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  1. Yes, will need an alignment after cranking.
  2. I have two batteries and have left the truck sit for 10 days straight and it's been fine - plenty of juice to record. If you're going to leave it sit a while I would turn off the LEDs in the settings to converse a little power.
  3. Check out this link https://www.blackvue.com/power-magic-pro/ I have a BlackVue 2 channel dash cam (front and rear) and installed this to protect drain on the battery while in parking mode.
  4. Here's a link to a site that provides wheel size information by make, model and year. You can use it to compare sizes from different years. https://www.wheel-size.com/size/gmc/sierra-2500/2017/
  5. You might want to try some electric tape on the bottom portion of the camera and see if that helps block the tailgate.
  6. Your 2019 may already have the updated software in it. You can check what you have by going to this GM website and inputting your VIN. Navigate to "Radio Controls" and see what you find. https://tis2web.service.gm.com/tis2web/ Your truck should have the 84396836 update in it (see the second PDF below to get a sense of what you're looking for - this is a screenshot of my truck's current radio calibrations using the website above). If your truck doesn't have this update, take it back to the dealer and have them flash the radio for this update. The attached bulletin is for 2017-2018 trucks to address the problem. You may want to show them this. 17-NA-269.pdf Radio Controls.pdf
  7. I added switches to turn the functionality on/off for "lights on in mirror when in reverse" and "fogs on with high beams". Here's the wiring diagram (click on the "Truck Wiring.pdf" right above the picture below) and a picture of where I placed the switches. In Pennsylvania, when they do your annual state inspection they check to make sure the fog lights go off when the high beams are on. So, having the switch makes life a lot easier. As to the comment regarding the diode, I would recommend using one. Otherwise, you may inadvertently energize the backup light relay when the cargo lamp switch is turned on. Truck Wiring.pdf
  8. Yes, there is a method to have the mirror lights illuminate while in reverse. It requires using a diode to jump between two connections in the BCM. If you search on the forum you will find it. Very easy to do.
  9. It'll be fixed and back in your hands soon. Could be worse. That said, always a bummer when a new ride fails...
  10. The programming software is from GM (same system the dealer uses). The link to ACDelco is below. You will need a subscription to the Vehicle Programming Software for one VIN (24 months for a total of $40). This will allow you to update all the modules in your truck, modify the tire pressure thresholds, easily add/remove keys, and add the keyless entry pad to the truck. Regarding the modules in the truck, GM updates them occasionally to address customer complaints or improve functionality. It's very easy to scroll through each module and figure out if the truck has the latest software (I did that for the screen brightness as well as for the ECM/TCM updates). It's a simple process to update modules. Only takes a few minutes per module, depending on internet speeds. Also available are subscriptions to diagnostics (GDS2) and the shop manual for the truck. These are an additional cost to the $40 for the Programming Software. One interesting and kind of odd thing - if you want to add or delete a remote transmitter, you do that through GDS2 and not through the Vehicle Programming Software. I have no idea why, but it took me time to figure that out. Here's the link to the software: https://www.acdelcotds.com/subscriptions# The catch to all of this is you need to have an interface to go between your PC and the OBD. I purchased an interface from Drew Technologies (link below). You'll want the MongoosePro II for GM. It's a bit pricey at $495, but if you are going to be doing your own work on the truck (Programming or Diagnostics) it's great to have. You'll need a modern/up to date Windows-based computer and a solid internet connection. I program my truck with a Dell laptop that's on WiFi. Never had a problem. http://www.drewtech.com/mongoose/gm2.html Hope that helps.
  11. I applied the fix to mine the other day and it fixed it 100%. It's now the way it should be. I have a subscription to the programming software and was adding a new key and transmitter for the truck and while I was in there I was poking around for module updates and came across it.
  12. Only thing is some premature tire wear. That said, doubt there is any. You would definitely have known because the front end would have been bucking like a bronco on dry roads if you were turning significantly enough to worry. You're all good.
  13. Sounds like you were going straight most of the time, so no biggie. I've done the same thing for that number of miles on the highway. Never could figure out why GM didn't put an indicator on the dash so I put an orange LED in (wired into the transfer case control module) so I know if I'm in 4wd.
  14. Totally agree. I pulled my seats and carpet out and laid Dynamat on the entire floor/back wall/B&C pillars as well as heat insulation. Very quiet truck now.
  15. I had that tick and then changed to full synthetic oil and it went away (25,000 miles ago). 38,000 miles on mine now and all is good. BTW, if you have some time to kill (45 min) watch this Gale Banks video.
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