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Calling all black truck owners.

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  2. From the album 2016 Z71 Rebuild

    Two Bumpers Mated, painted and chrome
  3. 2016 Z71 Rebuild

    2016 Wrecked Z71 that I'm rebuilding
  4. From the album 2016 Z71 Rebuild

    For those curious this is the hood from Jeggs,could not find an image anywhere so just gambled. On the truck it looks like it belongs though.
  5. Leather Upgrade

    From the album 2016 Z71 Rebuild

    Leather Upgrade and Console from extended cab to regular cab.
  6. seats.jpeg

    From the album 2016 Z71 Rebuild

  7. From the album 2016 Z71 Rebuild

    Air bag was good but laced dash made the dash look so much better.
  8. Rebuilding a totaled 2016 Z71 Regular Cab, wanted something different so I changed up hood front bumper and interior, trucks not done but getting close.
  9. F68A01D2-6C9A-45DE-89AB-A9F37805C72B.jpeg

    Pinkerton hot springs... I remember it well. I used to live down the highway from there in Hermosa. Bakers Bridge is close to there too. What a beautiful area. I miss it very much. Great Pic!
  10. Mikebte

    2008 Silverado LTZ
  11. From the album Mikebte

    Lowered front with 2" belltech springs Lowered rear with Belltech drop shackles and removed lifting block.
  12. From the album Mikebte

    Rear still needing dropped

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