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  1. Sierra driver's seat squeak?

    Pretty well known, this thread was from 2016 lol! Good luck man. Hooksets are free...
  2. HELP! 2015 Silverado 1500 RC 2.5 Level TIRES

    Easiest way to is go to and measure your truck to see what you can fit. Go full lock both ways on steering wheel and measure the gaps on both sides of the tires at full lock. That’ll let you know exactly what your specific truck can fit before you start to rub. If you can’t get someone to hold the wheel, use a seatbelt. Were you able to find a new 2015? Hooksets are free...
  3. Need 2014 Sierra owner help!!!

    When I originally asked the dealer I literally had to bring in print outs of the bulletin as they had no clue, or played dumb. You may have better luck now haha. If anything get the update and ditch the bulbs, they weren’t anything special from what I’ve read, I never had them installed on mine. Hooksets are free...
  4. Need 2014 Sierra owner help!!!

    PIT5374 is what the bulletin number was back in 2015, not sure if it’s changed or not. Included updated volsa bulbs from Germany and a reflash to up the voltage to the bulbs. Hooksets are free...
  5. Escalade parts for Sierra/Silverado?

    Lol! That is a good show though. Hooksets are free...
  6. Wtb: 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Grill

    I’m pretty sure I have the chrome one off my 15 slt covered in plastidip somewhere in the garage, unless I got into an angry cleaning spree sometime and tossed it. Ill go check Hooksets are free...
  7. Denali Grille on SLT

    Man a couple of those clips were in some tough to reach spots if I remember correct. Hooksets are free...
  8. Denali Grille on SLT

    Dude unless somethings changed from my 2015, that grille swap is easy to do. If you’ve never pulled plastic trim off it may make you nervous around the upper fascia, but it will bend a lot before it ever comes close to breaking. Hooksets are free...
  9. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I usually keep a small can of bug dope in one side just in case I forgot it and am already in the woods. I Always use them to grab onto as well, or stick a fishing rod in if we are bank fishing.
  10. A/C Condenser

    Mines still working just fine. Over the weekend I noticed It has started sounding like a small turbine spinning up when I turn it on now. Pretty sure I’ve read somewhere on the forums there was some loose piece inside a vent causing the hissing type sound on several other trucks. As long as its not a precursor to the condenser blowing out, I can live with it no problem. Hooksets are free...
  11. I drive a 2015, can just hit the up or down button on the steering wheel to shuffle through the pages on the DIC. Hooksets are free...
  12. A/C Condenser

    Got mine replaced yesterday. 2015 Sierra 65xxx miles. The mechanic at dealership said he’s been replacing 2-3 a week on average on all full size suv and truck that gm makes 2014+. Funny thing is that they asked if I wanted them to recharge the system first for $140, I told them check the condenser first. I would have fell to that trap if it weren’t for the forums here!!! $140 to watch it leak right out lol. Extended warranty came through for the second time for me! Hooksets are free...
  13. Biggest issue I’ve seen people run into on here is getting a bolt inserted on the driver side frame as there is part of the frame blocking it from just sliding in. This guy in the video is showing how to do it without removing grille and bumper. I’d say it would be a pretty easy install yourself, there’s plenty other videos for installing as well. Or you could just throw money at the dealer if that’s your plan. Parts list I can’t help on. Hooksets are free...
  14. Pictures of the dogs that protect your truck

    Added a new addition to the family this past weekend. She loves the back slider. I was told she’ll ride in the truck bed, but we need to bond a little more before I do that. Hooksets are free...
  15. Bilstein 5100 Max Setting - Driveshaft Angles

    No. You’re Not even breaking 2” of lift on max setting up front. Hooksets are free...

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