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  1. You are confused. Calling a bunch of people who are actually running these tires liars simply because their actual 1st hand experience is different than your cousin's brother's uncle or whatever has nothing to do with democracy. It has something to do with you.
  2. How did your speed limiter get changed? Somebody had to do it, it doesn't just happen by itself.
  3. So your answer to the overwhelming majority of users reporting their first hand information is to call them liars because you WANT to believe something else? Go crawl back into your cave. BTW, I typically replace offroad tires when they get much below 50% tread. Not because they're "used up" but because offroad traction suffers enough I'd rather have a set of new tires. That's usually somewhere around the 30K mark, these should exceed that easily.
  4. I would strike the 3.42's off your list and instead make the choice between 3.73's and 4.10's. 4.10's are a great all around ratio, especially if you upgrade tire size in the future; if you don't and the most you tow is 6K, 3.73's will probably make you happy. It's a huge jump from 3.08's and might give you a bit better mileage on the highway. I've never used them, but personally I don't like the idea of ring gear spacers. If I was regearing a 3.08 equiped truck, I'd just get a new carrier--stock G80 or the new Yukon posi, whichever you think you'll like the best.
  5. Only if you chose to ignore the 90% of users getting good mileage from them (for an offroad-capable tire). Here are mine at 20K: You have to look closely to even notice they're not brand new. 13/32 of tread left, 70%.
  6. Aftermarket Brake kit

    Yeah, I'm hoping they kept the same offset and bolt spacing for the new 4-piston calipers. So much better than sliding calipers.... Those calipers and the Eradispeed upgraded rotors might make for a really good setup that could be put together cheaply once 2019 replacement calipers are available.
  7. Aftermarket Brake kit

    The GM Brembo kit is a massive, quality upgrade. I looked on ebay and can't find them anywhere close to $1600 (partial kits and used parts was all I could find), for that they'd be a steal and I'd definitely go that way. The Eradispeed upgrade is probably the best bang for the buck. It comes out to about $500 more per axle than simply replacing your rotors with new OEM. The added size of the front 15" rotors (and directional cooling vanes) will provide a real improvement in performance (though nothing like the Brembo kit) for relatively little. It's a good option to have.
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    Yes, with the leveled setup I used Cognito UCA's. I now have a BDS 4" lift and went back to stock UCA's for that as the lift corrects the angles and allows all the travel needed.
  9. I've always found the boots more trouble than they're worth. I run without. Most high-end shocks don't come with any boots anyway.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    Spending $50K on a truck for daily driving on the highway in the first place is where the "insane waste of money" is. If that's what you did you'd be much better off with a sedan or crossover. How the hell do you think you know what I use my truck for? My current shock setup (ICON front coilovers, Bilstein 5165 Rears--less than $2000 total) rides better, handles better and adds much safety when towing: And is a fantastic improvement Offroad: You specifically asked about highway driving, so that's the question I answered. The shocks I chose are a fantastic improvement there as well (both digressive valved). The biggest improvement is noticed at higher speeds on bad roads (especially when hauling cargo), where large bumps, dips, "whoops" cause a truck with the stock suspension to bounce around, feel unsettled and unsafe; the chassis still bouncing up and down several times as it recovers from a bump or a dip when it encounters the next one. A good setup like mine not only smoothes out the ride over such stuff dramatically but keeps the chassis well planted and in control--a "solid" feeling you just can't get with cheap shocks. Similar improvement in corners and during braking. Again, false. I've actually had the stock Ranchos and then Bilstein 5100's on this truck and done all the same things with it that I have with my "next level" setup so I've felt first hand the improvements at each stage. There was a significant improvement from one stage to the next. One worth every penny. By your statement, it's clear you've never experienced just how good a vehicle can be with a really good set of shocks. Otherwise you'd know the real waste of money is spending $50K on a truck and then driving it around on cheap, crappy shocks its entire life.
  11. Bilstein shocks thread

    Until a few days ago I had never heard of them. With shocks I look for quality, and RC isn't typically a name that jumps out and inspires quality to me. However, it's probable they're having the shocks made by a 3rd party for them, so it's certainly possible they're a good shock. The specs look good (though I'd like to know more about their valving), I hope they're good as more choices is always better for all of us. But personally I'd wait for more info on them (comparisons by those who have had other high quality shocks in the past).
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    Money spent on shocks is some of the best money one can spend on a truck. The ride and handling improvements (even on highway) a really good set of shocks can provide is quite transformative. In my opinion, most people short themselves by being way too cheap with shocks. They won't think twice about spending $2000 on a set of wheels and other bling items because they like the looks but don't add any actual performance, and keep their $50 factory shocks or only upgrade to a set of $100 shocks. Completely backward IMHO.
  13. Oil pressure 6.2

    They do, you just need to set up the software to scan for it. I read engine oil temp with both HPT and Torque on Android.
  14. Bilstein shocks thread

    Full retail for a full set of Fox 2.5's is $2290: https://www.ridefox.com/filter.php?m=truck&p=&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado+1500&year=2018-2007&position=ALL $1500 would be one heck of a sale. The Falcons are also available cheaper if you shop around (though not a 45% discount). I was pointing out another choice in a similar price range of those looking for 6112's. If everybody waiting for the 6112's was willing to spend the money on Fox 2.5's, they'd have them already.
  15. Bilstein shocks thread

    The Fox 2.5's are nice, but nearly twice as expensive, so not really a good comparison.

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