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  1. Nice. I would like the number if you have it. I just did a rough country with vertex shocks 3.5 in turned out to be 3.25 because of the desiel weight (according to RC ) I opted for a 2 in block vs 2.5 to get rid of some of the rake . So they painted chrome handles or replaced with factory colormached?
  2. Did that cost extra for dealer to do it?
  3. I am looking at rough country black electric. Was able to use coupon and save 100 on 4wp.com currently backordered https://www.roughcountry.com/rc-gm-electric-running-board-steps-psb11920.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9YWDBhDyARIsADt6sGaRySlP9BC4Jq2wreGjWkDX2jxjtpZUjQetUB7dFtthlrd7GgtXq7AaAhLtEALw_wcB
  4. How did you get color matched door handles ans black instead of chrome around window trim interested tonning down the chrome.
  5. I recently got 2021 HC 3.0 duramax. Looking forward to mileage. Coming from 6.2L 2016 sierra . Looking for lift level options . I have experience with eibach pro truck stage 1 with springs position 2 on my 2016 . Along with uca from rough country leveled out my sierra perfect 2.5in from stock. I liked alot. I went with eibach largely because others stated bilstien was little harsh. This time around I was gonna repeat but found out that they are going to be releasing the eibach 2.0 full coilover (soon) I also seen the rough country vertex I like the adjustment
  6. I am hoping to add airlift 5000 to fix that problem.
  7. New to the form long time reader. Thanks for the add. I came from 2016 sierra denali 6.2/ 8 speed. Now in a 2021 HC 3.0 diesel. I liked looks of gmc on previous gen but I was drawn to silverado for couple reasons. 1. I could get optioned up without the active ride control. (Experience with magnaride not good) I ruled out denali because it is standard 2. Looks silverado just Looks sleeker. I like the more rounded wheel wells. I diched the badges and soon will be removing running boards (replacing with rough country xtend electric) Next I nee
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