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  1. Based on that list of things you've already checked, I think I would look at your CV axles next. Those symptoms seem consistent with a CV joint that's wearing out
  2. Is there a TPMS sensor in the wheel you installed? If not, that's probably the issue
  3. So I have a 05 CCSB Z71 with cloth seats and no seat heaters. I live in Alaska and seat heaters are much appreciated up here. I've done a bit of research and it seems like more hassle than it's worth to try to use the stock heater controls mounted on the door because I won't have the necessary wiring without the LT seats (is that right?). Anyways, I've been looking at universal kits and it seems like they're poorly suited to the seat design with the velcro down the middle and such. My question is whether I could pay the extra money for the GM heater pads but use a generic switch and relay setup. Would that work?
  4. Well in a typical 4L60e situation, I had a very fried 3-4 clutch pack. 1 rebuild and several dollars later, it drives great.
  5. It was not the transmission. I took a close listen to the front of the engine and I think you might be on to something with the power steering pump. It's a little tricky because the noise is quiet at idle and louder at high rpms but then you also have all the air blowing around and other noises too so. Anyways, I'm still working on it
  6. That's an interesting one. The Silverado is getting its transmission work done right now. If the whine is still there when I get it back I'll take a look at the power steering pump.
  7. Silly question: Have you scanned for codes yet? Also, it sounds like it could be something in the transfer case. Maybe something to do with the transfer case shift motor?
  8. Based on your info, you need part number: GM 20756893 https://www.genuinegm.com/oem-parts/gm-mirror-assembly-20756893?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9b3V0c2lkZS1taXJyb3JzJmw9MTEmbj1Bc3NlbWJsaWVzIFBhZ2UmYT1jaGV2cm9sZXQmbz1zaWx2ZXJhZG8tMTUwMCZ5PTIwMDkmdD1sdCZlPTUtM2wtdjgtZ2Fz https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-GM-20756893-Mirror-Outside/dp/B00GU9G8ME
  9. That's very interesting... I have a known transmission issue and it's going into the shop tomorrow for that. Maybe I'll mention it to those guys and see what they say. What was the failure point on your trans?
  10. I'm trying to diagnose a noise that I'm hearing from my engine bay. It's a high pitched whine/whistle that gets louder and higher as the RPMs increase. It's clearly audible over the road and engine noise but the stereo easily covers it up so it's not crazy loud. I have a new alternator and the belts look good. Any ideas what I should check as far as sources? (And no, I don't have a supercharger)
  11. Ok, so I was able to fix it and I'm putting the fix here in case anyone was curious. I added a 6 ohm resistor in parallel with both front turn signals (outside 2 wires on the plug) and it fixed both issues. The brake lights were actually the rear running lights which were coming on as if the low beams were powered when the hazards were on.
  12. I wonder if this is a heat related issue. Do you notice this happening more in the summer or on hot days?
  13. I did an LED exterior light swap (every single bulb), I put an LED flasher in, and I have two related issues. 1) When I turn on the hazards, all the turn signals and the brake lights flash. The brake lights shouldn't be doing that. 2) When the low beams are on, the turn signals show up as being constantly on on the dash and the signals and flashers don't work. (Flashing the high beams does not cause this issue, just the low beams) Neither of these issues were around before I did the lights. I did the backs first and neither of the issues were present at that point either. I'm guessing I need a resistor somewhere but what do y'all think?
  14. Hmm, ok. I had seen the solenoid positions online. Yeah, my 3-4 is good and no slipping in either gear. I might do a drain and fill and then if it's still unhappy take it to the shop. I don't want to drop the tranny pan in my driveway, I feel like that would cause more problems than it would solve.
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