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  1. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the truck. As stated above, sounds like the vibrations could be the dreaded transmission shudder issue. I also have the 6.2/8speed. I’m sitting at 28k miles and have had 2 trans flushes with new fluid so far. After the first flush, it took about 15k miles for shudder to appear again. Hoping this second flush solves it for good. As for the level, I used a ready lift 1.5” front level, nothing in the rear. I fit 33” ridge grapplers with no issues/no trimming. I also dumped my 20’s for 17” method wheels. This helped with ride quality, though handling suffered a little. But it’s not a sports car, so that doesn’t bother me.
  2. Could be the leaf springs. I took by truck in To the dealer for popping in what I thought was the front end because I could feel it too. They told me it was the leaf springs and that it’s a common issue. Parts are on backorder.
  3. No level or lift? If you want 22’s, it’s gonne be nearly impossible to get a “meaty” tire. I wanted meaty tires, so I dumped my 20’s, threw on some 17” methods, and wrapped them in 285/70 nitto ridge grapplers. Maybe we have different definitions of “meaty”. That being said, you can probably find all the information you need, and more, at customwheeloffset.com.
  4. Welcome. Good looking rig. I’m running the same tires and love them. I’m on method 17in wheels though, 285/70
  5. WOT almost daily. 6.2 + Borla Exhaust+WOT =Ear Candy
  6. GMC switched to a blue theme (same as Chevy) starting with the 2017 MY. My buddy’s ‘16 Sierra is red, my ‘17 Sierra is all blue. Including the infotainment system
  7. Holy hell! They ARE real! This must be what it feels like to finally lay eyes the holy grail. Thank you sir. Looking forward to your review
  8. Thank you for the reply. Looking forward to your update, I plan on doing the same set up with the 6112’s
  9. Thanks. Post an update once you get them. I’ve got 5100’s in the rear but still stock ranchos up front with a level. Would love to switch to 6112’s if there is a noticeable difference in ride quality.
  10. Anyone receive or install 6112’s on their K2 yet? I am interested in a set but would like someone to be the guinea pig lol.
  11. Anyone receive or install 6112’s on their K2 yet? I am interested in a set but would like someone to be the guinea pig lol.
  12. Weird. Did you use a clay bar before applying wax?
  13. Given how mine slid all over the place on wet pavement, I doubt they perform well in the snow.
  14. Im assuming you have a Sierra with the LED tails based on “clear plastic.” As far as I am aware that housing is all one piece. You will most likely have to replace the whole thing.
  15. Also sick of it. That commercial is a good example of how out of touch the marketing clowns at GM are. What percentage of their target audience can actually afford to buy 2 brand new Denalis for Christmas? And the majority of people who can afford to drop over six figures on vehicles probably aren’t shopping for a GMC
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