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  1. Sounds like the dust caps aren't on correctly, assuming you didn't have issues before you swapped to LED?
  2. Should have just bought the cluster lens thru WAMS.. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/k2-denali-cluster-lens/
  3. That was my thought too haha. You can spend 500+ on some crazy dash cams. Viofo is a great brand and lots of people love them. I actually used Phil's radar detector hardwire installation video to help find the wires to tap into for the dash cam. Amazon is actually more expensive than blackbox my car. $105.99 with the hardwire kit!
  4. I ordered the Viofo A119 V3. I did quite a bit of research on dash cams and blackboxmycar.com had some great reviews. This was the low end of pricing but it works for what I wanted, especially since it has a parking mode so if it senses movement via g-force meter (door-ding or someone hits you) it will go back and actually start recording prior to the incident. I also hardwired mine in using the 3 wire ACC hardwire kit
  5. I looked into this awhile back. I ran through Phil's video and found the wiring diagram on another post. I had emailed him and he was willing to help me out since I have all the tools required. Had all the connectors/pins in my cart and the guy selling the boards flaked on me lol. Below are a few posts that will help you out!
  6. Frankie, get yourself a dash cam brotha! My last straw without one was when someone in the oncoming turn lane wasn't paying attention, started turning when I had a green light and I almost tboned them at 60mph. Didn't even have enough time to get on the brakes, ended up swerving in front of them and missed the curb and their front bumper by inches. I've never been so shook up and had a dash cam ordered that night lol. Have had a couple idiots do the same thing that happened to you and I'm glad I had it on camera if anything were to happen!
  7. Just ordered one. Been wanting one for awhile and I've heard numerous people swear by these since it has some elasticity. Thanks for the recommendation!
  8. 1000 mile trip over the weekend complete without any issues. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, and pouring rain made for a fun journey! She needs a good wash to say the least..
  9. Reviving an old thread.. Took WSFD6107 idea of a factory OEM+ look to adding switches. Switch bezel from GM parts direct (part #22830877) and Contura V switches from OTRATTW.
  10. Finally got my switches installed for aux LED lighting. Have had this dang panel for almost a year.. Details below! GM Switch Guy on FB makes these panels with the exact parts I used, but he wanted over $100 for the panel and switches. I'm too much of a cheap ass for that and enjoy the challenge. This only works if you don't have factory trailer brakes. I ordered the switch bezel from GMpartsdirect (part #22830877), 4wd switch and room for the trailer brake switch. Using a dremel, cut a square hole a bit smaller than what is shown below, then fine tuned it after taking dimensions of the switch bezel. Switches ordered from OTRATTW. High quality stuff! Might swap out the single upper dependent switches to a lower dependent so the text area is tied into the dash illumination. Reason I didn't do it in the first place is they don't have a lower white LED with upper red LED. Rigid Industries Ignite flush mount pods in the rear step cavity are next. Happy with the clean OEM look for less than $60!
  11. Bought mine from a guy locally because it didn't fit his 2500. Didn't realize it was a cheap one until I got home lol. Honestly, the fitment is like OEM, you won't be able to tell a difference. Only pain was swapping the inner grille surround which are a bunch of 8mm bolts if I remember right. Paint is a perfect match to Oynx Black. I've been searching for an all terrain grille myself but no luck. Also forgot to mention in my original post.. The upper plastic bumper cover that is required to remove to get access to the lower grille bolts, didn't line up with the clip locations. I think they were the two inner clip locations. A sawzall took care of that, just notched out where the plastic bumper cover tabs were suppose to be. Haven't had any issues with that cover coming lose or not seating where it is suppose to.
  12. You only hear about the problems, not the thousands of people who have had no issues.. That is one of the main points of a forum, to help others that may have similar experiences and/or to troubleshoot. My take on your situation, if you aren't mechanically inclined enough to install HID's then find some LED bulbs that don't require modification to the dust caps. Re aim them and you'll have far better output compared to the halogen bulbs. I've had my Hylux 45w ballasts and Morimoto bulb HID kit in for a year and a half with no issues, even in our -40F temps during the winter. 3 year warranty through The Retrofit Source and their customer support is top notch!
  13. Yup, swirls do suck. That’s why I use multiple microfiber mitts and still use the (proven) 2 bucket method. Not my first rodeo on detailing and/or paint correction. Plus, if you use a quality sealing product, you shouldn’t have to worry about so many swirls
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