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  1. His tune is really good on my 5.3/6 speed but he can't tune the 8 speeds.
  2. Where'd you purchase your Mityvac MV7400 from? Amazon? Did you need any any additional hosing to get it all the way down into the pan? I'm going to do a flush soon at 25k on my 2018 are you all using the standard GM fluid or something else? I've had the updated thermostat for about 2 months now. It usually settles at 142-144F for local and around town/short highway trips. It was 80 degree's and sunny a few weekends ago and I was doing 80-85mph on the interstate through some pretty good sized WV/OH hills with a dirtbike in the bed and the highest it hit was 167F. Normally, with the stock thermostat, it would get to then stay at 190F no matter what the outside ambient temperature was.
  3. So my truck has the MAX trailer package with integrated brake controller to the left of the steering wheel. I could of sworn I saw it said 3.42 gears and 6 speed. I know for a fact it has the 6 speed but does it have 3.72 gears? Either way it drives GREAT on stock tires has tons of power I'll be going 265/75r18 soon which shouldn't hurt at all compared to trucks with 3.08 gearing going bigger on their tires.
  4. I got my custom tune from Lew using the diablosport i3 intune. The out of the box tune that came with the i3 was definitely an improvement but the custom tune from the data logs I sent to him for $150 was well worth it. It's hard to calculate the fuel mileage difference but it was improved even further from the out of the box one. The truck feels lighter and accelerates through the gears effortlessly and that's on 87/89 tune.
  5. So I sold my 3rd gen Tacoma to get into a full size and love it! I'm often hauling around my dirtbike or mountain bikes and created a really secure method to do so in the bed of the Tacoma. I wish I had taken a picture but I'll explain the best I can. The Tacoma bed has (6) 1/2" diameter T55 torx head bolts holding the bed to the frame. What I did was take one of the bolts out and add a 1/2" D-ring welded to a piece of 1/4" steel plate. I drilled a hole in the plate and put the bolt through it and into the frame. Red Loctite was applied to the bolt and the head of the torx was filled with 2-part high strength clear epoxy. I then use a cut-proof lock and badass chain to secure whatever I need to be locked. So in the Silverado bed it's got 4 much smaller metal hooks at each corner and I've been locking it through those hooks with the same lock and chain. That metal is significantly thinner on the hooks than I would like and could easily be cut with bolt cutters. Has anyone mounted something or modified the hooks to be of much thicker/higher quality steel to lock things to in the bed. Please don't tell me to get an enclosed trailer, or a pistol, an insurance policy, a guard dog or say things like don't leave things in your bed. I have all those things already and I will continue to leave things in my bed!
  6. I have only the rear 5100's installed currently and am doing the 5100 front's this weekend. The difference with the rears is night and day the truck has less body roll and wallowing over bumps. It is definitely firmer but by no means a harsh ride at all. You can do just front, just rear or both. You'll get the most benefit from all 4 5100's though.
  7. I installed the new GM lower temperature thermostat and I'm pretty happy with the temperatures. 40 mile drive today at 36 degrees ambient temperature. It heated up quickly to 114 then more slowly to 144 on a 75 mph highway drive. After getting off to a 45mph flat road it bounced between 140 and 144 degree's. That's MUCH lower than having it previously pinned at 190. We will see how it works out once temperatures get back to the mid 80's here in WV.
  8. I thought the same thing I until my brother convinced me to get an iPhone 8 "plus" which has a slightly bigger screen over the standard 8. Since then I won't ever get a regular size smart phone again. The extra screen real-estate REALLY makes it easier to navigate websites, applications and documents on a phone size screen. The only downside is it's a little bigger in my pocket but overall the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks.
  9. Dropped her off to get re-aligned tomorrow morning just to be on the safe side. Is it me or is this forum absolutely infested with advertisements. I'm on a custom built high performance PC and the site loads sooo slow. It's also unuseable on my iPhone/Chrome browser and Tapatalk won't even let me log in for some reason.
  10. What are you thoughts on my alignment sheet with the significantly out of spec thrust angle?
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