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  1. My Retrax cover has white plastic set screws on either side of the clamps. I don't see any in your pictures but if there are some, tightening them may reduce the gap between the rails and the main section of the cover and make it seal better. When I installed mine it took quite a bit of messing around with it to get everything lined up and functioning right. maybe try removing the clamps and see if you can get everything positioned better.
  2. Yes, definitely I expected some decrease in fuel economy. However, nowhere near this much and it should only really be a change at high speeds due to more air resistance. There are lost of guys out there running leveling kits and I havent heard of anyone experiencing this much of a decrease.
  3. I thought that maybe I was just being dumb and that it has always been like that, but my average seems to be way up. after driving around town for a couple of minutes my last 100km average is over 20L/100km (11.8mpg) where as it always used to only go up to about 14L/100km (16.8mpg). Maybe I'm just looking at it to hard, and its nothing. I don't know...
  4. My truck is doing some weird things at low speeds and a cannot figure out what is causing it. when I accelerate very lightly my L/100Km jumps up to the max, but levels out to normal once I am up to speeds. When I am braking everything is good till I hit about 30km/h then I jumps way up again. driving at highway speeds everything is normal. makes no sense to me. I recently put a 3inch front and 2 inch rear leveling kit into my truck, took it in for an alignment, my battery died while it was there and it had to be boosted. after I got it back I started to notice this weird behavior. I'm lost, anyone else have something like this happen?
  5. Did you ever figure out your problem? My mirror switch is also not working and I have spent nearly 10 hours looking over everything and still cannot figure out my issue.
  6. Since I bought my truck I have had no control of my power folding mirrors. The previous owner said they worked before he had it detailed, took it to the dealer and they said it needed a new mirror switch. I installed the new window switch and still no function. I has an active code "U1519 LIN Bus 1 Lost communication with device 9". Looking at the diagram I have checked and have 12 volts on pin 10, a ground connection on pin 3, and 11 volts on pin 9. My understanding is that the 11 volts is a wake up signal for the mirror switch and that the voltage should fluctuate once the switch is responding. The switch doesn't seem to be powering up as the lights don't turn on when I hit the button to select a mirror. I don't have any experience with these LIN bus communication systems and am at a loss. Thought maybe some one else has more experience and can point me in the right direction. Maybe the new switch is faulty? I though about getting another to test it. If anyone has any other ideas let me know!
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