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  1. I had the RC 2" , I kept seeing the UCA failures on FB and such all the time , didnt take any chances with mine, I like this truck and myself to much to cheap the f... out on a set of UCAs, personal opinion aside, they do fit 35 in height. Toyo Open Country AT III.
  2. I just bought the Rough Country one as it was cheaper by 65$ and was on Amazon Prime. Should do the trick !
  3. its been done a lot, custom offset actually put a 2 inch on the AT4 , the Trail Boss guys are running the motofab and Rough Country, Ready lift ... its the same as the other model , just have to go lower on the numbers compared to 14-18 model.
  4. I know I am from Canada , but for my Trail Boss i had to go somewhere else than home, they were not willing to play ball ... I emailed every GM dealership within a 2 hours drive and let them fought over it , took a quote sent it to another etc.. One GM dealer calls me and gives me the best deal ever and i accepted it right on the spot... took me about 1 month and half of shopping, emails, phone ... Two different months and different incentives but to be honest GM's incentives are always the same they come back year after year around the same time of year , Truck Month -
  5. I'd be interested to see if it would indeed fit
  6. Yeah, bit of confusion here , lol , sorry if i sounded like an **** didnt mean that hahah
  7. Got mine today, its raining now and it looks good so far , but like the other guy said dont expect a soft roll up to be 100% waterproof... but for the price im actually really surprised its a good quality. Gator Covers 137245 Black Soft Roll Up Got it from Amazon , 315$ CAD with tax and ship
  8. Also another good pointer is the fact that its 5'8'' this year compared to 5'6'' in previous years.
  9. ..... I just went on their site again and its aking for new body style or LD/Limited so i dont know where you got your info but just go on the site you'll see they have em ... even after you put in Silverado 1500 its asking you for multipro tailgate or not like i said and only the 19's got them so thats a big pointer that it is in fact the new body style.
  10. Funny because their website says they DO sell for new style truck even when you put in your truck they ask you With or Without Multipro tailgate .... So yeah they do have for new trucks here : https://www.accesscover.com/results?choose_year=2019&choose_make=Chevy%2FGMC&choose_model=Full+Size+1500&choose_bed=5ft+8in+Bed+(w%2Fo+Multipro+Tailgate)
  11. That must have been for the K2's no ? The cheapest i found in CAD is 406$ for T1's
  12. Same here , i towed my TT that weights 8000lbs wet and had a full box on a 2" Levek Kit on my 16 Sierra and it towed just fine ... never had any issues before i traded in for my TB
  13. I like my TB better than an RST for the look (dont mean the lift) as for 18's and 20's , 18 is the way to go if you tow and go offroad, 20's are only for looks IMO as they ride usually harder than 18 (more sidewall) I prefer 18 over 20 , heck anything is better than 20 for me , as for RST or TB ... i wouldnt switch i love my TB, my dad is waiting on his RST with an I4 so we'll see ... but if you're going to lift it and such , go RST and built her up at the end of the days its still will be a beautiful Chevy truck
  14. Two dealers close to me are selling TB's with level kits in them and wont tell you unless you ask ... but every other ones I've seen have the rake , even mine ... and YEAH its doesnt look as bad in real life compared to the picture , the rake is barely noticeable
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