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  1. Fortunately, I can keep my personal truck and get to see how the new ones perform with my work truck's. Won't be selling my 17 anytime soon.
  2. My 19 work truck is still shuddering and now the 1-2 shift is getting worse. Nothing catastrophic yet, and no codes, was just at the dealer for a service with no reports. See how the winter goes... My 17 is much smoother and also gets better MPG with the 6.2 than my 19 with the 5.3.
  3. I wish I could have gotten the I6 Duramax and A10 in my 2017. I don't like my 2019 work provided truck compared to my 2017. Oh well, maybe the next refresh will get me interested in another newer GM. Until then, my 2017 6.2 will have to do.
  4. I used to be very brand loyal - but with past experience with GMs, it wasn't the case for buying a pickup. Reasons were: Magneride - smoothest truck you can buy, best looks, 6.2 NA power (know of too many turbo issues on the Fords), and fuel econ (6.2 does better than any competitor in real world - hand calculated mileage). Hope to have this one for 15+ years.
  5. Hasn't thrown a code yet, and shudder is consistent but not worse. Dealer visit will come soon, inquire about the A8 flush and see if it applies to the 19s.
  6. No one should buy a 1500 truck to tow over 10,000 lbs. The ratings for class leading towing are for idiots who know nothing about towing.
  7. UPDATE: Truck was surging with the cruise set at 70mph last night. Flat highway, RPMs were moving around 100 give or take while it seemed to be unable to find what DFM mode it wanted to stay in. I'm glad that my work owns this truck, pretty sure it's going to see warranty work for the trans/DFM very soon.
  8. Mighty Mouse - works perfectly, easy install and the bracket they provide has exact fitment.
  9. Ah yes, the BMW EWP known for failures...perfect example of why they aren't great for daily drivers.
  10. Maybe, but electric pumps fail without warning. That's why you only see electric water pumps on race cars and not OEM.
  11. I didn't mind the red in my 14 since it was Diamond White Metallic, but now with a Blue truck, I like the way everything matches. I overlaid my emblems with blue carbon vinyl, so I don't have any red GMC on my truck anymore.
  12. I went from red in my '14 Denali to blue in my current '17. Being an Ocean Blue Metallic truck, I prefer the blue gauges. Then again, I have been converting anything red to blue on my '17 as well...not a red fan I guess.
  13. I posted another thread about this, but my 2019 5.3L A8 is very noticeable going into DFM modes. The vibration is immediately evident through the seat feel, something my 2017 6.2 has never done (I only ever felt it kick back to V8 from V4 mode, but no vibrations). I seem to be the minority of users who experience more vibrations in the new 2019s and up, than my past 2014 and current 2017 Denali 6.2s.
  14. No Turbo Diesel should come with the Start/Stop function - what a stupid way to allow your hot turbo to cook off any oil around its bearing and cause problems...shown by so many of the German 3.0l turbo diesels with oil cooler line and turbo bearing failures.
  15. I guess if the 1/2 ton diesel wasn't able to tow what my 6.2 can, than I would stay with the 6.2 (or at least within 1000lbs). That said, diesels get far superior fuel economy in everyday situations, and because I am getting older (nearly 40), I don't want a big, loud truck. Diesel offers quiet travelling, no need to rev the motor high for power, they happily spool their turbo(s) and hold high gears while passing, etc. I have been around diesels my whole life, and I don't like to switch trucks very often, so yes, I would keep a diesel 1/2 ton for at least 10 years and longer if it proves reliable...same for my current 2017 6.2 - I am fully invested in it, so I won't be trading it in for a loss of all the personal touches I've made to it.
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