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  1. Did you make sure nothing fell inside the projector housing and stuck to the inside of the lens like some tiny existing pieces of permaseal/dust/dirt? Highly unlikely but worth a shot.. Post some pictures when you get a chance. There are multiple threads on here that swap 3" FX-R projectors and the cutoff line/output is far superior compared to stock. If I were to open mine up again I would either do this or the retro-quik kit from TRS. Cheaper option rather than buying a whole new assembly if all else fails. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/morimoto-retroquik-gmc-sierra-CRK-RQ-SIERRAD2S?quantity=1
  2. This was $7k. Both door skins, front fender, fender molding trim, and respray of the entire drivers side. $4k alone in labor. Damn deer.. definitely go the insurance route. It wouldn't surprise me if this was $10k+ with both bumpers/box being damaged.
  3. Been pretty busy lately so not much done to the truck. New tires are next on the list before winter flies. Got one last ride in this past weekend though!
  4. I went with the Hylux A0050 45W ballasts and 5500k XB 9012 bulbs on my 14 SLT. Make sure you get the HD relay harness and the error eliminators (capacitor link). No issues since I installed them over a year ago and they are BRIGHT! IMO the Hylux ballasts are a little better quality compared to the Morimoto Elite.
  5. Keep in mind the remote start auto heat seats fall short of what you'd expect. It seems they are set on low and are barely warm to the touch when you get in. There is a thread about this somewhere on here, pretty disappointing. My old VW with heated cloth seats damn near burned your butt within 5 minutes. GM needs to take notes on this..
  6. Looks awesome, what leveling/lift do you have? I have similar wheel specs on a 2" level and am going with 275/60/20's. A little bit narrower so I'm assuming they will fit just fine with no rubbing.
  7. If you want a better ride, Bilstein 5100's seem to be one of the more preferred choices on leveling. I swapped my factory rancho's out and have been way happier with the truck. Had a 2" strut spacer on prior which did the job but the ride was terrible with the rancho's. I plan on going one size up from stock (275/60/20 A/T's) in the next few weeks as winter is approaching, the stock SR-A's are complete garbage. Should require no trimming with my wheel setup (20x9, 0 offset) and give it that aggressive look paired with the 5100's. My 2 cents on performance upgrades... Airraid MIT, drop in filter and air box mod, with a L86 intake manifold/TB (if you have the 5.3) and a custom tune really wakes the truck up on a budget and for a daily. But trust me when I say... once you start modding, you'll never want to stop!
  8. Not to hijack his reply, but I used 50w 6 ohm resisters for my LED tails and switchback front blinkers. Pretty sure that's standard for most applications. Be sure to mount them to metal, they get hot!
  9. I tapped into the puddle lights on the mirror. Outcome was awesome, these suckers are bright! Plan to add a dimmer switch soon.
  10. There are a few posts already on this topic, but there are two easy ways to do it. If you want them to turn on when the puddle lights under the mirrors light up, located under the dash there is a junction box with a bunch of colored connectors going into it. This is your body control module (BCM). Locate the light grey connector, pin #8 is the one you are looking for. Tap into this grey/light green wire with your positive lead then find a suitable ground. Always be sure to test with a multimeter before you make the connection... If you want them to turn on when the interior dome lights come on, there's another grey wire you can tap into that but I don't remember that off the top of my head. *edit - It could be pin out #1? I know someone on here has tapped into a wire under the drivers side A pillar as well..
  11. 2014. You retain the factory key lock as well, on youtube there are some installation videos and reviews
  12. Check out Pop & Lock. Easy installation, only need to tap into two wires underneath the drivers side door sill. Installed mine back in January with no issues! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JM208IG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. I've said "..then I'm done" about 3 dozen times in the past 6 months. I'm come to realize I tend to lie to myself a lot, it's never done
  14. Now it will probably rain today. Oh the joys of owning a black daily..
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