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Calling all black truck owners.

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  2. On September 15, 2018, I purchased this 2018 Silverado Midnight Edition. The attached link is my folder of any/all mods that I have done to it, with a list of mods that I'm thinking about doing or have in work.
  3. Mods (so far): AM/FM Antenna Delete NEW Tow Hitch Tail/Brake Light (Mod'd BRAKE ONLY) Rear Frame Plugs Fogs/HIGHs Diode Cargo/Reverse Diode Replaced Cargo/Reverse bulbs with LEDs Replaced Hi-Mount Brake light bulb with BRIGHT RED LED Driver's Assist Handle Bed rail Hand-Grab Caps CB/Scanner/Antenna (still need to tune Antenna) Cap for Capless Fuel Fill Illuminated Bow Tie
  4. I must admit Sir, you have the second best looking Black Silverado Custom Double Cab in the GM-Trucks forum.s

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