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  1. Tire size again

    https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/192873-biggest-tires-to-fit-on-stock-2014-sierra-sle-double-cab-with-25570r1/ https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/179256-biggest-17-rimtire-combo/ I run a different size wheel or I would provide more info for you. The first link seems to have what you need. You could always go measure too.
  2. Wheel Size ? ? ?

    I’ve run 275/60/20 for the last several years with about a 1.8” level from bilsteins at max. Turn the wheels full lock both ways and measure your inside and outside edge of tire to where it hits the truck, that’ll tell you how much room you can go up and out on sizes. Use a seatbelt to hold the steering wheel if there’s no one to help hold it at full lock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. What did you pay for your truck?

    I have been looking into the 19's out of pure curiosity. For what it's worth my immediate family receives the employee discount, not sure if it differs any from the one they are offering the general public nowadays or not. A quick build a price with a CCSB 4x4 configuration, stock trim levels selected with absolutely no extras currently shows: 19 SLE $44,995, discount $40,924 19 SLT $51,495, discount $46,771 19 AT4 $54,695, discount $49,649 19 Denali $59,495, discount $53,967 Custom TrailBoss $43,395, discount $39,887 RST $45,995, discount $41,823 LT Trail Boss $49,795, discount $45,241 LTZ $50,195, discount $45,601 HC $57,795, discount $52,437 Hopefully that pricing helps someone somehow someway, and I didn't type it all for fun haha.
  4. As a lifelong GM buyer with two total posts, you must have been trouble free with your other gm vehicles, or you just discovered the internet was a thing.
  5. I’m running them with 1.85” level and no spacers Hooksets are free...
  6. Do I Really Need UCAs w/ 2.25 Level?

    It’s my sig not part of the comment. But it’s what you do when you wanna catch a fish. Hooksets are free...
  7. Ironic warning message.

    First world problems Hooksets are free...
  8. Do I Really Need UCAs w/ 2.25 Level?

    No Hooksets are free...
  9. Sierra driver's seat squeak?

    Pretty well known, this thread was from 2016 lol! Good luck man. Hooksets are free...
  10. HELP! 2015 Silverado 1500 RC 2.5 Level TIRES

    Easiest way to is go to and measure your truck to see what you can fit. Go full lock both ways on steering wheel and measure the gaps on both sides of the tires at full lock. That’ll let you know exactly what your specific truck can fit before you start to rub. If you can’t get someone to hold the wheel, use a seatbelt. Were you able to find a new 2015? Hooksets are free...
  11. Need 2014 Sierra owner help!!!

    When I originally asked the dealer I literally had to bring in print outs of the bulletin as they had no clue, or played dumb. You may have better luck now haha. If anything get the update and ditch the bulbs, they weren’t anything special from what I’ve read, I never had them installed on mine. Hooksets are free...
  12. Need 2014 Sierra owner help!!!

    PIT5374 is what the bulletin number was back in 2015, not sure if it’s changed or not. Included updated volsa bulbs from Germany and a reflash to up the voltage to the bulbs. Hooksets are free...
  13. Escalade parts for Sierra/Silverado?

    Lol! That is a good show though. Hooksets are free...
  14. Wtb: 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Grill

    I’m pretty sure I have the chrome one off my 15 slt covered in plastidip somewhere in the garage, unless I got into an angry cleaning spree sometime and tossed it. Ill go check Hooksets are free...
  15. Denali Grille on SLT

    Man a couple of those clips were in some tough to reach spots if I remember correct. Hooksets are free...

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