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  1. I also just bought a 2019 3500 and am thinking of going with the MVI camera system. You can look them up on Utube. I just want the bed camera for hooking up the fifth wheel.
  2. Don't get me wrong I'm not a Banks Derringer fan boy but they are on sale for 860 now and you don't have to touch your ECM at all. I'm assuming its easy to remove for warranty work. Like to hear from guys who have used these different programmer's.
  3. Also wonder about this for the same truck, from what I've watched on YouTube the Bank's looks the best. Not sure how they affect warranty.
  4. I'm totally new to the Duramax world and diesels for that matter. Do you really need these fuel conditioners for cold temps or are they just snake oil? I live in Canada and it get to -30C some times. I think I will plug in once GM finds a fix for their block heaters.
  5. That's exactly what I'm going to do but leave about an inch after the venturi and slid the tip over. You need that air gap to pull in cool air.
  6. I just did the same thing, just bought a 2019 Denali 3500 coming from a 2016 CC 1500 NHT. I get it Friday but I'm betting it will be more to operate but didn't by for that. Also interested in rear lowering as I pull a fifth wheel and the new truck is 4.5" taller in the back!! If anybody has tips for new diesel owners I'm all ears!
  7. I have the same issue so I just fold my mirrors in when I park.
  8. That's the other thing I religiously rotate them every 10K KM or 6K miles with every oil change I believe this is a big factor in tire life.
  9. I read through the post and Swathdiver is correct on the tire pressure I run a higher load range and higher pressure because I tow a fifth wheel trailed with it and have a heavy load in the truck. If your just normal day to day driving then pic the appropriate load tires and run lower pressure, I'm sure you will love them. I'm just to lazy to keep changing the pressure so I suffer in the rain! LOL.
  10. I also run mine at 50psi but mine are load range D, I find mine are a little slippery in the rain but they are awesome in the snow! Something you don't have to worry about but they are really good in it. Plus they are snow rated tires so we get a discount on our insurance for having snow tires on.
  11. I have a set of K2O's on my 16 and have 100K KM on them with still lots of tread. I would buy them again, I rotate them every 10K KM and they have been great.
  12. No it does not activate trailer brakes only the truck. I went through the Smokey mountains last year and it controlled my rig just fine on the down hill runs and I pull a big trailer.
  13. Can you order these new? I'm looking for a 2016 red Canadian cluster these might be hard to find.
  14. My pin weight is 1500# yes I'm over a little on cargo weight but good an all other numbers., it handles it ALOT better than my travel trailer which was lighter. The only complaint I have is the shocks are not the best, I get a lot of bouncing on rough roads. We just did a trip to the smokie mountains and it did great thought the mountains.
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