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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    Not yet...MRT said they didn't get the delivery from Bilstein yet and therefore obviously have shipped them out. Getting a little frustrated but I'm sure (hoping) that MRT pulls through and gets this figured out quickly as I'm needing new tires soon.
  2. Elite catch can

    Came off my current truck. I decided to go with the E2-X.
  3. Elite catch can

  4. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I've read this whole post and went back a few time but still have a few questions. I'm going to be putting on some Bilstein 6112 shocks on the top level with a .5" upper spacer for about 2.25" lift. I really want to go with 275/65R20 BFG KO2's. I'm also looking at some Fuel Maverick 20x9 wheels and not sure if I can get away with the +1 offset or if I should go with +20. I want the wheels/tires to stick out just a little past the fender but also don't want any rubbing. With that all said, do you think can I do the +1 with the 275/65's? Or should I go with the +20 offset with 275/65's? Or are the 275/65 to much and I should go with 275/60's? Appreciate your input...just want to do this once! Truck info in signature.
  5. Bilstein shocks thread

    Not yet..I was on the pre-release email/list but I guess that didn't happen. They said they are getting more in Friday and should ship them out that day. I hope to have them early next week.
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    I'm excited to test them out but sounds like it might be a little bit before I get them. I'll let you know what I think. Ordered them MRT Motor Sports (link below) for $590 shipped. Only place I found them listed...but haven't looked a ton. I was ready to do something so when I saw they were out I ordered. http://mrtmotorsports.net/bilstein-shock-sets/bilstein-6112/47238xxx/i-7474057.aspx
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    Just ordered the 6112. Look forward to getting them and testing them out. I was going to get .5" spacer for a little more lift. Is it better to get the top or bottom spacer? I'll looking into UCA later. Will the 6112 have more travel? I wanted to get some 275/65R20 KO2's...should I be concerned? Thanks in advance.
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    I just found this...thoughts? Are they really out? http://mrtmotorsports.net/bilstein-shock-sets/bilstein-6112/47238xxx/i-7474057.aspx
  9. Stock exhaust for 2015 Sierra crew cab with standard bed. Located in Kansas City area. $100 obo
  10. Elite catch can

    I have an Elite standard catch can for sale, black in color. Need new hoses but has the L bracket. $100 plus shipping.
  11. I have the same message and don't worry about it. I have 55 watt HID with a harness only. Since I don't get a message that my light is out I don't worry about my On Star message.
  12. Rant about dealer

    I could use my credit for accessories plus install or just accessories. I got everything and installed it myself (exhaust, bedcover, window vents). Kind of bs if you ask me.
  13. Keep us (me) posted. Was thinking about doing it too. There was another brand on Amazon but they also had Avery.
  14. What accessories to get?

    I had some GM credit so I got an exhaust, tonneau cover, and window vents. I haven't installed the tonneau cover yet and think I might just sell it and get some cash for new tires. It was kind my idea to begin with since I already had a truck box but wasn't sure which I wanted. Just make sure you spend it all. If you go over you just pay the difference. There are a lot of little things you can get to get right to $1000. I had to use the credit all at once. Get what you want!

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