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Calling all black truck owners.
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  2. Yeah I agree. Invest in a California Water Blade. Pretty worth it for the hood and some of the other panels. Waterless wash is the only thing that is going to save you from waterspots though.
  3. Thanks alot, I do Chami it after I wash it, but takes so long..haha...I will try that waterless wash though thnk you
  4. You will always have to dry to prevent water spots there is basically nothing you can do to stop that. Now what you could do though is get some of that waterless wash and spray it on the water spots afterwards. It will take them out and you'll be alright.
  5. Don't wash your car in direct sunlight or when the body is hot from being in the sun. Never wax your car in the sun or when hot from the sun either. Dry the body with a Chami (that's how it's pronounced, prolly not the right spelling) cloth, really a piece of synthetic leather that really sucks up the water. Wax it when it's cool and dry. Barkeeper's fiend can remove water spots on the glass.
  6. Does anybody have any advice on washing soaps etc, so I don't get water spots after I wash my truck? I always have to dry it to prevent the spots. Thanks
  7. When I was looking at being stationed overseas, I looked at selling my car to CarMAX. If you have time, look it up in KBB.com and use your local zip code vs the zip code for where you're going.
  8. Go to any bank or credit union with the info listed on your RPO codes (in the glove box) (you can take a pic with a cell phone) and they will compare the RO codes with the Kelly Blue Book or other resource and tell you what the loan and retail value is for your area. They can probably help you get hose numbers for where ever your moving to. It's been my exp. you are better off keeping what you have (not selling your truck) because it'll cost more to replace your truck than what you can get for it if you sell it.
  9. Can someone hit me up to help me with some info on my 2000 Chevy Silverado Z71 step side? Im moving far so if it will go up in value ill have it moved. If not i need a ballpark to sell it. It was my first vehicle that i could finally buy brand new. Custom paint, blacked out mirrors and bumpers, seats have never had a butt on them. Lol if the value will increase after its a classic then ill spend what i got to to get it down to the new house we are moving to. It will be sad to have to sell it but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  10. just came home with this the other day
  11. That looks amazing! What are the typical issues you'd usually experience with it?
  12. This looks vaguely familiar....... Hope everyone involved is okay.
  13. Plastidipping the badges is cheap and reversible.
  14. Here's a few pix of the ride, after washing and in between pollen baths.
  15. My 2020 Trail boss LT 6.2 crew cad short box love it is black interior and exterior. I only wish the badging and exhaust tips were blacked out to match gfubh
  16. Picked it up this past August. Traded in a '04 Toyota X-Runner. I'm in the Tampa, FL. area. Already suffering some of the "typical" issues, but willing to suffer through them. So far I have blacked out the windows and removed the step bars. Plans, mild exhaust, CAI upgrade, lower/level it out.

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