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  1. They're a little over $70 on ebay right now with free shipping. Search for Jones Performance Turbine Muffler JT3535XL
  2. I put on ARH with catted Y pipe and a Magnaflow 12857 muffler to 3in tips. The front of the truck was louder than the back. I ended up cuttimg off the Magnaflow and going with a Jones XL muffler dumped over the axle to a single 5in tip. Definitely sounds better.
  3. The muffler and flapper were deleted on my 2015 6.2l when i bought it. It sounded decent on cold starts and could hear it a little bit while driving in town but it left a lot to be desired and it had some v4 chop when driving through the neighborhood. If you are looking to go custom exhaust i have a magnaflow 12587 that i had on for 1200 miles that i could sell to you cheap.
  4. I ended up buying an OBDII bluetooth device and pairing it with Torque Lite app. Im anle to put up to 6 gauges on my phone. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005NLQAHS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Has anyone used an Autometer DL1061U DashControl Display Controller? Can it only show extra info on your DIC or can it also display on your radio display?
  6. Please update once you get a chance to test it out. I'm on the fence on getting a set of these.
  7. I thought the tone from the Magnaflow 12587 was too quiet and i wanted something more agressive. After much contemplation i decided to go with a Jones Performance JT3535XL muffler to a 5 in tip dumped right after the axle. It sounds deeper and like a truck withna 6.2l should sound like.
  8. cpaul55

    St. Louis area?

    About 2 hrs north. Quincy, IL Drove the truck down to the airport a few times so far this year for business trips.
  9. Does the flex fuel sensor come with the wiring connector?
  10. No physical upgrades are required. The tunes will work with a stock truck or all the way up to heavily modified. You record a data log from a driving session with the tuner device (AutoCal), and pull the stock ecu and tranny maps. Email them those 3 files to them with whatever your goals are for the tune (remove speed limiter, firmer shifts, remove torque management, etc.) And they will email you back your new tune. You then upload your new tune to the truck. Its a very easy process.
  11. I did this all a few weeks ago but just now getting around to posting it. Installed a pair of ARH headers that i got from a member here along with new NGK spark plugs and MSD wires while I was in there. I then got a Magnaflow 12587 to 3" tips installed with a BBP tune. As of right now i think the MF 12587 is too quiet. Im fairly certain with this setup the engine noise/header noise is louder than the back end of the truck. Im leaning towards either a MF 14161 or a Jones 3535XL to a single 5" tip dumped after axle. The BBP tune is easily the best mod I've done so far. I highly recommend it to anyone that has any sort of shifting issue with the 8 speed tranny. It completely transformed how the truck drives and its much more enjoyable now.
  12. Did you buy the bezels by themselves or did you have to buy the whole headlight assembly?
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