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  1. Thanks, Cool J, That's exactly where I am looking. Mine is a little different. They said they will look at it (I sent the email to them with the need on Friday) and get back to me with a quote.
  2. I'm getting an estimate now. If they can do it and are successful, I will post all the info here.
  3. I've been looking for an extension from the connector under the bed, I take my tailgate off for my RV and that makes the camera system unusable. Buying the factory extension that plugs into the rear dual sockets won't help as I need to use the pickup after I reach my destination and remove the RV. I bought an aftermarket camera that will plug in to that under bed connection, but it requires me to craw back under the pickup each time. I need a 3 or 4 foot extension Male to Female coax that when I remove the tailgate, I can route it through the opening at the license plate area, and then hook up the aftermarket camera. I could also easily unplug when going to a store or after I launch my boat. Has anyone come across a part like this? It can even be longer. Morgan
  4. Well, I heard from Chevy. They sent it to their engineers. They said it was designed that way. Time to get new engineers. There was no recourse. They don't understand how may people need to remove the tailgate as they were too busy celebrating all the new cameras they designed. Pretty sad. Didn't even say they would look into it. Maybe when they start losing sales and getting more complaints?
  5. Does it plug into the disconnect that was under the truck or can it also plug into the dual plugs that are in the bed near the tailgate? It's hard to see in the picture. Thanks
  6. Did you get this camera? And if so, did it work as said? Can you give your description of it and evaluation? Thanks, Morgan
  7. Heard from Chevy today. Was happy they addressed it so quickly once I got to the Facebook Chevy page. Bad news is that they sent it to their engineers and they said basically that I'm stuck with it. Can't believe it. Not a happy camper. They are going to make all the people with slide in campers, 5th wheel recreational, 5th wheel horse trailers, and 5th wheel commercial folds unhappy. I know some don't need to remove the tailgate. So I guess I gotta spend an arm and a led for poor engineering to get my cameras working so I can be safe. Sad Morgan
  8. I think the more people find out about this flaw, the better, maybe something will be done. I still haven't heard from GM. SAD.
  9. Thank you. I think that's what I will have to do. It's a shame we have to pay to get something operational that the other pickup brands don't have to. I was hoping for a software fix from GM.
  10. I wanted to share what I mailed to GM: Dear Mark Reuss, President of General Motors, Tim Herrick, Vice President, And Jim Danahy, Executive Chief Engineer February 5, 2020. I have a problem that so far, no one in your organization can help me with. I have tried calling your help line, talking to my dealer, posting on the GM Forums, and a Facebook Truck Camper site. I purchased a new Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 3500 6.6L Turbo-Diesel truck. VIN #- - - - on January 8th. I have had Chevrolet vehicles all my life and have been known as a “Chevy Man’. This is my first Diesel as I needed extra power. I have a truck camper that I use for camping and a boat that I tow behind it. I bought this new higher load rated truck as I found out that my last truck, a 2500, did not have the capacity to carry the load. Of the many features it came with are an HD Surround Vision with Trailer Camera Provisions, Bed View Camera, Power Up/Down Tailgate and Power Lock, Trailering Package with Hitch Guidance, Front and Rear Park Assistance, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Forward Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning. I think eight cameras all told. For anyone that uses a Pickup Truck for recreation or work of hauling a Fifth Wheel trailer the tailgate may be removed or a Truck Camper, the tailgate must be removed. There are thousands of these sold every year, and people upgrade their trucks frequently also. The need to keep all the wonderful cameras except the removed tailgate cameras (2) working is paramount to safety. On my last truck, a 2015 LTZ, I would remove/replace the tailgate approximately 12 times a year. For this truck, I reviewed a UTube video from Mike Davenport, a Chevy Dealer in Louisville, Ky, on removing the tailgate as well as any other online tips. To unplug the wiring to the tailgate, it is very difficult and needs some engineering to make it easier, especially for older people that frequently use these vehicles (I’m 69). You have to drop the spare tire each time and crawl under. When I removed the two connectors to separate the tailgate, I thought the remaining cameras would continue to work. After all, they do on my friends Ford Lariat. Ford even gives their customers plugs to keep dirt out when unplugged. They even address it in their owner’s manual. I have NO cameras operating with the tailgate removed, a major safety concern as well as a loss of convenience for backing up using the bed cameras. AND, now I discovered that the infotainment screen goes blank except for two icons when you operate the turn signal. That is also very unsafe losing directions when you need then, distracting with the screen going dark, and having to touch the screen to restore it. You have no resources for technical help online, your phone center has no clue, and you haven’t informed your dealers. I NEED HELP! I'm wondering if you do not know or care about the customer base, or never bothered to ask. This may be a deal breaker for anyone looking to buy a new truck especially with the camera commercials showing trailering. Ford cameras continue to work. Other than this issue, I love my new truck, the capacity and power is fantastic! Please contact me, It is now February 17, 2020
  11. I wrote letters to Mark Reuss, President of General Motors, Tim Herrick, Vice President, And Jim Danahy, Executive Chief Engineer to get an answer about my new truck cameras not working with the tailgate off. I sent it on the 5th. No answer yet. Ready to go full steam on social media. Seems like they do not know or care about the customer base, or never bothered to ask. I also found out that the infotainment system blacks out when you turn the turn signal on, very unsafe if needing directions, very distracting, when you have to touch the screen to restore every time.
  12. I have the Silverado, not the MultiPro but having trouble with other cameras not working after unplugging
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