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  1. I've seen many kits for sale to re locate your PCV from the intake to the ground as to not contaminate your intake with build up. My question is do Diesels need the little bit of negative pressure in the crank case to help the rings seal? I know with gas engines its a good thing but not sure with my diesel. These kits are a lot of money and can be easily made for cheap!!
  2. I don't know why somebody doesn't manufacture these! I see lots of Chevy ones and ford ones lit up around here but nothing available for GMC. I'm sure they would sell a lot of them!
  3. Were they plug and play for the pick ups or was there some wiring to do?
  4. When I bought my 2019 L5P I did not get a winter cover for the front grill, are these still needed anymore for these engines? I live in southern Canada were it does get cold but not to bad. Not sure if this is just something for the older diesels. Thanks!
  5. I would think twice about putting your best tires on the back! I was always told to put your best on the front as they do most of your braking and your steering! But if you got to rotate then do what you have too. I was always taught if you ever only replace two tire always put them on the front and the used once on the back. Take it for what its worth everybody has an opinion!
  6. Thanks!! Looks great! Looks like only a couple inches not bad.
  7. If you don't mind can you tell me how much the roll n lock sticks into the bed from the side rails? I'm looking into one of these but I pull a fifth wheel and bed space is important. I've read a lot of people are not happy with those revolver covers!
  8. We just came from an Acadia Denali and love the new Blazer RS! It has more options and was less money. Same drive train and has the Camaro feel to it. They have to go with what will sell not many people into off road anymore with land restrictions.
  9. I have a 2019 3500 Denali SRW and I don't have hill decent on mine. Also correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the exhaust brake is at all like the "Jake brake" I think it only down shifts the trans and uses the engines compression to slow down. I think they just gave us advanced down shifting and marketed it as an "exhaust brake"
  10. I had mine done and I think it regens less now. Nothing bad that I have noticed.
  11. I also just bought a 2019 3500 and am thinking of going with the MVI camera system. You can look them up on Utube. I just want the bed camera for hooking up the fifth wheel.
  12. Don't get me wrong I'm not a Banks Derringer fan boy but they are on sale for 860 now and you don't have to touch your ECM at all. I'm assuming its easy to remove for warranty work. Like to hear from guys who have used these different programmer's.
  13. Also wonder about this for the same truck, from what I've watched on YouTube the Bank's looks the best. Not sure how they affect warranty.
  14. I'm totally new to the Duramax world and diesels for that matter. Do you really need these fuel conditioners for cold temps or are they just snake oil? I live in Canada and it get to -30C some times. I think I will plug in once GM finds a fix for their block heaters.
  15. That's exactly what I'm going to do but leave about an inch after the venturi and slid the tip over. You need that air gap to pull in cool air.
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