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  1. Nope, got to do good old fashion measuring.
  2. Hi Vinny,


    Did you take any pics of your cab light install as you were doing it? Other than the finished product? Did you use the factory harness or make your own? Where did you plug into for power?


    99 Questions! hahaha


    Thanks for your help, by the way your lights look awesome! Good Job!


  3. I have them on my 16, the fronts go on a special way. I had the same problem then I read the instructions carefully. At first nothing lined up and they didn't sit flush. If you look at the back sides of the fronts theirs a fiberglass l-type bracket that gets seated just right. Once i did it correctly everything sat fine. Took me a few times to figure it out.
  4. Viper was about $200, DB3 interface $40, Tilt sensor $20. I did the install myself, so for under $300 it was a no brainer. I've put this same setup on my trucks for years. Back when I used to have a shop install them it was around $400 - $600 complete depending on where you go. If your comfortable with wiring its not that hard at all, its all databus nowadays so very few wires to land.
  5. If your gonna spend money dont do it on the crappy oem unit. I have a Viper 5706V 2-Way, Remote Start and Alarm. All Doors, Hood and Tailgate, Shock and Tilt Sensor, Window Roll up and Down. Wouldn't go any other way.
  6. Everything I've seen says 2017+, can anyone confirm it works on a 2016? I wouldn't mind adding it.
  7. pretty easy, set mode 3 to steady white burn, hook the mode 3 wire to the + of the oem reverse light wire. Mode 3 overrides mode2 and mode1, so basically if my strobes are on and i put it in reverse, the reverse lights will override the strobes and come on solid white.
  8. I use them as a complete bulb replacement. I used a unibit to make the original bulb socket hole a one inch round hole. They are three mode so you can use them as normal lights also. For me it was a win-win because I got strobes, and really bright LED reverse lights now. Same goes for the bed lights and fogs
  9. I have amber/white feniex cannons. a set in the reverse lights, a set in the third break light (white part) a set in the grill, a set in the fogs Dont notice them at all until there on. They also function as my reverse lights, bed lights, and fogs, as normal Heres a vid... https://youtu.be/MnXRCmAdUT8
  10. I have the punch in the forsale section
  11. Cool... looking forward to the update with the rears.
  12. Thanks... so when you say better OEM like fit, I assume the fox shocks dont have the bushing bracket adapter plate at the top like the RC.
  13. I have the same truck and lift. Care to share part numbers on the shocks. Thanks
  14. mine came with loctite already on the bolt. The square hole needs to be a perfect 3/4" square. push it thru and the black plastic has tabs that will catch and semi hold it down. Tighten the bolt all the way down and the metal clip will spread and pull it tight. the lights have a double gasket and should not leak, I added 100% silicone around the perimeter of the hole just to be safe.

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