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  1. Coil, wire, spark plug, compression check, leak down, injector swap
  2. Trans temps? New thermostat or no? Have you ever exchanged fluid? Pretty sure if you take it in and complain, reference 21-NA-199 and they should get you set up with the new thermostat.
  3. Uhh, if that the case....I don't get it. Crack temps: ATF thermostat is 180 Coolant is 207 The ATF full open is less than the crack temp of the coolant thermostat... So they warm the ATF to cool at the condensor?
  4. Regarding spacers... Back to your comment "not extending the length, just moving the arm further down"...How can you say adding X spacer doesnt alter the coilovers length?? Again, talking spacers and stock coilovers... Static ride height - the only way to increase leverage is to increase the coilover assemblies length as can be seen in the attached drawing. Adding a 1" spacer on the top or under increases the assembly length which is why you gain lift. You have not alter the coilover preload therefor no change to the coilovers spring rate. Same concept as if you look a stock truck. Jack up the front an inch or two with a floor jack - you have reduced load on the coilover assembly making it longer than it was before. Let's say the spring rates 600lbs per inch, jacking up the front removes weight off the assembly so it is no longer compressed by X amount of inches due to a lack of weight to compress.
  5. When using spacers - How do you move something further down without extending the length of something fixed at the other end?
  6. With the over under you are asking about originally, those spacers ADD to the overall length of the stock coilover assembly as they are an auxiliary addition to. So if your doing a 3" lift, the spacer will be somewhere between 1-1.5" thick. So if the factory coilover assembly is 22", the new length will be 23-23.5" OAL. The 5100s preload the coil. They will be the same or close to the factory assembly length.
  7. They have different settings built into the shock body and you place the circlip at the height you want, preloads the coil to provide lift. Same concept as a coilover assembly with a threaded body, but the adjustment requires removing the top hat.
  8. Not what I was talking about. Aftermarket UCAs are to help with alignment. What I'm talking about is poor shock geometry with a spacer. The spacer will now overextend the suspension as well and the longer coil assembly has now turned into the bumpstop.
  9. You have a V6? I thought the V8 routed ATF via condensor.
  10. IMO both result in poor suspension geometry. I recommend Bilstein 5100s.
  11. Feels like a lean miss? I believe its AFR/idle set speed too low. Get a tuner, up it 50rpm over command and idle quality will be much much better.
  12. Pull the plug and stick long tool in the cylinder and wait for it to start going down?
  13. Gotta scan for codes man, otherwise its dart throwing in the dark without a dart board
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