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  1. Dang @dieselfan1, nice work. Looks better than new. I did quite a bit of research awhile back and thought I was going to do the POR-15 but wow is it expensive and I've seen a huge spread of mixed reviews. Looks like I'll be going the same route you did as I have a ton of surface rust from MN salt. Way too noticeable above the rear wheels, and I'm not even lifted like you!
  2. Dude, don't you know we live in the rust belt?! haha makes me cringe at how bad my frame looks.. definitely need to do this in the future. What was your process?
  3. Working in the garage on Saturday morning, glancing down the street every 30 seconds in anticipation for the mail truck. SS3 Pro fog lights installed and WOW. The difference from Morimoto XB's to the SS3's is incredible. Can't believe I waited this long to upgrade. Next step, tackling the install of G5-R projectors and switchback DRL boards First output shot is low beams, second is low beams with fogs, third is low beams, fogs, and a 32" lightbar behind the grille. Will have to get some more shots when my retrofit is complete on a dark backroad. Also forgot to mention
  4. SOLD! Selling a set of Morimoto XB fog lights for 14-18 Sierra. They were on my truck roughly a year, normal small scratches from road debris as you can see on the pictures. Packaged up nicely in the original boxes and can ship right away in the morning. Asking $140 shipped (PayPal or Venmo) to forum members, will post on ebay or facebook in the next day or so if they don't sell here. Reason for selling is I bought SS3 fogs. These still work great and are far better than OEM! Edit: Didn't know these fit more than just the Sierra's. https:/
  5. I ended up going with the 87 octane tune, mainly due to the cost of premium around my area and I only have the 5.3. I do tow on occasion, but nothing super heavy. My last big trip was a 8x10 enclosed trailer with 4 dirt bikes and a sh*t load of gear/tools/supplies. I was around 7-12k feet in elevation for a week and it definitely struggled on certain climbs but never skipped a beat after 3k miles roundtrip. I for sure would have been really disappointed if I didn't have the DiabLew tune
  6. Have a few questions, sent you a PM.
  7. I couldn't pass up the deal I got on the XB's, but have been pretty disappointed in the output lately (funny thing is, I really praised em when I upgraded from OEM lol). These look INSANE, I've heard more than just you that say it's not even a comparison between the two. I really was looking for the white fogs, but let me think on it. Damn good price.
  8. Pics/specs on the DD fogs? Can always PM me instead. Looking to swap out my XB's for SS3's.
  9. Well worth it IMO. My butt dyno says improved torque and overall low end feel, truck doesn't search for gears anymore, and the overall experience is noticeably better compared to the canned tunes.
  10. Glad to see I'm not the only one using old VP race gas cans as used oil containers. I just brought two full cans into town to dispose of last week and my neighbor goes "sucks to be the person that ran out of gas!"... no dude, I'm not putting C14 in someone's 4-cyl sedan...
  11. I have always had good luck with the Bosch Envisions. 2 years and counting in the upper midwest and they still work as good as new. However I have all my glass ceramic coated so that might help with longevity.. Might have to go back to OEM when these wear out!
  12. Big thanks to @pgamboa for the hookup on a painted tailgate handle! As always, packaged great, and he had it shipped within 15 minutes of contacting him. Delivered 2 days later. Now time for a much needed wash.. poor thing has been neglected the past 2 weeks.
  13. Close, just west about 10 miles in Mapleton. Nice to get back to the small town atmosphere with less crime and idiots haha.
  14. Not really K2 related, but finally have my own garage to start working on some more mods in the future! Soon to be wife and I closed on our first house this past Friday. While most of my time will be getting some inside updates done, looking forward to an epoxy floor, mud/tape/paint walls, and setting up my "dream garage" build. I'd say my family and extended family have good taste in trucks!
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