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Calling all black truck owners.
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  2. just came home with this the other day
  3. That looks amazing! What are the typical issues you'd usually experience with it?
  4. This looks vaguely familiar....... Hope everyone involved is okay.
  5. Plastidipping the badges is cheap and reversible.
  6. Here's a few pix of the ride, after washing and in between pollen baths.
  7. My 2020 Trail boss LT 6.2 crew cad short box love it is black interior and exterior. I only wish the badging and exhaust tips were blacked out to match gfubh
  8. Picked it up this past August. Traded in a '04 Toyota X-Runner. I'm in the Tampa, FL. area. Already suffering some of the "typical" issues, but willing to suffer through them. So far I have blacked out the windows and removed the step bars. Plans, mild exhaust, CAI upgrade, lower/level it out.
  9. On September 15, 2018, I purchased this 2018 Silverado Midnight Edition. The attached link is my folder of any/all mods that I have done to it, with a list of mods that I'm thinking about doing or have in work.

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