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  1. Could be the ignition tumbler, could be the key itself. It's hard to say without more information. Do you have a second key that acts the same way?
  2. Without any more info, I would probably check the encoder motor on the TC. The encoder on the NV246 has been known to slip out of position
  3. It kindof sounds like your transfer case is slipping into neutral. Have you done any investigation while it's not working properly to check if it is the transfer case? Also, what does the 4WD button or lever do during this? Anything?
  4. I'm sure this has been answered, sorry about that. Where is a reputable place to purchase a factory service manual for my truck? I've seen everything from the $16.99 USB drive on ebay to the $700+ set on whatever site. I'm hoping not to spend $700 but I figure the $16.99 is probably too good to be true.
  5. I did check some of the grounds. As mentioned above I was also interested in which grounds are relevant to these issues. If you have a comprehensive list of grounds for a 205 Silverado 1500 CCSB, that would be helpful too
  6. What do you mean it stops pulling? Does it feel like it's in neutral or does it lose power?
  7. New symptoms: -Fuel gauge will go to empty and the low fuel light will come on. Stays that way for several minutes and the comes back. No codes. (Fuel pump assembly replaced in January with new Delphi, gauge cluster is new in September 2020) -Battery warning light comes on but voltage gauge acts normal. Truck runs normal. Light stayed on until ignition cycled. No codes. -Service 4wd notification comes on in DIC and stays on until ignition cycled. No codes. -Airbag light comes on solid. Stays on for a few minutes, goes back off. U1088 -Gear indicator light and transmiss
  8. My truck has been acting a little funny lately. I haven't been left high and dry yet but you never know when it will get worse all of a sudden. Symptom 1: If the RPMs drop suddenly after the engine being under load for a while, the computer throws P0332. This usually happens when canceling cruise control on the highway. I took a road trip last weekend and it happened 4 times in 3 days. Every time was cancelling cruise. I would reset it with my scanner at the next stop each time. It doesn't happen every time cruise is cancelled but enough to be noticeable. (The knock sensors and their wiri
  9. I'm coming up on my next oil change and wanted to pick brains. I always use Mobil1 Full Syn High Mileage and a Wix 51522XP along with a 3k mile interval. In other vehicles I have used Marvel Mystery oil and Lucas oil stabilizer but I've never really had clear results from them. I have a little bit of normal valvetrain noise but overall it's running smooth at a bit over 170k. What additives do people like and should I just stick with the Mobil1?
  10. I rotated the tires on Sunday afternoon and the problem is largely gone. I have no idea what was going on but it's fixed for now.
  11. Wouldn't that cause the gauge on the dash to show a bad reading too? Or am I missing something?
  12. I would get FG0407 instead. That one works whether or not the check valve has been updated, 0053 only works if it hasn't been. Why take the risk
  13. I would (and have) used Delphi pumps, but usually you get a better deal on Amazon or RockAuto than at your auto parts store so once you have your P/N shop around a bit. The easiest way to tell is to look at your build sheet. If your build sheet shows the "EVA" RPO code then you have the evap system and 2 electrical connectors. If your build sheet does not show "EVA" then you have no evap system and one connector. If you don't have your build sheet you can get it from GM customer service ([email protected]) by sending them your VIN and asking nicely.
  14. I recommend going with a Delphi pump if possible. Here's a link to their catalog where you can find the correct P/N (https://partcat.com/delphi) I found that Amazon had the cheapest Delphi pump but their compatibility function is not reliable.
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