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  1. That is an option, as the flap motor will still have limits, therefore shouldn't register a code. The ATF cooler lines enter the condensor on the passenger side, and if memory serves correctly the ATF circuit in the condensor is the top 1/4 of it. So keep that in mind when removing vanes, youd want to remove the ones towards the top. That is if I recall the circuit correctly. It's worth a try for sure. There in lies something to consider with an aux cooler and the K2 w/shutters...location and ATF line routing IF one was to add an aux cooler inline. The Mishimoto trans cooler seems to be mounted where the shutter vane assembly would otherwise be. For it to also be effective it would need to be mounted in front of that assembly.
  2. Yes, the grill shutters suck for trying to being down thermal deltas. I have been fighting this issue myself. If you get a tuner (HP or Diablo) you can simply disconnect and remove the shutters. Once you do this you will receive a fault code in the engine along with a check engine light. With HP or Diablo, ask the tuner to simply make that P code "not reportable" and boom, done. Once I am better, the grill shutter delete is my next objective. I have some data somewhere but I think it was 35mph where they shut (obviously dependent on parameters) and then they opened again as I was coming to a stop. Even with my 174F katech coolant thermostat, I was still seeing 190s + for ECT. Once the shutters opened my temps dropped. Ditto on the trans temps. Much better with a pill flip but summer heat in AZ and towing can sometimes get up there a little
  3. The pic you posted, more discussion from the original poster can be found here https://www.silveradosierra.com/threads/transfer-case-vent-hose.642009/
  4. That blue tag nor the white letters on the tube provide any sort of feedback or insight into what it is?
  5. They install a bypass block that has no tstat in it.
  6. Second EBC. Seems like there are a few people out there, not GM specific, that state their Powerstop tend to fade when toying. They swapped out to EBC and had greater, percieved, performance.
  7. IMO bags are a bandaid. A properly setup WDH is the way to go and not overloading the TV. A good view here if you have 10minutes.
  8. Just looked it up, looks like its standard in the Z71, max trailering and optional across the board to get the dual speed tcase. Single speed RPO: NP0 Dual speed RPO: NQH
  9. Tcase either optioned 4hi or 4hi/4low. The dual, which includes 4low, in part of the max trailer package IIRC which has 3.42s. My 3.09 unit, not max trailering, is only 4hi.
  10. You will get a few different responses (HPTuners or Diablo probably the top 2). HPTuners is more hands on, Diablo will be more hands off. I have the Diablo Intune I3 and will probably have Lew write me a tune. Consensus though for longevity is increase pressure and disable TCC lockup for the first few gears.
  11. You have dual speed tcase? If so, 3.42 is correct. If not, 3.09s.
  12. All good, figured I'd clear it up so we are all on the same page
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