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Calling all black truck owners.
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  2. Nice ride! just got a 19 GMC AT4. Stock 18" wheels gotta go. Need some black wheels!
  3. Welcome - Good Looking Trucks . There clean for about 10 min.
  4. Great looking truck I love the Elevation models would love a new one but don't want that payment.... And in black it's the best color to buy it in it just stands out and projects prestige.
  5. 10 years and 230,000 miles later

    © Lozano

  6. 10 years 230,000 miles later. Still hitting the streets hard!

    © Lozano

  7. 2" Bilstein 5100's Nitto 275/65R20 Recon Gaplers
  8. I’ve been using Gtechniq QD for a number of years w/good luck. It lasts, is anti-static and doesn’t leave smear marks
  9. I had a 2021 Trail Boss crew cab with the new Leer 100XL topper. I sold the truck and now have the topper if anyone is looking for a deal. Its like new and its Ceramic coated. I am close to Lexington KY and can help install. You can text me any time at 859-621-2079
  10. Hello I had a amp installed and speakers about a year ago working with np problem.and all of sudden this happens I ve checked the ground, voltage going to the amp, remote wire going to the amp it all checks out good. I even took the battery one of the battery post lose for a min Put it back on. With my truck off. The key out of it i can press the radio button and It will pop on and my dash screen pops up allso showing my mileage. It won't play tho. I can press the radio button and it will go off. Is that normal ? When I put the key in and the door is open its dings for a min then cut the radio on then all I hear is a popping sound going in and out. like its trying to play .I can barely hear the music and its popping at the same time. I have to cut it radio all most all the way up to even hear it a little bit. This happen to day allso. Now when I put it in reverse my screen said service rear vision system. It has been working fine. If anyone knows something I can try please give me a hand Thanks
  11. Premium Package, Midnight Edition, Chevy Performance Exhaust

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