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  1. A/C Condenser

    Mines still working just fine. Over the weekend I noticed It has started sounding like a small turbine spinning up when I turn it on now. Pretty sure I’ve read somewhere on the forums there was some loose piece inside a vent causing the hissing type sound on several other trucks. As long as its not a precursor to the condenser blowing out, I can live with it no problem. Hooksets are free...
  2. I drive a 2015, can just hit the up or down button on the steering wheel to shuffle through the pages on the DIC. Hooksets are free...
  3. A/C Condenser

    Got mine replaced yesterday. 2015 Sierra 65xxx miles. The mechanic at dealership said he’s been replacing 2-3 a week on average on all full size suv and truck that gm makes 2014+. Funny thing is that they asked if I wanted them to recharge the system first for $140, I told them check the condenser first. I would have fell to that trap if it weren’t for the forums here!!! $140 to watch it leak right out lol. Extended warranty came through for the second time for me! Hooksets are free...
  4. Biggest issue I’ve seen people run into on here is getting a bolt inserted on the driver side frame as there is part of the frame blocking it from just sliding in. This guy in the video is showing how to do it without removing grille and bumper. I’d say it would be a pretty easy install yourself, there’s plenty other videos for installing as well. Or you could just throw money at the dealer if that’s your plan. Parts list I can’t help on. Hooksets are free...
  5. Pictures of the dogs that protect your truck

    Added a new addition to the family this past weekend. She loves the back slider. I was told she’ll ride in the truck bed, but we need to bond a little more before I do that. Hooksets are free...
  6. Bilstein 5100 Max Setting - Driveshaft Angles

    No. You’re Not even breaking 2” of lift on max setting up front. Hooksets are free...
  7. A/C Condenser

    Looking like the extended warranty I bought against my better judgement is actually going to come in handy for once. If it’s the condenser that failed, it should all be covered is what I was told over the phone. Just gotta go get her diagnosed now. Hooksets are free...
  8. Lol I still do it to this day out of habit, tough one to break. Hooksets are free...
  9. I run waze in the background on my phone and keep escort live app open on phone, waze will still chime in for me. I’m on iOS though and in a 2015 so I can’t say if you have discovered a phone feature or a truck feature lol. Hooksets are free...
  10. Overland build

    Nice!!! I guess I could drive a few hours and hit some of those places lol. Id mainly be worried about getting into situations where a full size may not squeeze through like a taco or a jeep would. Hooksets are free...
  11. A/C Condenser

    Mine went out, just noticed yesterday, I haven’t used the ac in a while so I don’t know when it actually quit. Had to have been in the last 2-3 weeks. 2015 Sierra 64xxx miles. I just literally moved last week, so my dealer I’ve used for many years is now not so local. Im going to explore my options. Hooksets are free...
  12. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    I’m probably going to ride my 15 till the wheels fall off, next truck Id love to be in is a 79’ k10. Hooksets are free...
  13. Well hell, I rolled up to the garbage dump this morning with a load of junk to drop off, decided to roll up the windows because the hot weather was producing a heavy stinch out there. Flicked on the ole AC and got mildly warm air. Nice weather I pop the sunroof and the windows, I haven’t used the ac for a good month or more. 90+ temps at the dump isn’t the best time for it to go out! I’m in a 2015 Sierra, 65xxx miles, only issue I’ve encountered with the hvac. I’m not mechanically inclined, but if I have instructions I can fix some stuff. Is this something that can possibly be done on my own in the garage, or do I need professional help?
  14. Need thoughts on lighting issue

  15. Need thoughts on lighting issue

    I’m in a 15 Sierra, it has bulbs top and bottom of tails for blinker. Hooksets are free...

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