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  1. My horn never honks either. What you need to do is start the learning process on the trucks screen. Then go to the left front tire and let air out until the screen acknowledges up in the cab. It helps to have another person sit up in the cab and tell you when it goes green. Then you move on to the next tire in the order the screen tells you. If you do all of this and it still won't acknowledge after letting 10-15PSI out of the tire, you truck is either too far from your sensors or there is something wrong with either the sensor batteries or their compatibility. I did this with my truck hooked up to my 40 foot 5th wheel and had no issues with that distance. Good luck!
  2. Maybe I can find someone that regretted getting the 3500 and instead wants a 2500. Odds of that? PM me if you're that special someone!
  3. Yeah, I wondered about that .5" difference and what it improves. I'll definitely have to weigh all the options. I definitely don't want to hurt anything overloading it (or breaking any laws). Would have been much easier and cheaper to just get the 3500 in the first place. Lesson learned! Thanks, Jaime!
  4. Haha, lawyer speak! Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking too. Technically, it does reduce payload and gvwr by the weight of the addons but it 'should', at least in theory, give the 2500 the capability of the 3500 SRW (though not on paper). I was more concerned about riding around with the payload or GACWR maxed out causing long term damage. I'm way under on GVWR. Just really close on the rear axle weight. But this may all be for naught if you can't add the 3500's extra leaf pack without major modification. I like the tire air up idea better in that case. Just hoping that's in official GM writing somewhere. ha!
  5. Excellent information, MTU Alum! I wasn't aware of the tire air up option. Is that documented anywhere that you are aware of? On the overload brackets, I have the 3/4 ton Denali HD diesel so I assume that means I don't have the nuts. Is that something that a welding shop could easily add? Are the holes already there in the frame for the bolts to pass through? BTW, hoping this is not considered hijacking the thread, but I think this info could be useful to other 2500 owners or 'would be' owners that later wished they had more payload capacity. I checked into upgrading to the 3500 SRW to avoid this, but the hit on trade in was atrocious.
  6. So I haven't seen it specifically stated yet....Is it possible to get the spring pack that the 3500 uses (or something aftermarket) to give the 2500 more carrying capacity? I'm about maxed out with my 5th wheel pin weight and would love some cushion in case I load my trailer differently. I test drove the 3500 at the same time as the 2500 and liked the ride in the 2500 better. But at the time, I didn't realize I would be so close to max RGAWR. I'm well within my GCWR, but never thought about how much of that weight would be on the bed. I bet I'm not the only one!
  7. Looks like a nice setup! Please share final results once you are done!
  8. Thanks, Ron! I'm trying to visualize the setup in the bed. If you get a chance sometime, please do share a pic of that! Thanks so much!
  9. I used GM part 84152501 for my trailer and they are metal stems. They work great!
  10. Just an FYI... that particular rail adapter works with the 2019 and earlier configurations, not the new 2020 layout.
  11. I did, but I suppose its possible to take all of your trailer tires off of the trailer and take them in. It was just much easier for me to take the whole rig in and set it up and make sure it all works there.
  12. As soon as I get home tomorrow from a trip, I'll measure for mine if no one else has done so by then. I have my B&W in the rearward position so it can move forward by 2 inches.
  13. Just had my GM Trailer TPMS installed in my 40ft 5th wheel. Worked like a charm using the air down method. It never honked the truck horn, but it did place a check mark on the screen next to the tire being aired down and then moved to the next. I used GM Part number 84152501 for my setup. It's not the 2020 specific part number, but worked just fine.
  14. Just completed my first tow. About 300 miles on hilly curvy roads. I averaged 9.4 MPG. My new B&W 20k Companion (RVK3710) did excellent!
  15. I'm surprised by the drop in mpg. Hoping mine goes up from the 8 I got in my 18 Denali HD. Just did my first pull and averaged 9.4, but it was a lot of hills and curves. Love the 10 speed!!
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