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  1. No it does not activate trailer brakes only the truck. I went through the Smokey mountains last year and it controlled my rig just fine on the down hill runs and I pull a big trailer.
  2. Denali cluster in SLT

    Can you order these new? I'm looking for a 2016 red Canadian cluster these might be hard to find.
  3. My pin weight is 1500# yes I'm over a little on cargo weight but good an all other numbers., it handles it ALOT better than my travel trailer which was lighter. The only complaint I have is the shocks are not the best, I get a lot of bouncing on rough roads. We just did a trip to the smokie mountains and it did great thought the mountains.
  4. What is the cargo capacity numbers in your door sticker? these are none published and cant be found until you get your truck. I have a 2016 6.2 max tow and trying to decide whether to buy another half ton or go HD.
  5. If I may ask what is the cargo capacity on your truck? I would like to order the same truck but can't get these numbers before I order. The last 2500 I looked at had a 1950Lbs limit witch is too close to my 1810Lbs limit in my half ton to trade up!
  6. I just got home today from a 3700km trip through the smokie mountain's with my 16 NHT 6.2l and 29.5 Jayco eagle HT 5er with now problems at all. I'm over weight by 700 lbs but truck handles great and stops great. Got 10MPG(23L/100) in the mountain's with cruise set at 100km. I talked to fellow campers with diesels and they only get 11 MPG and spent 12K more! I found premium fuel and diesel were the same price in the US. would love a 2500 but since its my everyday truck can't give up the fuel mileage with the 6L and can't justify the price of the diesel.
  7. Ford tried that side exit for a few years and every truck had a screwed rear rim on that side, took the clear coat off the rim. wasn't long and they discontinued that exhaust.
  8. I had great luck with TOYO open country HT's, 130000km or 80000 miles on them with no problem. You wont have to worry about snow but they were good all year for me.
  9. My 16 Max tow 6.2 get 25 mpg average all the time but I’m in Canada and our speed limit is 60, my mileage takes a big hit if I run 70 to 75 in the US. I had a 15 5.3 and the new 6.2 get better mileage!!
  10. on my 2016 the wax came off with a pressure washer bad and the dealer recoated the whole fram under warrenty, they said it was the worst one they ever saw and told me the new coating is alot better than factory. they had it for two days because of the special primer had to dry the recoat.
  11. I had to order mine and the standard bed cost me an extra 200 bucks,, there were none to be had and as soon as they showed up they were gone. Ive been told its because of the 6.2 engine constrants.
  12. I have a 2016 6.2 and get 26MPG all the time but here in Canada the speed limit is only 60MPH that makes a big difference in fuel mileage.
  13. Like everyone said get the Maxtow, the dealer wants you to get the Z71 probley because thats what he has on the lot. Don't listen to him get what you want. I have the ​Maxtow and love it, like everyone said you can change shocks if you need to.
  14. I live close to the US so I go there and fill up with 93 its a lot cheaper, but when I fill up in Canada I run mid or reg just driving around and premium only when towing. The guys in the US think they have expensive fuel, its nothing compared to here!! 1.29 per liter = 4.51 per gallon. As far as gas mileage goes you have to remember most guys on here live in the US were the speed limit is 75 to 80 MPH and here its only 60 so you will get a lot better mileage than your seeing here.

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