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  1. Wrapped the bumpers this weekend. Painting the parking sensors soon, if anyone has any experience or tips with this let me know! Debating on installing the all black Denali grille since it's been in my garage for months, I like how the SLT grille blends the headlights in more. Next on the list is the L86 intake manifold/TB upgrade which I hope to get done tonight.
  2. Pic of said damage, luckily it wasn't significant enough to stop us from some amazing riding in the mountains.
  3. 2,800 mile round trip to ColoRADO. Truck never skipped a beat, other than the small doe that tried to ruin our trip about 8 hours into the drive somewhere in Nebraska. Very impressed with how it did, but man I wish I went with the 6.2!
  4. Finally got around to getting my 30" light bar mounted behind the grille. It's only been sitting in my garage for 3 months! Needs to be moved up 1/2", but happy with the outcome. 2"x1/8"x36" steel bar mounted with a Westin EF2, wish I would have went with the B-Force series. Might end up taking this one apart and wrapping the faceplate black (not the cones obviously). Excuse the bugs/dirty truck Also shout out to WAMS for the insanely quick turnaround time on the Denali cluster upgrade. Oil change and rear diff service made for a long night before a 2000 mile trip coming up this weekend. Will report back with some pictures, everyone pray for my trans along this journey
  5. This looks awesome. What vinyl and color did you use?
  6. Recently upgraded to Bilsteins, so I don't have a use for these anymore. Around 5k miles on them. $30 shipped in the original box SOLD
  7. One of the most under estimated cars out there! Hope to have one in the future. Too bad you're not on the west coast, I've heard Iroz motorports makes some above average builds on the MQB platform
  8. I went with the Hylux 45W ballasts and Morimoto bulbs in my 14. Absolutely love them and no problems even in extreme cold (-40F)The ballasts are built better in my opinion than the morimoto. There are other people that will agree with me on that! https://www.theretrofitsource.com/hylux-hid-system-HS-Hylux?quantity=1
  9. Those details might help.. just updated the original post
  10. Fits all 14-18 Sierra/Silverado crew cab short box. Was going to put them on to replace my OEM boards but going a different route. Guy I bought them from repainted them satin black (not the best job in the world) $150 OBO prefer local pickup within reason to Fargo, ND. It will be expensive to ship these. PM me for any questions!
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