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  1. So you solder resistor on clearance side, then diode, diode on signal wire tap both wires together to the light wire of the mirror? Thanks
  2. Just a small question here...: the diodes job is to stop voltage coming from one source or the other right? So when your clearance are on the diode will prevent the signals from working.... working with 2 differents diode... could it be possible to stop the voltage from clearance light when the signals come on? Assuming that during day this conflict won't happen... using a resistor and a diode on clearance and only a diode on the other side (signal), with the right value for each, could get the job done for "dual fonctions"? And also, is the diode needed only on the signal side? Thanks
  3. Thanks Cash214. Ill see if i give it a try... not sure if i prefer dual fonction or your way (signal OR clearance) Ill let you know and how it went if i go with the diode!
  4. We all prefer to do things ourselves !! Id appreciate if you can share your wisdom Thanks!
  5. I kinda type without noticing your anwser! Sorry. 125$ US . How much to Canada?
  6. Sadly i beleive im missing a wire from the mirror to the harness... ive got power on pin #9-11-41 (door harness)... and they are wire to the mirror... just missing the mirror part i guess. Boost auto got one (dual fonction harness) I need to pull the mirrors apart tho ? Do you git something similar Phil?
  7. Old topic, sorry to bring that back. I have DPN tow on 2017 sierra. Everything s working fine (cargo and reverse) but one thing bothers me. I can run either clearance or signal, not both. if i can remember... i got a wire for my mirror harness that i can put either in pin # 1 or 13... (1 clearance 13 signal). If i tap both wire together would i get signal and clearance?
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