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  1. I used GM part 84152501 for my trailer and they are metal stems. They work great!
  2. Just an FYI... that particular rail adapter works with the 2019 and earlier configurations, not the new 2020 layout.
  3. I did, but I suppose its possible to take all of your trailer tires off of the trailer and take them in. It was just much easier for me to take the whole rig in and set it up and make sure it all works there.
  4. As soon as I get home tomorrow from a trip, I'll measure for mine if no one else has done so by then. I have my B&W in the rearward position so it can move forward by 2 inches.
  5. Just had my GM Trailer TPMS installed in my 40ft 5th wheel. Worked like a charm using the air down method. It never honked the truck horn, but it did place a check mark on the screen next to the tire being aired down and then moved to the next. I used GM Part number 84152501 for my setup. It's not the 2020 specific part number, but worked just fine.
  6. Just completed my first tow. About 300 miles on hilly curvy roads. I averaged 9.4 MPG. My new B&W 20k Companion (RVK3710) did excellent!
  7. I'm surprised by the drop in mpg. Hoping mine goes up from the 8 I got in my 18 Denali HD. Just did my first pull and averaged 9.4, but it was a lot of hills and curves. Love the 10 speed!!
  8. Thank you very much! My 5th wheel is about the same length so glad to know it will work.
  9. Looks great! When you hook it up to your truck again, can you snap a shot of how you handled it from front cap to bumper? Trying to visualize how that would work for turns.
  10. So did etrailer. Until I called them on it.. Then they tried to tell me it would work with certain models of the A16, etc. I called Curt at the request of etrailer and they said no, an A16 is an A16 and it will not work - only an A20 or an A30 will work with the current legs (The other models refer to the leg types - but all have an A16 hitch head). But they are releasing one in a few weeks that will work. He said its rated for 25k and not 30k, like the 16024. Basically, it sounds like they just remove the welded on pins and it will line up right (and lose some weight carrying capability). Anyway, I've decided to go with a B&W Companion RVK3710. That comes in tomorrow so crossing fingers there are no more hiccups!
  11. So I just received the Curt 16024 puck legs and I can confirm they will NOT work with an A16 hitch. I called Curt, and they said etrailer was wrong and the only two hitch heads it will work with is A20 and A30. They confirmed there will be a new puck system coming out in a few weeks that will work with the A16 and others. Do not trust what etrailer says on their website. It's wrong at the moment.
  12. Thanks, Jasonv93. etrailer just told me the same thing so I ordered one next day shipping. Hoping to get it Tuesday for a Thursday trip. I'll let everyone know if it worked.
  13. Has anyone made the Curt 16024 Pucks work with the A16 hitch? their website says only A20, A25, or A30. I have an A16, of course!
  14. You can, but with a 5h wheel, the bumper connection is a bad location for turning. It was set up more for bumper pulls, apparently.
  15. Let us know how this goes. And if you get any pics, please share!
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