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  1. Hell yeah man, love seeing one of these trucks putting in some work!
  2. I'm digging the color, GM doesn't have a nardo grey type color so the satin steel is the next best thing.
  3. Let's see those satin steel metallic trucks, I'll start!
  4. Picked up a 2020 RST Z71 and have it waiting for me in the states. Currently stationed in Germany and have been aching to get home to drive it here in about a month.
  5. I finally bought myself a big boy truck after owning a lot if sports cars and a Wrangler. Found a smoking deal on a new 2020 Silverado RST Z71 with all the options I wanted. I've never been so pumped for a vehicle, it's the first new vehicle I've bought myself. Cheers Gents!
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