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  1. I'm getting a little bit of "spring" noise from time to time with them (i.e. once parked and objects removed from bed when the bed settles/rises back to unloaded height).
  2. I've had them for awhile but I wanted to see if someone elese was experiencing some of the things that I was.
  3. I have a 2015 with the 6.2L running on e85 and am willing to help test if your device is compatible.
  4. Are you still considering getting the Roadmaster Active Suspension?
  5. From what i can tell the oxygen sensors on our trucks are narrow band so the typical AFR PID in the Torque App will not read correctly. Does anyone have the correct PID and formula to correctly read AFR?
  6. Were you ever able to figure out the AFR gauge in Torque App?
  7. You can pull your RPO codes from the sticker in the glove box and then look them up. Or you can email [email protected] and request your build sheet. You just need to supply your VIN in the email.
  8. If you dont mind me asking what side piece did you pop out of thr air box?
  9. +1 for this. I was surprised how loose my u bolts were when i tightened them at 40,000 miles.
  10. Your truck looks good! Did you buy black headlight trim, grill, and bumber or did you plasti dip it?
  11. Installed Roadmaster Active Suspension. I stupidly did not measure bed height before install but it definitely raised the bed an inch or two (I went with the 2mm black spacer setup). Opinion so far is acceleration is smoother (reduced axle wrap?) and body roll has been drastically reduced. I have not had a chance to tow/haul yet so no comment on that outside of the bed not squating as much when my fat ass climbs into it. Overall it's definitely more fun to drive. It will be even more fun in a few months when it gets warm enough to switch back to e85.
  12. Added driver's side fat guy handle. Torqued leaf spring u bolts, they were either loose or stretched because they felt loose. Added some "cheese".
  13. Added this sticker today. I put it on to make fun of all the guys in the midwest that go to Gulf Shores for a weekend, come home and put a Salt life sticker on their truck.
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