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  1. Thought I'd check in here. I've had my truck 8 months so my 6 month trial is over. The only thing that stays active is the remote function.
  2. Thanks guys. I haven't crawled underneath yet. I assume it's just a few bolts?
  3. Cracked mine in two on snow/ice backing out of the driveway. Guess I'll take it off. Does anybody know what a new one costs?
  4. I have no problem with the aluminum, it's a good idea. My problem with Ford is always their designs.
  5. The weight and tech sounds cool. But that thing fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.
  6. Wierd, wonder if it's a timing or idle fuel map problem, causing the exhaust to get superheated.
  7. Thanks, I may take you up on that. Your Nova looks familiar, do you hang out on Yellow Bullet?
  8. http://www.vararam.com/air-grabber/air-grabber.html They have them for 4th gen Ram's.
  9. Yes, it's horrible. My window sticker said 20 hwy, no way it touches that. Read the forums, even the new ones with the 8-speeds aren't getting anywhere close to the sticker. With my Silverado, I can beat the sticker if I take it easy.
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