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  1. They occasionally pop up in the for sale page on here. That's where I picked mine up for $80 shipped.
  2. I have the exact same issue except mine are flaking pretty bad.. I've been trying to find a deal on some denali wheels to replace them. If you're set on getting replacement snowflakes, I'd check out oe wheels llc.
  3. Exact same issue I have!! I bought my 14 SLT a few months ago and could not figure out what this noise was.. dealer told me it was rear brakes since they needed to be replaced but I knew they were full of shit. Finally found that post above, but wrapping the TCCM didn't do anything. The noise is still inside the switch.. so I will be ordering a new switch after the holidays and hopefully that takes care of my issue. Extremely annoying, especially in the midwest, so I feel your pain!
  4. boettcher40


    Man this looks so much better! OEM? and what are your tire specs?
  5. I had a squeal/squeak in my brakes when I bought it at 95k. It drove me nuts, and only made noise during a certain braking pressure. Replaced rear pads and rotors with ceramics and it didn't change. Had the same amount of life in the fronts as you but was so sick of the noise I replaced them anyways. No rotors this time as they weren't warped, and the noise was gone. Since everything was done at the dealer throughout its life, good chance these were OEM metallic pads. For how cheap pads are, might as well try them out!
  6. Just got my 14 GMC SLT 5.3 last week with 97k on it. I've already put on over 1000 miles and absolutely love the truck besides some stupid common issues. First off AC Condenser was replaced <10k ago. Prior to purchasing I had read the welds cracking were a huge deal so I was relieved to hear this. Next my seat would move slightly around corners and this annoyed the piss out of me. Got the GM part #13405675 and 13594989 (from the TSB) and no more seat movement. Other than these issues (and the horrible shifting points, ordering an intune 3 with Lew's tune soon to fix this) it has been solid. I brought it in for the vacuum pump brake assist recall deal. Had them do a full look over of the truck. Of course the stealership had outrageous prices for everything, (~$2.5k) but I'm mechanically inclined to do all this work myself sometime in the future for a fraction of that price. -Plugs & wires @ 100k -Trans and dif flush @ 100k -2 ball joints and a tie rod end -Oil cooler lines were leaking & so was the oil pan. I keep it in the garage every night and haven't noticed anything on the floor so not a big deal to me. If it gets worse I'll look more into this. -Rear parking brake needed to be adjusted causing a very high pitched electrical frequency noise which sounded like it was in my door. This was the biggest headache until I changed rear brakes/rotors and adjusted the parking brake. Annoying noise = gone. Didn't ever tow much more than a 12' alum trailer so just hoping the trans holds up for me as long as I own it. Love this truck! (Other than the ugly orange side markers which are being replaced by Klearz lenses tonight ) If I come across any problems I'll make sure to report back
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