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  1. update: I bought a new window switch tonight to test, if this is not it I will probably buy a new door harness and test that theory in case I missed a loose connection.
  2. I recently bought a 2014 Silverado. Window switches, POWER seats, door locks etc. all work perfectly, just having problems with the mirrors and memory seats. the switches for the memory seats and power mirrors/ folding mirrors are not illuminating or functioning. (Not sure if relevant but the light for the heater steering wheel does not illuminate and that doesn’t function either). I changed out every relevant fuse I could think of that could affect either switch, but to no avail. I pulled the door card and followed the harness through the door and into the cab, specifically through the boot and found no signs of corroded or broken wiring. Also confirmed all connections and tight and clean. I checked under the seat to make sure there were no loose wires or unplugged clips but also no luck. im stumped at this point and don’t want to drop it off to the dealer if it’s something I can fix myself. I have experience with auto electronics and mechanics, just not these trucks.
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