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  1. I installed the proper clockspring, it had two plugs for the airbag where as the 2500 clockspring has only one. A follow up to this thread, I installed the extra wire with the correct terminals req’d to bring power to the plug, and the heating element turns on as well as the LED notification confirming it is recieving power. YAY heated wheel! Thank you all who have replied to this thread! For all others running into this problem, the proper thread has been referrenced and the page you will be looking for is page 10 in the thread.
  2. No I do not, I wasn’t using a broad enough search terminology to find that thread, I just found the same thread you quoted and the fix to the issue I’m having on page 10 made up by user Justin101714 I will update the thread here once I get that wire added to my fush plug inside the dash and the bcm behind and above the pedals. Going to the dealership today to locate the terminal pins required. Thank you for the response.
  3. Second picture of the plug behind the bolster. Paging Pgamboa Youtube video I followed.
  4. I recently just installed a heated steering wheel and the proper SIR coil into my 2017 Silverado 1500 2LT and the heated wheel does not turn on. I have a friend who is a local qualified GM service Tech and after installing it and doing all the GM recommended trouble shooting regarding the issue still come back with it not working. I installed a wheel out of a GMC 2500 Denali with the forward collision alert button, but only installed the SIR coil required for the heated steering wheel element, PN#23381964, everything matched up and plugged in as I have the empty plug under the bolster. It is pinned and wired in to the truck, I also tested voltage at the fuse and it does recieve the DC 12.4V. Checked voltage at the plug under the bolster and the plug does not recieve power, also after replacing the wheel the truck does not throw an airbag code. What can i do to remedy this issue and gain heat in the steering wheel or atleast power at the plug. I understand I’m new to the forums and after foing my research and utilizing videos on YouTube for help and insight I still come up short. The heated steering wheel worked in the prvious truck before it was pulled and then subsequently installed in my vehicle. Am I missing something? Does the fuse need to be bigger (fuse number 32)? Currently it is a 25. Am I missing a ground, or is it not properly grounded? As the truck did not have this option from the factory... I had access to the heated steering wheel schematic but failed to get a picture of it, I’ll include a few pictures of the parts installed below.
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