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    2018 GMC Sierra Z71 Crew Cab SLT
  1. Leather "Appointed" Seats

    Website looks like they must be professionally installed.
  2. Leather "Appointed" Seats

    Looks good. How hard do you think it would be to install myself and save the installation cost?
  3. Leather "Appointed" Seats

    Exterior shot
  4. Leather "Appointed" Seats

    I found this thread interesting. Never believed the seats in my 2018 SLT were real leather. Feel more like vinyl but am happy with them anyway. Have shedding dogs and the cocoa dune "Leather Appointed" interior cleans up much easier. Also a nice change over the black and grey interiors so common today. Friend just got a 2019 High Country and the seats seem like a higher quality "leather." I assume the same is true for the denalis.
  5. Nice looking truck but are you sure it is an LTZ or just rebadged? No chrome door handles, door trim, or rear view mirrors. Wheels also look suspicious to me. Again, great truck though.
  6. Bed mat

    This Dee Zee Matt is on Amazon now for $80 and has great reviews. Wanted to order one last night but wife said no. 🙄
  7. Thanks. Like the Camrys also but don't find low mile used in my area at the price point I would want for a daily driver that will get used/abused and parked outdoors. I'll watch for though.
  8. Thanks. I agree GM has done a good job lately with sound insulation. Traverse and Sierra are very quiet. Had a 2006 GMC Envoy that was very reliable but noisy (wind noise).
  9. Thanks and good points. Vehicles depreciate if driven or not so you may as well drive and enjoy. But we tend to keep vehicles for a long time and trade when worn out and high mileage. Wife is self employed and puts a lot of miles on with her work. Third car is driven by my desire to extend the life of our existing vehicles and defer replacement and maintenance costs as we approach retirement age. Particularly the truck which I bought more for it's functionality and usefulness in hauling large items for me and my family members than as a daily driver.
  10. Who else is ready for the GMC "I Love it" Holiday commercial to go away? I own a 2018 Sierra SLT CC. I originally found the commercial amusing and lmao when my wife mimicked the girl one day in a parking lot but after seeing it run over and over all month, I think it is permanently implanted in my subconsciousness! 😞🙄
  11. Yes, traverse is my wife's car but she loves the truck and would rather drive it! Can't wait for that annoying "I love it" GMC holiday commercial to go away. Everytime it is on my wife reminds me my 2018 Sierra was supposed to be "our" truck and asked when she gets to drive it!!! Traverse has 60K and has been problem free. Good grandkid hauler. (3 in car seats)!
  12. My struggle with an older vehicle is I am now totally spoiled by the newer vehicle features such as Bluetooth, backing camera, remote start, etc.. I know, first world problem right??
  13. If CPO is certified prior-owned then yes and thanks? Also, considering a used Malibu.
  14. Yes, it's been awhile since I've had anything other than a AWD or 4WD.

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