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  1. Reviving an old post.. did you ever get around to fixing this? I picked up a set a few days ago and the same thing has happened. Was quoted around $250 to have them blasted and powder coated.
  2. I've seen a lot of people recommending and using the OEM ZL1 TC, compared to going circle D. Not sure if that's just do to price? I'm at 130k on a 6spd. Dropped the pan at 100k and swapped filter/fluid. Hoping I'm one of the lucky ones.
  3. For a silverado, my recommendation is OEM LTZ/HC LED tails with Phil's custom harness. @Frankielozano214 has been quiet lately on selling oem lighting but he's your guy. Morimoto XB tails are a good choice if you want something different. Expect crap results with cheap equipment, ask me how I know https://harnessdr.com/product/2016-2019-led-tail-light-adapter-harness/
  4. I've had great luck with the General Grabber ATX's in the past. I was searching a few months back and ended up finding great reviews on the Falken Wildpeak AT3W's which I pulled the trigger on in 275/60/20 (33"). Absolutely blew me away how they handled in the snow and rain, offroad and are very quiet. 10/10 would recommend for a "budget" A/T tire as they are cheaper than most.
  5. You can contact any headlight retrofit shop to send yours in and get them done cheaper. I recommend Monty Crisp (Crisp Customs), he has done a ton of custom headlight/taillight combo's. Cheaper yet would be to buy the Klearz markers, DD switchback boards from TRS and do it yourself. Just need an oven, a few hours of time, expanding pliers and Morimoto retrorubber butyl to reseal. This was my first ever set I've opened up and it went really good just time consuming. https://crispcustomsco.com/
  6. Keep us posted on the full paint correction. I'm waiting on my LC pads also. Getting away from CG's products as from all the testing I've seen and done some of their stuff isn't that great longevity wise and the hydroslick's hydrophobic properties tend to break down quicker than others. Can't decide between Koch Chemie, Oberk or Rupes cutting and polishing compounds, and between Gtechniq, Gyeon Mohs q2 and car pro UK 3.0 for ceramic. Lots of choices haha. Black always looks amazing when it's detailed!
  7. I've had my eye on the Stinger Heigh10 for awhile now, but it's been out of stock for sometime and does not support the factory Bose systems. If you're keeping the stock head unit WAMS is the only way to go
  8. Looks awesome! I struggled with the front bumper, as it was my first time wrapping bumpers also. I pulled my sensors out and wrapped them as well. Very tedious and took longer than expected, trying different things each time. They ended up looking pretty good besides a few blemishes on the sensors themselves.
  9. Woah, haven't used mine in a little over a week since it's been moderately warm lately. I dig the new update, and can see how using the "flash lights" function would be helpful in certain situations. Just remote locked my truck to see the response time and it looks like it dramatically improved! Only took 20-25 seconds where normally it would be ~1.5 min.
  10. I don't see why he couldn't tune the 8 speed. The intune i3 8246 supports 17+ 5.3/6.2. I'd shoot him an email just to confirm.
  11. Better in all aspects. No more rear end hopping over railroad tracks/large potholes, small bumps and cracks are less noticeable, overall comfort and stability around corners. Keep in mind my OEM Ranchos had 100k on them so they weren't in the best shape. It still rides like a truck, so don't expect dramatic results from a sub $500 suspension set. There are numerous guys who love their Fox 2.0's or King coilover setup up front. My dad has a stock '21 AT4 and that thing handles like a dream on the highway and on the trail. Hope this helps a bit.
  12. Traveled out west to the in-laws and got some moto's in. Been noticing with even hauling a few hundred pounds on the interstate any slight hill incline will downshift. Going to look into re-gearing in the future since I haul a enclosed trailer often.
  13. After 6 months of it you tend to really look forward to spring and above freezing temps Update.. trucks full of salt again. Made it two days. Water beading was nice, however!
  14. 60 degrees Saturday, a mild mid 20's today with some snow. Gotta love the midwest!
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