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  1. No kidding? Is there a thread on here that explains this in detail?
  2. Sunday afternoon consisted of an oil change, tire rotation, and dropped the trans pan to change fluid/filter. Picture is before I spilt the entire clear bin of ATF on my floor.... only to realize I was out of floor dry...
  3. I did not separate the control arm, taking the lower shock bolts and sway bar end link out gave enough clearance
  4. Had my passenger side rip late last year. Easiest and quickest option IMO... replace it. Took me about an hour, worst part is getting the dang thing out! Ended up having to remove the bottom 2 strut bolts, and sway bar end link which gives you some additional room with the lower control arm dropped.
  5. Finally got a chance to test out my new electric pressure washer and foam cannon. Was too into the wash I forgot to take a picture of it all foamed up. Clayed/waxed after the hard winter neglect, full interior detail as well. Much needed! Next week going to drop the trans pan and change filter/oil. 48k since the last time it's been changed and shifts are starting to firm up more than I'd like. Hoping to get as much life out of this 6 speed before I start getting the itch for a new AT4...
  6. Finally had our first 60 degree day, after a long ass ND winter. She's been neglected for the past 2 months and after turkey hunting last weekend, the first hand wash of the year was much needed! Running boards are next on the list..
  7. You're giving me the horrible idea of putting a Diode SS3 pod in the receiver hitch to give a little payback to the person behind me that put HID's in their halogen reflector housings..... Too petty?
  8. ^^X2. Lew's tunes are really good, definitely wakes the truck up. I was shocked the first time I filled with E85 and put it to the floor..
  9. Get the Diablo i3 noted above and have DiabLew make a custom tune for you. Night and day difference on my 5.3. https://diablewtune.com/
  10. Man I'm really itching to get those steps. Been on my "wants" mod list forever! Looks awesome Drove to the cabin with the wife this past weekend and explored some back roads after some fresh snow. Donuts and sliding around corners may have occurred from time to time..
  11. Haven't done much other than an oil change and tire rotation lately. Sitting at 40k on the trans fluid and filter, got everything on order to try and save this TC as long as I can. Finally got my vinyl plotter setup and materials are slowly starting to trickle in. Had my first customer purchase GMC/Denali decals for his custom headlight retrofit company. They will be going on the corners for his 14-15 builds. If anyone needs anything custom, let me know!
  12. For once I was happy to have the pre face lift Sierra solely for that reason haha. Diode makes some of the best quality lighting products I've seen, plus their customer support it top notch. I installed their switchback DRL boards when I did my headlight retrofit and have no complaints. They are extremely bright, sometimes I think they're on the verge of being too bright lol.
  13. Not meaning to hijack his answer, but check out Diode Dynamics SS3 fogs. I believe he bought the Max version, which I can't even put into perspective how anything could be brighter than the Pro model haha. Just for reference, these are the SS3 pro's on my Sierra. Hard to get decent output pictures with an iPhone due to lack of night-time camera settings, pictures definitely don't do them justice. They light up both sides of the ditch damn well. Only gripe is the mounting brackets could be better secured to the actual fog housing. Definitely don't see any issue with them popping out but the brackets were designed half-assed. Another new product to hit the market is Morimoto 4Banger pods. Headlight revolution compared them to the SS3 and the results are good, if not better... Ok now I've definitely hijacked this from you @doubeleive.. my bad
  14. They are held on by 3M adhesive. Have you thought about wrapping them? Would be a cheaper/easier solution
  15. Pretty difficult up north to keep a clean vehicle when you have 3 months of negative degree weather.. I'd rather have a dirty black truck than frozen handles, seals and parking sensors lol. I can't wait for the day I can build my shop with a wash bay!
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