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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the barcode for corsa 14873blk?
  2. New In Box GM OEM performance exhaust (Corsa) for 5.3 L CCSB or EC standard bed. Part number 23442234 mandrel bent 3 inch piping. All bolt on and instructions included. Original box. Tailpipe says GMC. Would most likely work on a Silverado too just tailpipe says GMC. $1100 new at GM. Price is $550 shipped to US.
  3. I'm with you guys. I've always been a GM buyer but when they can't fix the radio how are we supposed to be happy about our purchase. I keep coming back to this forum to see if there has been a fix and to find the newer models are also bad. Sorry GM you had a lifelong supporter but no longer. You had your chance. I used to look down on the other manufactures and now I'm looking at them.
  4. I tried on my 14 and its a little different.
  5. I have a bed rug for a 99-05 5.5ft bed Silverado/Sierra. Excellent condition. Asking $100. Prefer local pickup but will ship with payment for shipping. Chicago area/south Wisconsin.
  6. I think you may have to go to a diesel if you want goood mpg when towing.
  7. Do they have the part numbers listed on them?
  8. I've been test driving other trucks. I drive the tundra and it didn't seem very refined. I could feel vibration in the steering wheel when accelerating. It reminded me of an older truck in regards to power train. As others experienced they don't offer much off either. I looked at the Ram Rebel too. Nice look but I'm on the road a lot and I see a lot of Rams/dodges that have rust. I don't think they are as advanced as ford, Gm and Toyota in regards to sheet metal protection. I really don't think there is a better truck than the Silverado/Sierra right now. I haven't checked out the fords yet though.
  9. Tjay, I totally agree with you on this. I've also looked into the Alpine replacement too but then what. You lose the ambient temperature and the dash/guage/ stereo integration. Its very frustrating to jump into a new truck and the FM stereo doesn't work. It's the simplest thing in the truck. My other frustration has been with the lacking vents in the rear for A/C. I rode in the back once and was hot while the people upfront froze. I have too much invested in my truck to move on though. Just saying that I share you frustration through all of this.
  10. I read a ton of reviews on fm boosters and almost all were bad. The only one I found that wasn't was the one from Winegard. It's been discontinued so I found mine on eBay and paid like $60 for it. I had to use an antenna adapter because of the gm connector but no biggie. It noticeably helps but it's still not close to perfect.
  11. This doesn't sound like the update I was looking for. If the reception is still bad then it's not worth it. I have an inline fm booster that helps but it's still not acceptable. Beyond frustrated!
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