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  1. Hey guys, things change pretty fast sometimes, I went from enjoying my truck to selling it to my parents-in-law in the course of 3 days, so some of my purchases are now available for sale. All items will ship from 49783, so we will base the shipping cost from there. All items are in full working order and were being used up until yesterday morning when I removed them. All parts were installed on my 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Stock non-heated SLE steering wheel (Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3) In excellent condition, used roughly 27k kms. No nicks, scratches or otherwise. Was in fully working order until I installed a heated steering wheel a couple weeks ago. Asking 100$ plus shipping Pedal Commander (Pic 1 | Pic 2) Awesome little unit, really improved the response of the lifeless stock throttle tip in. Comes with original box, lanyard, mounting bracket. Only missing the velcro it came with. Asking 220$ plus shipping Range AFM disabler (Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3) Great addition to the truck, this really made a difference in drive-ability, wish I didn't wait so long to get one. I scored this on ebay for a good price, so I'm passing it along to someone here. Unfortunately only have the device itself, no box etc. Asking 150$ plus shipping OEM GMC Chrome Exhaust Tip (Pic 1 | Pic 2) Silly expensive add on after I bought the truck. In great used condition, some wear on the bottom as you would expect from being pelted with road debris from the rear tire. Comes with clamp Asking 100$ plus shipping Tow Mirrors w/front LED signal harness from pgamboa (Pic 1 | Pic 2) Bought these mirrors from Syppo, good quality, didn't have a single issue with them. A couple of the studs broke while tightening (my friends call my Scotty Smash) easily replaceable with the stock mirror hardware when you swap them. I also have Pgamboa's custom harness to make the front facing led lights function as turn signals (125$ alone for these). You will need Phil's DIY kit for the tow mirrors also to have the turn signals on the glass and the spot light to function correctly. Very easy install, everything worked perfectly the first time around, no issues whatsoever. Asking 250$ plus shipping If you guys have any questions or concerns, I'd be happy to help, shoot me a PM. Thanks, Scotty
  2. They are 18x9 Ultra Hunter 203s (i think) -12 Tires are BFG K02s 275/70/18s
  3. It was beautiful on the weekend, I spent some time cleaning up the rig.
  4. Suuuuper easy install. Phil's harness is plug and play and simply goes between the mirror connection and the door harness, it took longer to get the door panel off lol.
  5. Finished the heated steering wheel install once pgamboa's harness arrived - a week earlier by the way, great service, thanks again, Phil! I also order the pnp harness to turn my tow mirror front facing running lights into signal lights also. video-1556639539.mp4
  6. The wheel I used was 23423473 which was superseded by 84353113. The wheel is model/make/trim dependant. I searched gmpartsdirect for 14-18 Sierra wheels and each year the old part number came up, so it was a safe bet that this wheel would work on my truck - 2017 Sierra SLE. The clockspring was purchased from GM parts direct is 23381964.
  7. Sure. I scored the wheel from a user on here for 120, new clockspring from GM was 52$ and custom harness from pgamboa 25$. I'm all in for 200$. A new wheel from GM is 230$, I think I did pretty good.
  8. Excellent choice, easy install. Biggest problem for me today was fishing the airbag wire of the original clockspring out, what a pain!
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