro Tailgate. Remember, Do not lower the inner gate with the primary gate open while a receiver hitch is present or Trucks Equipped with a Hitch Ball Do not lower the inner gate with the primary gate open (easy access or step positions) if a hitch ball or trailer is attached. This may damage the tailgate due to the amount of clearance between the hitch receiver and the lowered inner gate. (Fig. 26) Fig. 26 Tailgate Operation When the BCM receives a release command to release the primary tailgate or inner (auxiliary) gate, it applies a brief pulse of voltage to the appropriate left and right pickup box latch relay control circuits, which energizes the coil side of the relays. The switch side of the appropriate left and right latch relay then momentarily closes, supplying a brief pulse of battery positive voltage to the left and right pickup box primary tailgate or auxiliary endgate latches. (Fig. 27) The latches activate to release the gate. Fig. 27 The inner auxiliary pickup box endgate must be in the latched position before commanding the primary tailgate to release. The BCM disables the primary tailgate release function if the inner auxiliary pickup box endgate is open or ajar.
  13. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 2-6-2019 Ram revealed a new 60-40 swing away split tailgate this week. Ram wasted no time in throwing out a zinger to the GMC folks, saying, "Unlike other multi-element tailgates, the Ram multifunction tailgate is trailer-friendly and does not require that the trailer and hitch be removed before opening." What Ram is apparently referring to is possible interference with the new GMC six-position MultiPro tailgate. Some owners have reported that the GMC tailgate can strike the trailer ball or the top of the trailer when it is dropped to its lowest position. “The Ram multifunction tailgate is intuitive to operate and owners will find it immediately useful,” said Reid Bigland, Head of Ram Brand – FCA. “Combined with Ram’s class-exclusive RamBox feature and new tailgate step, we’re taking Ram’s cargo management and storage to the next level.” Ram's new multifunction tailgate has four different configurations including: Open flat Open left door only Open right door only Open both doors. Each door swings open 88 degrees and access can be further enhanced via a retractable center-mounted step option.
  14. I have a 2012 Chevy Silverado 2500. Over the last few days the tailgate will drop on it's own. You must slam it in order for it to stay closed, but there have been times when it will still drop open. I've greased the 2 side locking mechanisms, but that hasn't helped. I cannot lock the tailgate either. The key inserts fine, but you cannot fully turn it. This is very dangerous since it has open in parking lots with vehicles parked behind me. It has also opened while pumping gas.
  15. Just got my tailgate Chevrolet decal installed yesterday at the dealer.
  16. I have a 2008 Silverado 1500 with a original EZ Lift Tailgate that is damaged. I've found a replacement tailgate that is not EZ lift but the hinges are different. GM offers hinges to go from a non EZ lift on the truck side to an EZ lift but not the reverse (at least from what I've found). Does anyone know if I need to change the hinges on the truck bed or is there a kit or bushing I can buy to use the EZ lift hinges that are attached to the truck bed with a non EZ lift tailgate. Thanks!
  17. We just bought a new 2018 Silverado Crewcab Short Bed last week. When I first looked at I noticed that the tailgate did not go down level with the main bed (not even close). I brought this up with the salesman and then later with the sales manager. We were assured that they would have this fixed before we picked the truck up. With the tailgate lowered, the left cable was taught and the right cable had slack in it. When my wife picked up the truck, the service department gave her a copy of the service bulletin that said that this was just normal build tolerances and they were not to try to fix it. There are 16 quarters under each end of the straight edge in these pictures (height of 1-1/16"). There is still a gap under the straight edge at the tailgate even when I put my full weight on the rear left corner of the tailgate. The total load capacity for the truck is 1,699 lbs. Allowing for a driver, one could haul 1,500 lbs in the bed. If this was 3/4" plywood, or 2 x lumber 8' long, 750 lbs would be at the front of the bed, and 750 lbs would be on the very rear edge of the tailgate, with more than 375 lbs supported by the left cable. HOW IS THIS NOT A SAFETY ISSUE? In reading the other threads on this issue, it appears that Chevy / GM has had this problem for many years.
  18. Has anyone else noticed their tailgate cables are difference lengths? I just noticed yesterday when I open my tailgate only one cable has tension on it. The other has a lot of play to it. I can even stand on my tailgate and it doesn't pull tight. I went by the dealership today and at first they tried to tell me this is normal. They showed me other trucks on the lot that had some play with one cable. The difference was those cables would tighten when I put weight on the tail gate. I was concerned my tail gate would twist causing damage or having that much weight on one cable could cause it to fail. The dealer finally agreed to swap them with a different truck. When they removed the old ones their was almost a quarter inch difference in length. At least I got the problem resolved. I was surprised how many trucks they showed me with this problem and they don't have a service bulletin at least.
  19. Hey guys. I bought the Tonno Pro Hard Fold cover last week for $500 shipped via Fedex to my front door. It gives you the quality of a true hard cover without losing the look of the sleek vinyl cover. It took me about 5 minutes to install. It's pouring down rain here in NC today and my bed is nice and dry. The cover could not fit any better. It's a tri-fold cover that has an aluminum base to give it 350 lbs of support covered in marine grade vinyl that has a 10 year warranty. The structure has a lifetime warranty. I highly recommend this cover if you haven't already bought one. I am having a problem with my locking tailgate. I am using the key that starts my engine and opens the driver door lock to lock the tailgate but it doesn't turn. I've tried turning it to the left and rights. It doesn't budge. Am I missing something? I want to have the ability to lock the tailgate if I have my golf clubs or other valuables stores in the back under the tonneau cover. Is there a problem with the lock or am I doing something wrong? Thanks. Here are some pics of the the Tonno Pro Hard Fold cover if anyone is interested. Sorry for the Ford truck picture but it was a really good picture of the cover.
  20. I am installing two led pods on my rear bumper, 2016 silverado 1500. I want to splice these pods to the cargo lights & bed led lights I have so the inside cargo switch in my center council will turn them on and off. I'm looking for a model that would allow me to turn all 3 lights on and off without needing to be I'm park... Is that possible? Appreciate and guidance! Thanks everyone! Funk
  21. Hi everyone! Truck owners or prospective owners: How many of you remove your tailgate? And how often? Why do you remove your gate? I noticed GM trucks in 2017 have cables bolted on with a hex head, as opposed to previous years where the cable could be easily removed with a finger. Thoughts?
  22. Is anyone experiencing issues with the factory tailgate lock? My key goes into the cylinder fine, turns about half-way and stops. The only thing that I have been able to do is flick (try to lock and unlock) the key in the lock repeatedly until it opens. I don't think there is anything wrong with the cylinder of the lock as at some point it does unlock (after multiple key flicks....20+) BUT now it has me concerned at some point I may not be able to unlock the tailgate. With a locking box cover that can only be opened with the tailgate open essentially locks me out of my box.
  23. Hi I’m looking to install an electric lock mechanism to the tailgate of my 2015 Silverado 1500. I know that I can purchase an aftermarket one that comes with a wiring harness that runs to a relay that gets added under the hood..... Does anyone know if there is already wiring at or near the tailgate, say at a plug under the bed for plug and play. Im thinking there might be one there from the factory. Or do they only run the wiring back on trucks that come with the lock from the factory? thanks Glen
  24. Wondering if anybody has shaved their tailgate to a 2014+ Silverado/Sierra...curious to know how it would look with the camera....I just want to know where rear view cameras are being placed....Im thinking on the very top of the tailgate looking down or right next to the license plate when I do it...any pictures would be great for the people who had done this already...thanks.
  25. Last Weekend I spend most of my time Building a PreRunner-Style Bed Tire carrier for my Silverado. I have always loved how Trophy Trucks and PreRunners Look with the Dual Spare Tires on The back, and wanted to incorporate some of that into my truck build, so I decided to learn how to cut tubing and weld, while making this build The total cost of this project was less than US$100.00 (without straps) Take into account that my execution is far from perfect, and that it has downsides, but maybe this Topic will help anyone else who would be interested on doing something like this and consider my mistakes, so, this is my philosophy: -Im a Mexican living in Mexico, our roads are FAR from good, and I have always carried 2 spare tires just in case (one on the stock location, one strapped on the bed) -I wanted to free the space the 2nd spare was taking on the bed, and I just wanted a Dual Tire carrier just because -I built it specifically to stock mounting locations for the stock tailgate, to be able to return the truck to Stock anytime -I dont haul heavy stuff, so, not having an opening tailgate is something I can live with -I wanted to keep my Tonneau Cover -It is solid mounted to the bed, so it also acts as a brace and improves overall bed strength -It helps with Weight distribution, helps the truck be less tail happy and smoother -Im planning to incorporate toolboxes on the carrier (Soon I hope) Here is the video of the Build, pics are attached: Hope You Enjoy Comments and Criticism is well received
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