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  1. I did an LED exterior light swap (every single bulb), I put an LED flasher in, and I have two related issues. 1) When I turn on the hazards, all the turn signals and the brake lights flash. The brake lights shouldn't be doing that. 2) When the low beams are on, the turn signals show up as being constantly on on the dash and the signals and flashers don't work. (Flashing the high beams does not cause this issue, just the low beams) Neither of these issues were around before I did the lights. I did the backs first and neither of the issues were present at that point either. I'm guessing I need a resistor somewhere but what do y'all think?
  2. Bolt on tube light mount w/ 9" LED lights and grill covers for 2015-2019 Silverado HD trucks. 100% bolt on to factory locations and adjustable for your setup. Billet grill covers and customized bumper grill to fit the light mount. Includes four of the higher diode count 225w 9" LED lights with flood light diffusers covers and wiring pigtail. Four of these lights turn night into day. Unless local thinking $500 shipped (conus) for the whole package.
  3. I have 2 led light bars under my rear bumper that I use to reverse at night that are currently wired to a switch in the cab. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to have them wired into my reverse lights and also the switch so that they will come on when I put the truck in reverse but I could also control them manually.
  4. My 2002 chevy Avalanche 1500 Z71 5.3l has 37s mud tires on it, 20 inch rim's, and the abs light turns on and turns right back off on the high way, and then stays off, i heard it not very good for off roading either, which is something i enjoy doing, i read, and some people really hate ABS as it turns out. And they said to just pull the fuse, after i pulled the fuse, i expected the abs light to turn on, but when i looked both the ABS and Brake light were on, any ideas how i can turn that brake light off? The truck still stops good, and there are no problems, just a stupid brake light.
  5. I have a Go Rhino sport bar in transit, I believe I will be purchasing (5) Q Series LED pod lights from Rigid Industries. I'd love to see how others have ran their conductors for power, fuses, disconnects, and cab / interior switch setups. Any and all pictures , and information are greatly appreciated. Youtube and forum searches have been mostly a bust. Interested in what lights you all are running? 2016 Silverado Z71 LT Crew Cab
  6. So I have heard of many issues with these rear brake lights, but one thing I have found out that I have not seen mentioned is that: The brake light works when the vehicle is placed in park, as you shift from park to drive/reverse/neutral the brake light stops working so far only on one side. Is the fix still the whole light housing, or is there some other issue going on?
  7. So I have heard of many issues with these rear brake lights, but one thing I have found out that I have not seen mentioned is that: The brake light works when the vehicle is placed in park, as you shift from park to drive/reverse/neutral the brake light stops working so far only on one side. Is the fix still the whole light housing, or is there some other issue going on?
  8. Has anyone ever successfully crammed these bad boys into the stock rectangle fog lights for a '14 silverado? https://www.amazon.com/OPT7-Fluxbeam-Light-Bulbs-000Lms/dp/B013JCQX4W/ref=sr_1_11?s=automotive&rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1507596346&sr=1-11&keywords=5202+LED&refinements=p_72%3A1248861011%2Cp_85%3A2470955011 I'm looking for some fogs that can double as "driving" lights when I want. Not a full replacement, but certainly more than just a little add'l light like stock fogs provide. I like to run with running lights and fogs only a lot. Thanks for the input! E
  9. Putting up for sale or trade 2 sets of headlights because I got too many lying around. First off is a set of stock lights that came on my 14 Sierra SLT that are in great condition except for a few small scratches on the passenger lens. They will be in the pics. Everything works and come with stock bulbs or Morimoto HIDs for extra. I am offering both sets of headlights for trade as well for any random aftermarket pieces you possibly would want to get rid of. I know its a long shot but I'm looking for: longtube headers, custom tails, summit white bumpers, 22" wheels, diablo trinity, anything willing to trade just ask. Asking for $600 shipped. Pics: If you would like to see more pics please let me know. The other set I have is a custom painted summit white set with diode dynamics drl switchbacks and also oracle RGB halos. The switchbacks have a bright white for drl and amber for turn signal. The whole housing was painted by a friend with a summit white/clear mix to make the drl lens more see through but they are still tinted. To remove the lens from the housing, my buddy made the plastic a little messy so its definitely not perfect around the edges but it does have a really tight seal with morimoto's retro rubber made for sealing headlights. Also on the halos 3 of the green leds have burned out on both headlights but in different spots. If you just use Red or Blue it is not noticeable but on white or any other color that utilizes a little green it is a little noticeable. Il attach pics in next post because of file size. Please message me or for faster response text me at 717-629-8442.
  10. I just wanted to share my light mods I did over the weekend. I used many of your for advice and looking at old threads, so thought I would share the results...for reference, I am one of those guys that doesn't have a ton of tools, so when I get knee deep in a project, I usually don't have all the tools, which makes the jobs a little frustrating (I know what I want to do, but can't because of the resources I have) hope that makes sense. having said that, these two projects went pretty well...and an amateur (like me) could do them. First Camper lights: i tapped into the power wire for my dome light, I got the string lights with remote and color changing from Amazon (around $20). I then glued the lights to a velcro hooks strip and let dry...once they were dry, I hung them around the top. *note, that the glue didn't stick for crap, so I ended up having to use little strips of velcro to hold the lights up from sagging. pics are of the remote and relay box, I put velcro on both so they wont move around when driving. lights wrapped around camper shell (note that the pics look purple, but they are on 'white' setting)... and the left over light, I kept wrapping around to the back near the hinge... LIGHT BAR I also got this light bar, wiring harness and switch with wireless remote as a package deal on amazon (under $40). i also got the split wire conduit from lowes to help protect the wires...I believe that it is well worth it and helps maintain the factory look without having a bunch of wires all over your engine compartment. first pic is where i zip tied the wire and fed it down to the light bar second pic is where i mounted the relay switch...i just used the bottom side of the plastic plug next pic is just showing how indiscreet the wiring is, how I zip tied it to the other wiring harness more wiring (it had PLENTY of wire to I had to loop it around a bit this is a pic of the remote sensor box and the lead to the hard wired switch and finally the switch...this is where i am 'meh' about it...I wasn't originally going to do the hard switch, but thought after the fact...it isnt the cleanest, nor the best...but it is the easiest and gets the job done... I hope these pics are as helpful to someone as this forum has been to me...I will be happy to post links of the stuff I bought if anyone was interested and answer any questions...again, I'm not saying my way is the best way, but I am happy with the way it turned out...but I didn't do anything crazy...enjoy!
  11. Hello everyone, This is my first post and I am happy to be here. 'Read many other threads on this forum and I know I'm in good company with ya'll. I searched, and scoured the web (and this forum), and could not find a thread or post that throughly covered the topic of Original Equiptment lighting. Maybe there is a Chilton's or a Haynes Book that covers this? This question popped into my thoughts as I began shopping for an overhead light bar. Of course, lumen, beam flood angle, and beam throw distance were the first specs I poured over, but then I thought about Kº (light temperature in Kelvin degree). It might be cool if this new light added to the truck would match the existing. (I'm pretty happy with the factory lighting choices on my SLE). So I pulled the headlight bulb to find a PHILLIPS hHIR2 LL 55W 9012 LL, Made in Germany. (See photos). When I compare the various replacement bulbs offered by Autozone, the replacements can range from 3000, 3200, 4100, to 4200º Kelvin. This thread might be helpful to others working on interior lighting, or other lighting as well. Anyone out there have professional photography equipment that can meter, or sense color temperature? Are different trucks different temps? Thanks for any info involving measurements, photos, specs, or thoughts that might be helpful to me or to US as a community of owners and technicians. Hopefully this thread could help others too. Thank you.
  12. Hey everyone new here to the forum I have mounted a lightbar to the front of my ranch hand brush guard and have a relay switch. I need y'alls opinion on where the best place/ if there is a place to run the wiring through the firewall. If anyone has any knowledge or could direct to a thread I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. Hello everyone, Looking to add a light bar or other accessory behind the grill of your truck? For those of you with a 2014 or 2015 Silverado or Sierra, this is for you: I have for sale a set of billet aluminum mounting brackets that attaches to the supports behind the grill. The mounting hole is threaded 1/4-20, all parts are black anodized aluminum and unlike the picture will include stainless fasteners (no rust). I've been running a set for some time now and it works great. No drilling, welding or trying to zip-tie stuff on. Bolt on the bracket and you have a standard 1/4" thread to work with. If you remove the brackets, there is no trace anything was ever there. If you are interested in the brackets please PM me, I accept PayPal, $150 + $20 shipping anywhere in US and Canada. Note: In the picture below, the bracket I am referring to is the square block attached to the angled support. The other piece between my light and the block is not included. Thanks
  14. what brand of LED's is everyone using? how do you like them and are they lasting? i'm looking to replace the H11 and 9005 bulbs with LED but don't want to break the bank.
  15. 2015 GMC SERRIA 1500 i do not have the LED vesion of the headlights but if i can swap them out and the wiring i would be open too that too Im getting HID soon and i want to switch the low beam DLR to my parking lights or disabing it completly. So I wont have to hit a switch every time i get in and i wont be burning hid all day. I work for gm so I have all the scamatices . Im sure its eiter moving the wire from the lows to parking from the control module. or opening up the body control module and moving a circit. i know pc techology but have limited wiring knowlage i have a grasp of it.
  16. My Brother has a 2016 Colorado, and I would like to get him some LED lights for Christmas to replace his Reverse/backup lights, cargo lights, and license plate lights. I looked around to try and find the light bulb sizes but can't find much info on bulb sizes, I believe the reverse lights are 921, but I am not entirely sure. I would appreciate it if someone could let me know what size bulbs I need. I would hate to order the wrong ones. Thanks in advance. -Carson
  17. I have a 2016 Silverado 1500. I purchased a LED light strip for the tailgate that plugs in using the 4 pin trailer harness and splice in the reverse light. I need HELP trying to get the running light functioning. If anyone knows how to get the running light function to work, please help me out!!!
  18. I have a 2004 Silverado 2500HD with the 6.0l. It is an LS trim. There is a button to what appears to be cab lights to the lower right of the radio. I do not currently have cab lights installed and there are no holes from them ever being on the truck. When I push the button there's a light that will illuminate signifying there's power. My question is, if I have that button does that mean the wiring is already fed to the roof and all I would need to do is connect some lights and drill some holes. Or is that button for something completely different.
  19. Hi Forum, I have been looking for an aftermarket upgrade for the fog lights on my 2014 Silverado. I already have the bulb size but have had no luck in finding any kind of an upgrade, just OEM replacements from Sylvania and Philips, along with some LED options which I am not sure would emit the same beam pattern due to the halogen housing the stock bulb came in. Any suggestions for an aftermarket fog light replacement bulb?
  20. I like how the factory '14+ tail lights look and, of course, OEM light housing durability is typically superior to that of aftermarket components. Anyway, I have considered swapping the factory bulbs to 7444 LEDs (in white or red) and seeing how well they work in the stock housings. I am expecting to need a resistor kit, as I have had to do with past LED conversions on my last truck. Thoughts? Anybody else done this? Thanks for any input!
  21. Has anyone taken apart a 14-15 Chevy headlight before? Im curious about the black plastic piece that divides the chrome from the high beam housing and low beam housing. Has anyone attempted to remove this piece? And successfully reapplied it with breaking anything? My goal is to fabricate a piece integrated with a LED light strip similar to the 16 headlight look. Thanks in advance
  22. Anybody add a glove box light yet? If so, what parts did you use.
  23. Hello! I have for sale this Rigid Industries SR 20 (Combo Spot/Flood beam) in excellent condition. Model # 92031. I bought this for about $550 when new a year ago or so. Will come with the wiring harness and original box! Asking $400. Text is preferred, but feel free to call or e-mail also. 765-210-6254. [email protected] Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you! Here's a link to the product on the manufacturer's website for more information if needed! http://www.rigidindustries.com/led-lighting/92031 I will also include the 2 clear covers. I have the mount brackets which fit in the bumper of the 2011-2014 Chevrolet/GMC 2500's if interested. http://www.rigidindustries.com/mounting-options/40339
  24. Does anyone know what size the bulbs under the side mirrors are? When you hit the unlock button on the key remote they light up along with the DRL's. Just can't seem to find them anywhere, and can't find a part number either. Truck is a 2006 Sierra Denali.
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