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  1. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    Not sure if my issue is the same but I get a shudder (like rumble strips) when I'm in the 4A mode. If I hit a patch of snow or ice and the road is uphill the truck will shudder. It doesn't shudder all the time but just intermittently and only in the 4A mode.
  2. All I can say is that I got 17.66 US MPG on my 5.3L 2014 Denali over approx 20,000 miles. on the other hand I'm averaging 20.67 US MPG on my 6.2L 2017 HC over approx 28,000 miles. I have the data to prove it. I use the Road Trip app and record all the fill ups. What about fuel costs? Glad you asked. 2014 5.3 is 22.8 cents a mile, 2017 6.2 is 22.2 cents a mile which includes the cost of premium fuel. Those are facts.
  3. Sierra Tailgate

    Thousands, yes for sure. I replaced the tailgate on my '17 Chevy Silverado and it was close to $2k. (tailgate, paint, install etc). I'll pass on the new Sierra tailgate.
  4. Nice colour, Shadow Grey Metallic? Is the bumper painted?
  5. I've gotten as high as 34 MPG (7 L Per 100 KM) in my 6.2L driving at that speed over approx. 100 miles. Does that count?
  6. It's GM truck's G spot. Chevy's don't need one!
  7. Personally it would be a deal breaker for me if it was a standard feature. I would not buy the truck. I agree with 2speed it's STOOPID. Replacing that tailgate if you need to will cost a bundle.
  8. They talk about safety features but they have never mentioned these 2 features, Time will tell. What is a checker box model?
  9. The only thing to make me move to a '19 would be adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring, neither of which is seen or discussed to my knowledge. The new tailgate would be very expensive to replace if you ever needed to so that would be a deal breaker for me. Don't like the Sierra at all.
  10. This ^^^. It just cost me 2k to replace a tailgate on a '17 Silverado. This tailgate would be very expensive to replace, so no I wouldn't want it.
  11. Well put, absolutely spot on.

    The Chevy will haul more.
  13. You would need to define what the test is. Like others I agree it's probably not the best tire out there but it is rated as a M/S tire. If I wanted a mud tire I wouldn't buy this, nor if I need a snow tire I wouldn't use this. But for some light mud and snow probably it would do just fine.

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