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  1. I'm also considering a mod like that. Where did you tap in to the dome light wire? It looks great.
  2. Thanks again. I meant to mention the sound in my first response. I'm very happy with it. Even with the shallow-mount sub, it was tricky to get enough volume for it. I managed to get just above the low end of the manufacturer's recommended volume range (calculating the volume on that odd shape was a nightmare) and then added a little poly fill to give it a slight bump. There might be some more pre-built options for a crew cab since they are much more popular than the double cab I bought. There is virtually nothing out there for a double cab. If you build your own, there will likely be a few tricky spots but, since you've already done it once, I suspect you'll have no problems. I did find myself going back and forth between my bench and the truck to make sure the really complex cuts were spot on. It took a while but I'm happy with the result.
  3. Thanks! I built the box myself. It's the first time I ever tried to make one and it really wasn't bad. The hardest part for me was the carpet. I couldn't find a good color match so I went with gray. The seams aren't perfect but most of it is covered up by the seats. I wanted to build something that would support one sub and provide some under-seat storage. There's lots of off-the-shelf stuff if you just want storage or just want subs. There is NOTHING out there if you want both. Here it is in its final stages:
  4. I did basically the same thing with a 2005 Tahoe. I didn't have the knock sensor codes but I replaced them while I was in the valley changing the intake gasket. For the "lean bank" codes (P0101 and P0104, if I recall correctly), cleaning the MAF sensor didn't do anything. Replacing it did. I had the 4.8L motor and bought a new sensor here. I'm not sure if the 5.3 uses the same sensor.
  5. I have heard the same. I am leaning toward AAM only because they are "OEM" gears and said to be the quietest of the bunch, which like. The down side to them are the available ratios - AAM doesn't make anything that I'm aware of beyond 4.10 for GM trucks. For the folks that want to go to 4.56 or 4.88, for example, AAM is out. For those ratios, G2 and Yukon seem to be the overwhelming favorites.
  6. There are quite a few brands out there for the 2014-2018 truck. As I have done my research, I've learned that basically all of the brands are using the same gears (made in South Korea) with very minor differences after they are manufactured. Along with Yukon, I have looked at G2, Nitro and AAM. It's hard to find definitive differences from one gear to the next. There are tons of folks talking about how great their own setup is but a lot of them haven't put a ton of miles on those gears, either. I plan to swap out my own gears relatively soon. I continue to read what I can about the different gears but, for now, plan to install AAM 4.10 gears in the front and back to replace my stock 3.42s.
  7. Parting out LT headlamp assemblies

    Update with asking prices added. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. (2) Internal light frames: SOLD (2) Turn signal reflectors (no bulbs): $80 (2) LED DRL reflector and front marker lights (includes bulbs, which are soldered to an attached circuit board): $120 (2) clear LED DRL lenses: $60 (2) HID bulbs/ballasts: $140
  8. SOLD: 2016-18 LTZ Headlight PASSENGER SIDE

    Asking $600 shipped.
  9. I know for sure the Hypertech tuner can. I'd imagine most other hand held tuners can also adjust your computer for the gear ratio. That said, after doing my share of research (a lot of it on this site), if you're going to spring for the hand-held tuner, it might be worth spending a little more to get a custom tune done. I plan to regear my truck in the relatively near future and intend to get a Black Bear tune along with the new gears.
  10. I finally tracked down a reasonably priced set of OEM LTZ headlamps and made the swap. I apologize for the quality of the photos. I'll try to take better ones soon. Before: After: I also decided to change step bars to OEM. The Westin bars are off and I'm hoping to grab a stock set in the near future.
  11. Parting out LT headlamp assemblies

    I'm in Memphis.
  12. Parting out a pair of LT headlamp assemblies. The lens and housing are pretty beat up but the internal components are like new. I'm not willing to take the time to research the value (if any) of this stuff so make an offer. I'm not sure what this thing is called but it's basically the support frame for the lenses inside the light housing: Turn signal reflectors: LED DRL and front marker lights (includes bulbs, which are tiny and soldered to an attached circuit board): Clear LED DRL lenses: At this point, dismantling the lights started to get a little trickier so I stopped. Here is what's left: The HID bulbs and ballasts are on eBay but I'm happy to work something out with the folks from this community before the auction ends. If you want any of these parts, let me know and we can come up with a plan. Thanks!
  13. Selling a set of Klearz clear lenses for 2016-2018 Silverado 1500 non-LTZ front turn signal and marker lights. I had them installed for about 5,000 miles before deciding to go with LTZ headlamps. Also included are a pair of LED bulbs that are, in my opinion, considerably better than the ones Klearz sells. Lenses are in like new condition. Asking $160 shipped to the lower 48.

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