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  1. Really do nothing to it. The converable type fabric too stays very clean and does not attract dust of hand prints.
  2. Have had mine for over a year and still happy with it. Like the flat black and very low profile. Still looks new.
  3. Husky's are the way to go. I have GM floor liners on my 2018 Sierra CC SLT and replaced fronts with Husky's.
  4. Thanks, I'll keep trying. I think it is the coming from the plastic overhead console with the eye glass holder and overhead lights. When I touch it it stops. Doesn't feel loose though. Like something is rattling underneath in certain circumstances.
  5. My 2018 Sierra SLT Crew Cab has an annoying buzzing sound, rattle, or vibration when in motion that come from the headliner, overhead console area. When I lightly press up the headliner or plastic molding in this area the noise stops. I only hear it when no radio is on but annoying on a year old truck GMC. It is not the eye glass holder that I can tell. Any ideas? Do you think the warranty should cover silencing this vibration?
  6. Good to hear. One thing I notice about the OEM floor liners I still use in the rear of my crew cab is the rubber or plastic is soft enough it scratches easily from my dogs or other gear. The husky liners in front are much more durable. They are made with a stiffer and harder plastic and don't scratch or scuff easily.
  7. IMO you are not missing anything by not having the carpeted mats. My 2018 Sierra SLT premium plus came with the carpeted mats. Like all factory mats these days, they are ridiculously thin and small and offer no real protection.The front carpeted mats are maybe 1.5ft sq and the rears 1ft sq. Negotiated in the factory floor covers. Like the rear covers as they cover and protect the whole rear floor. The front driver's cover left a section under the accelerator pedal unprotected so replaced both with husky front floor covers which cover the whole front floor boards and I think are the best on the market.
  8. One more from the garage. The John Deere poster is kind of interesting if you zoom in.
  9. More memoribilia from my father's garage. Not it's final location. Just for photo. Still laying out the room and need to paint.
  10. Clock is back from repair. Cracks in glass face epoxied, back lights repaired, and new clock works. Not perfect and still missing the curved clear glass lense that would have been over the whole clock face but I'm sure impossible or $$$ to reproduce.
  11. This was what my father displayed in the trunk of his 53 Chevy at car shows. He passed away 3 years ago and the car was recently sold but hanging on to these items!
  12. My grandfather died in 1991. He was the town mechanic in my hometown of Yutan Nebraska. He was one of the most honest, hardworking, and trusted men I'll ever know. He was also a life-long GM man! This simple glass faced back-lighted clock hung in his shop for years. Then it hung in my father's man cave/garage along with his restored 1953 chevy and 51 John Deere "B". Now both these men are gone and it is proudly mine. It is about to be picked up from a sign shop that is repairing the back light, cracked glass, and clock works at a cost of $300. That may seem high but some things you can't put a price on.
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