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  1. Well it was confirmed fan clutch is locked up they say the have to change the clutch and relay why both I don’t know
  2. Started up the truck after work and instantly heard the cooling fan turning and sounded like it stayed engaged the whole way home then the check engine light came on taking it in tomorrow so this makes the second brand new Chevrolet truck I have bought and less the 1k mikes something is wrong 🤬
  3. I have never had a truck with keys before and now I do what is the difference in turning up the stock keys vs buying new ones and what’s the deal with the 26” measurement from the hub to finder all about the axle angle? I had a 3” leveling kit on my 15 1500 and no diff drop and never had a problem just looking for some insight about a leveling kit and how to do it myself I have always done all my own work with no problem. I will probably go with the zone 2” lift witch is keys and blocks
  4. Silverado HD revealed

    Stole this online
  5. Silverado HD revealed

    Really wish I could buy a 19 because that is one ugly front end and I don’t like the mirrors or the fender trim I know the GMC already had it but was glad chevys didn’t. The 1500s have grown on me but that I don’t think will 🤢
  6. I talked to the dealer the other day about my torque converter acting up again and I was told that they have someone else building them now I'm guessing an outside company have any one heard of this or is that guy just trying to blow smoke up my ass
  7. Well I ordered some leaf springs off eBay don't know when I will get them but we will see how the ride and handling will be. Chose them over bags because they were cheaper and I was worried about the bags being pulled apart when ever put on a lift and the axil dropping down I could never get a straight answer from etrailer or firestone about the proper way to set them up for the min max height and how much to allow for lift and streach when the axil drops.
  8. My BFG KO2 review

    Took them off at 46k probably could of got 50 or more
  9. Very true but I'm not ready for the step up of 40 k $ for one I feel very safe with my current set up just looking to reduce some sag that's all I know my truck will not be a 2500 just from springs just looking for sone insight from others who have bags or maybe out stronger springs on there's
  10. My BFG KO2 review

    Ok so I have about 15k miles on them not so for still a good tire but I'll be lucky to get 40k miles out of them less then I expected. The mpgs are ok and I made it a whole tank driving very conservative and got 18.7 I was impressed with that but I'm sure it want happen again with my heavy foot. I add 5.4 percent for tire size increase so the actual mileage is 439.6
  11. Ok back at this now I'm thinking about 2500 leaf springs they will bolt right up and they say the ride is not bad or air bags what's everyone's thoughts on either?
  12. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    I will have to say there is night and day difference in towing with a gooseneck other then the truck pulling the weight the ride is almost like it's not even back there going threw turns it doesn't push the truck side to side you always feel in control the truck did good pulling it other then some decent size hills it got up to 3600 rpm a few times but that understandable overall I am happy with it
  13. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    I'm probably over the GVRW but I'm am within the GCWR but I'm will never know unless I put it on a scale
  14. Take the money and run don't know if Ford is any better but I'm sure leaning towards them in the future

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