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  1. Yes a front level is in the works. Ya I got a great deal then when you factor in that I sold my other rims and tires for $500 this was a no brainier. Sometimes things just workout for you. Also going from the the 20"s to these 18"s has made for a softer ride, which I like.
  2. Just thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my new wheels. Was tired of old rims leaking air so bought a set of AT4 takes offs brand new off of craigslist, paid for $1000 for wheels and tires great deal. They look great on our trucks.
  3. Your dealer already as a 2020 AT4 with the 5.3 10spd combo on the lot? Where is this?
  4. My FM reception is terrible. It was better in the 1983 Caprice Classic I learned to drive in back in the late 80's.
  5. I'm still dealing with this, is anyone else? I'll be taking it to the dealer when I'm due for an oil change and have them check it out.
  6. Mine does the exact same thing and I came upon the exact same solution. Turned dial from 2x4 to 4x4 auto and it went away. Now why was it doing it in the first place. 2014 Sierra SLT 2200 miles.
  7. Mine does the exact same thing and I came upon the exact same solution. Turned dial from 2x4 to 4x4 auto and it went away. Now why was it doing it in the first place. 2014 Sierra SLT 2200 miles.
  8. I put the GMC branded bed rug in my 2014 and cutting the slots to push the moveable tiedowns through was a piece of cake, make a small cut with a utility knife and insert the tiedown. Looks very nice and actually adds even more support to hold the bedrug in place, not that it really needs it.
  9. 1300 miles and the drive to work today was great. I love love love streaming Pandora from my phone to my truck and I love the cooled seats. 2014 Sierra SLT Z71 with just about every option not sure what I could be missing other then 22" wheels.
  10. Where I did say I'm not capable of driving without it. Geez some people have all the answers, It is simply a feature that happened to be on the particular truck I purchased and all I'm asking is that the options that are on my truck function properly weather I use them or not. I'm a very attentive driver and in my 30 years of driving have not been the cause of an accident. The reason I have this truck to begin with is because the last truck I owned got rear ended at 40 mph by an inattentive young driver, maybe if the car she was driving had this feature working properly that accident could have been avoided. It was a tough morning with sun in her eyes and traffic stopped for construction on what is normally a 55MPH highway, she mad a mistake. At the end of the day people make mistakes and the manufacturers are trying to give us every tool possible to recover from those mistakes, if your logic holds true that we all need to do is just be super drivers like yourself then we could save a lot of built in cost by taking the following features out of our trucks. -Seat Bealts -Airbags -Anti-lock Brakes -Daytime running lights -Said Camera systems -Traction Control OK sorry, off my soapbox and my truck is going in on Monday to have the dealer look at the camera system. It feels like it's a calibration type of thing to me.
  11. My stock 2014 SLT tailgate locks remotely with my key Fab. Insert tailgate key and turn to right, then try your key fab.
  12. The more I think about this, I wonder if the Camera is maybe mounted to high on our Trucks and is looking out over the top of other cars.
  13. Is anyone else having problems with there collision alert? The truck I bought had this feature, I would not have normally paid for it, but it was on the truck so oh well. Since I have owned the truck 650 miles worth the alert only popped up the red bar on the windshield once, like the second day I drove it. Now when I have it on it will show the Green car icon on the dash but when I come up on another car/truck fast, nothing happens maybe if I'm lucky the icon turns yellow (maybe). I swear I would have to rear end somebody before I would get an alert. I have it set at the furthest out setting. Am I missing something or is the camera software just junk?
  14. Has anyone put a BAK Roll-X on there 2014 yet? I really like the looks and functionality of this cover, just looking for some real world opinions of it. By the way I have found them online for $775 Shipped at BAKFactoryOutlet.com. For that price I figure it's worth the extra money over a soft roll up.
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