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  1. What offest will work with my tires?

    Hit up customwheeloffset.com and search through the truck gallery there. There’s a wealth of info and pictures to compare wheel/tire combos and different suspension set ups specific to your model of truck.
  2. New member!

    Welcome! Great looking trucks. I especially like the c-10. I’d love to someday own one myself, anywhere from ‘73-‘87.
  3. Steering assists reduced

    My ‘17 Sierra started doing this randomly a couple weeks after I had a level kit installed. Took it to the dealer. They didn’t explain much, but they said there was a TSB for it and something had to be reprogrammed. Easy fix, had my truck back in about 20 min.
  4. Hood

    I am not aware of any difference between the hoods on Denali trimmed trucks vs. non-Denali trucks. Are you referring to the grille?
  5. Help

    As stated above, 2-stage bulb, one filament is blown, and the other isn’t. Simple fix.
  6. https://www.autozone.com/electrical-and-lighting/tail-light-mini-bulb/zevo-led-tail-light-mini-bulb/14493_404149_1556 I’ve had these in for over a year now as my back up lights in my Sierra. No issues. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
  7. Lift/Tire combo

    Unless this is the look you’re going for, do both at the same time. A $2k lift alone is not supposed to make your truck look better, just 6 inches higher.
  8. Anyone seen this?

    There was a thread about this same truck earlier this week. I believe it is somewhere in the middle east.
  9. I plan to address mine by tuning it out. AFM sucks. There should be an option to turn it off on these trucks. If I was worried out fuel management, I wouldn’t have bought a full size truck with a 6.2 v8, I would have shopped for a Prius. If the technology has shown that it can possibly harm the longevity of the motor, the consumer shouldn’t be forced to use it.
  10. Taillight swap??

    They would fit. But I doubt the ‘14’s are wired correctly to handle the LED tails vs the regular ones. I’m sure there’s a wiring harness or adapter on the market for the conversion. And I bet someone on here has done it. I’ve never looked into it because I’ve got a ‘17. And I agree, the tail lights look way better than the all red ones.
  11. 285/60/20 10-ply duratracs are $1400/set at tirebuyer.com. Free shipping to your house or you can have the set shipped to one of their installers. Last time I did this the mounting and balancing ran me about $130 at the installer. I would ask your shop if they will price match.
  12. That does seem quite high. But it depends on what size the Duratracs are. There’s a significant price difference between 17inch tires and 20inch tires. Also depends on if it is just a front level or if you are also adding blocks in the rear. Either way your quote seems high. My local shop quoted me $250 for front level install and alignment.
  13. Throttle response

    That’s probably just the truck trying to keep rpm’s low/stay in V4 to achieve fuel efficiency. Thank the EPA for that. My ‘17 6.2 does the same thing. But once you get into it...hold on! I love the truck and the 6.2, but the way GM has it tuned is frustrating. Your best bet is to get it tuned and/or disable AFM. There’s a local tuner near me that will tune out AFM for $150. I plan on doing this in the near future.
  14. Bilstein shocks thread

    Awesome. Thanks for the reply.
  15. Gotcha. No worries. I’ve got the rust on the manifolds as well. It was the same on my ‘03 z71 too. Not a problem, just kind of an eye sore when you pop the hood.

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