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  1. Doesn't appear to be an option for Automatic Cruise Control. If so I'm out.
  2. 4.3 V6 gone in 2019?

    I've gotten as high as 34 MPG (7 L Per 100 KM) in my 6.2L driving at that speed over approx. 100 miles. Does that count?
  3. It's GM truck's G spot. Chevy's don't need one!
  4. Personally it would be a deal breaker for me if it was a standard feature. I would not buy the truck. I agree with 2speed it's STOOPID. Replacing that tailgate if you need to will cost a bundle.
  5. New Sierra Revealed

    They talk about safety features but they have never mentioned these 2 features, Time will tell. What is a checker box model?
  6. New Sierra Revealed

    The only thing to make me move to a '19 would be adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring, neither of which is seen or discussed to my knowledge. The new tailgate would be very expensive to replace if you ever needed to so that would be a deal breaker for me. Don't like the Sierra at all.
  7. This ^^^. It just cost me 2k to replace a tailgate on a '17 Silverado. This tailgate would be very expensive to replace, so no I wouldn't want it.
  8. Well put, absolutely spot on.

    The Chevy will haul more.
  10. You would need to define what the test is. Like others I agree it's probably not the best tire out there but it is rated as a M/S tire. If I wanted a mud tire I wouldn't buy this, nor if I need a snow tire I wouldn't use this. But for some light mud and snow probably it would do just fine.
  11. A real truck enthusiast LMFAO. Questionable terrain capabilities - says who? You're getting your shorts in a knot over terminology. It's very simple and a real truck enthusiast would understand, if you disagree with GM and Goodyear over their terminology for an AT tire then tell the dealer you won't pay the $200, buy your own AT tires and put them on. A dealer won't turn down the deal over $200.
  12. Whats the difference All Terrain vs All Terrain Capability. Both will do All Terrain. Some will just do it better.

    I've had both and prefer the Chevy. I didn't like the "bug" eyes in the Sierra but that's just me. My HC is just as nice as the Denali I had although the Denali has a couple of geegaws that the HC doesn't have. I think the HC is just as quiet as the Denali. Leather is just as nice as well IMO.
  14. Tiredirect says All Terrain Capability. As aseibel says it's all semantics. If you don't like em sell em and get something you want. They also say they are M/S rated but I would never run these in the snow - at least where I live in Northern Ontario.
  15. So what's this gonna cost me?

    This ^^^. I think people do it just to pizz me off.

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