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  1. I had 2 10’s under the extended cab seat of my ‘03. Loved them. There’s less room back there in these newer trucks though. Several manufacturers make shallow mount subwoofers. That might be your best bet. JL Audio also makes a prefabbed fiberglass enclosure custom fitted to the ‘14-‘18 trucks that comes with 2 10’s. I believe it’s called the stealthbox. Quite pricey but worth a look.
  2. The 16’s and 17’s are LED units. 15’s are not. So I’m not sure how that would work out. But as far as the shape of the assembly goes, I believe they have the same footprint.
  3. The transmission shudder issue became very prominent in my ‘17 sierra around 12k. Chevy Shake was always there.
  4. Slow down there nitrous. Sorry I upset you. I was not comparing tech in tundra to tech in Tesla or arguing sales numbers, I was just stating that I wouldn’t like all that tech in a truck, and I’m glad the tundra doesn’t compare to a Tesla. I know I’m not the average truck buyer when it comes to what I desire in a truck. After owning both platforms, I have just decided that I like old school power train and reliability instead of the latest tech, turbo 6’s and 4’s, and AFM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes the tundra’s tech may be lagging behind a little, but it will do everything you need it to do. Heated seats, leather steering wheel, push button start, smart entry, backup camera, Bluetooth, navigation, etc. do we really NEED a truck to be on par with Tesla on tech? I don’t even want that. Sounds exhausting. The tundra platform hasn’t been redesigned since 2007 because it hasn’t needed to be. It works. Toyota uses the same platform to build the Land Cruiser, also very reliable. Yes, fuel economy is terrible. But come on people, it’s a truck! My Sierra with the 6.2 has a life time average mpg of 18.5. My wife’s 2016 land cruiser’s lifetime average is about 15.5, the tundra will be close to that depending on your city/hwy. 3mpg difference is negligible when discussing $50k+ vehicles. And we love that thing. Driving it vs my truck on the interstate is night and day. So smooth. And my buddy’s tundra drives similar, not as refined as the cruiser, but way better than my Sierra. I have decided that my next truck will probably be a Tundra, so I guess I’m biased. But after owning my Sierra for 3 years, I’ve decided I value longevity, reliability and usability more than the latest tech or 3 or 4mpg. I LOVE the way my Sierra looks, but the transmission, vibration at highway speeds, b pillar tick, chipping paint, AFM all that BS is driving me nuts! I vote Tundra! Don’t forget you will get fox 2.5 shocks with reservoirs if you spring for the TRD Pro. GM doesn’t offer anything like that. Alright, my blasphemous rant is over.
  6. I would take reliability/usability over 2-3mpg any day of the week. The Tundra hasn’t been updated in forever because it works, and it doesn’t quit. Plain and simple. If I wanted a fuel efficient vehicle, I wouldn’t have looked at trucks at all. The stock tires were the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A that came on most of the trucks a few years ago. And I had 20” wheels. After about a year I switched to 17” Method wheels and Nitto Ridge Grappler tires.
  7. Same thing happens in my truck. ‘17 Sierra crew cab, 6.2. Did several balances at the dealer soon after purchasing the truck. No change. Dumped the stock wheels and tires and upgraded, still no change. It’s the truck. I’m on my 2nd transmission flush for the shudder issue too. Good luck and hopefully they can solve your issue or decrease the amount that it shakes. On my commute home the passenger seat shook back and forth for the interstate portion of my commute, the two yeti cups were clinking together in the front storage compartment, and loose change was all shaking together. It was quite the melody. As soon as my warranty is up, I’ll be dumping this piece of shit for a Tundra. Happy Trails.
  8. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your silverado. I’ve got a ‘17 Sierra, also running on 17’s. Dumped the factory 20’s for some method wheels and A/T tires.
  9. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the truck. As stated above, sounds like the vibrations could be the dreaded transmission shudder issue. I also have the 6.2/8speed. I’m sitting at 28k miles and have had 2 trans flushes with new fluid so far. After the first flush, it took about 15k miles for shudder to appear again. Hoping this second flush solves it for good. As for the level, I used a ready lift 1.5” front level, nothing in the rear. I fit 33” ridge grapplers with no issues/no trimming. I also dumped my 20’s for 17” method wheels. This helped with ride quality, though handling suffered a little. But it’s not a sports car, so that doesn’t bother me.
  10. Could be the leaf springs. I took by truck in To the dealer for popping in what I thought was the front end because I could feel it too. They told me it was the leaf springs and that it’s a common issue. Parts are on backorder.
  11. No level or lift? If you want 22’s, it’s gonne be nearly impossible to get a “meaty” tire. I wanted meaty tires, so I dumped my 20’s, threw on some 17” methods, and wrapped them in 285/70 nitto ridge grapplers. Maybe we have different definitions of “meaty”. That being said, you can probably find all the information you need, and more, at customwheeloffset.com.
  12. Welcome. Good looking rig. I’m running the same tires and love them. I’m on method 17in wheels though, 285/70
  13. WOT almost daily. 6.2 + Borla Exhaust+WOT =Ear Candy
  14. GMC switched to a blue theme (same as Chevy) starting with the 2017 MY. My buddy’s ‘16 Sierra is red, my ‘17 Sierra is all blue. Including the infotainment system
  15. Holy hell! They ARE real! This must be what it feels like to finally lay eyes the holy grail. Thank you sir. Looking forward to your review
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