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  1. It's buried under the truck. But to give you an idea, it's a teeny weeny plug. With much smaller wire as well. Guess that's the way it comes from China...and the US guys made an adapter so it would be plug and play. Recommend you contact the people who sell them. Maybe they can get a pic. I wasn't smart enough to take pics as I installed the camera...sorry!
  2. Ok. New camera installed. Right off the bat, the picture is better. Is it worth it? To me...yes, but that's a subjective question. I'll know more after I go to hitch up the boat or trailer. If I can get them lined up without getting in and out 4 times, It will be a win for me. My only complaint is why do they have to include a pig tail to connect the camera wire to the factory plug in? The pig tail has the factory plug. And that's plug and play. Why didn't they simply make one wire from camera to factory plug-in rail. Like the original? And eliminate another tiny connector, which is a failure point, and a bunch of wire??? Way to much wire. Well we shall see how well this tiny connector holds up to weather and vibration. I zip tied the bundle underneath the rail... Protected somewhat by the spare tire. Easy install. Just need to drop spare down to get more room to work and do wear safety glasses... Lots of crud drops down into eyes as you are working under there. I'll report back more later.
  3. I just spoke with the owner, Walt at ADC. He was gracious enough to spend 10 minutes on the phone with me. He didn't know either why better cameras weren't being made for this series of trucks. He did say the reason given to him was the format of the video wasn't the same as newer cameras. Neither he nor I agree or understand that answer. Be that as it may.... The guidelines for their camera are static, however, you can cut a wire and they go away and you will still have your original truck guidelines that are dynamic (at least in my Denali). His guidelines are part of the camera. The original dynamic guidelines on the GM trucks are a part of the computer screen system... I ordered the camera. It is a wider angle than original (which is great) and is higher resolution. He has one on his truck....if you go to their product page, you will see the difference and it's his truck that is making the old and newer pictures. We shall see....but from his comments, I'll be much happier than now. Thanks, Walt! https://www.adcmobile.com/product/hd-replacement-camera-for-2014-2015-sierra-silverado/
  4. Appreciate all the replies, gentlemen. We have a solution, but as Zasker 1 said....it's not a really good one...but better. To repeat, the stock camera is OK...well...not really. It isn't even wide enough angle to let you see anyone coming from the side in time to avoid them...and for things like hitching up the boat or trailer, no, it's not even "OK". My wife has a 3 year old Mazda 6 and her camera is crystal clear and far wider lens You can actually see a pedestrian 2 or 3 cars away so you won't back into them. Even my daughters older Honda has a better picture. Yes, I've cleaned and polished the lens to no avail. The resolution just isn't there. If it's 300 lines I would be surprised. As one who retired from Radio/TV/Film production...I do know a touch about clarity of images and how to achieve such. My disappointment is... in a $60K truck, they put a $10 camera in it. The connector on the end is worth more than the camera. If anyone has tried that $170 camera that "promises" 600 lines of resolution, (which is still way under todays cheapest Chinese dashcams), I'd appreciate a heads up. Again, thanks... and I'm hoping we have others who haven't chimed in yet. P.S. the idea of changing the entire system over to a new one is intriguing, to say the least, and maybe worth $1K or more , to do the upgrade. Grins!
  5. Search returned no results?? Can't believe everyone is happy with the bad quality of the back up cameras on the 2015 trucks. I have a Denali, and for the top of the line truck, the camera is worse than a 20 year old consumer hand hold video camera. Seriously. I've looked at various aftermarket options, but none of them say they are any better. Even Dorman simply says better lens material for better quality. Really? Same camera, better lens? Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted! BTW, been lurking for almost a year now...and really enjoying the learning experience this forum and it's members have brought to my retired life!! Thank you,
  6. Good to hear GM stepped up!! I'm running a 2015 Sierra Denali with 6.2 and 8 speed. All service work by dealer done with trannie....especially the recalls for fluid. Those fixes did stop the shuddering and hard shifts long ago. Now at 81K miles and just had front 2 Magneride shocks replaced by extended warrantee company. They wouldn't replace the rears despite my telling them it was riding harder than normal., and ride height was a touch different side to side. Guess I just have to wait on those. But the fronts were locked up or very close to it. Left front was leaking. Most people that I've read about with these shocks start having ride issues at around 64K miles. So suggest everyone pay attention to your ride quality. All other Sierra maintenance is done on time. I'm not going to do the next trannie flush on the 8 speed as I went over 219K on a Yukon XL SLT with 5.3 and 4 speed with only one flush (to honor warrantee). Never had an issue with that truck. Traded it as she just didn't have enough gears to pull my 6500lb trailer up our long 7% hills! Otherwise, I would still be driving that truck. Great truck, for sure! My dad was a bug about buying a new vehicle, breaking it in the way you were going to drive it, do the original maintenance items after break-in.Then leave it alone. Except for oil changes, spark plugs, brakes, etc., he never changed the rear end or trannie fluids. And always got over 250K on the cars before trade in. Guess I'm going that way as well. We shall see...
  7. (Silver sled) Hi Carson, Noise problem solved. It seems it wasn't internal after all. It was the air vent assembly located at the bottom of the windshield and goes all the way across the bottom of the screen. The rear portion of the assembly (which also holds the windshield washers) came apart near the center of the bottom of the windshield. It was "rattling" against the glass in such a way that it sounded like light rain...a clicking type sound, reminding me of the cereal TV ad...Snap, crackle and pop. The strip that came apart is now flapping in the breeze and no sounds at all. So I guess it's a $100 fix to buy the part and put it in. Sure did sound like it was a crackling in the radio amplifier to me. But with my bad hearing....ah well. So...nice a quiet again!
  8. Understood. If you find a solution, please post here...as I'm in the same boat. Would like to go with non-OEM shocks as I'm not pleased with the reports of low shock life. My 04 Yukon XL with HD trailer package was on original shocks at 219K miles...and I towed a 2 ton sailboat a lot!
  9. Can't help you shocks as my 2015 Denali is still cooking (knock on wood). But I do know that somewhere on this forum I read about the resistor bypass kits. If memory serves they were a bit expensive but worth it from the standpoint of being plug and play. If I find that post again, I'll come back here and post.
  10. 2015 Sierra Denali with 6.2 and 8 speed.Lifted 2". I have just over 70K miles and she runs great. No shifting issues except 2nd gear is rough once in a while. With 20inch tires, at 38lbs of air I get 20-24 mpg sustained average for a 150 mile trip on the highway at 75mph. I've been reading all the issues with shocks, trannie, etc., and crossing fingers that I've avoided those due to all the recalls and notices having been done on the truck, including the trannie flushes. The only issue I have is a crackling noise coming from somewhere near the windshield....heard above 65mph. I came from a 2004 Yukon XL with 5.3 and 4 sped. 219K miles towing 2 ton sail;boat across country multiple times. No issues on that vehicle at all!
  11. Last March 2019, I bought my new to me 2015 Sierra Denali with 6.2. 60K miles. It was idling so bad the dealer replaced the engine mounts which didn't solve the problem. I realized the P.O. made many trips to Mexico...and knowing how bad Pemex gas is, I threw in some Techron and started using 91 octane top tier fuel. I also have been running Seafoam as well. Now, after 10K miles and 2 trips towing 6Klb trailer...the premium gas and fuel cleaners have done the job. She starts without that huge shake, runs at idle smoothly with a little stumble now and then... and purrs at speeds. MPG's have gone up as well. Not using any cleaner now...just premium gas. Bottom line? Clean the fuel system. The 6.2 can be silky smooth then...IMHO.
  12. I guess I misjudged the title of this thread. Why? Because I have a true Rice Crispies crackling...like light rain hitting the windshield. It sounds like it's coming from the center of the dash. Reverberating all over the windshield back to both seats. 2015 Denali with 6.2. At speed, over 60mph, it sounds like someone is eating the cereal or it's raining. Little snaps, pops, etc.. It is not related to heat or cold. Not related to bumps. Can be smooth as silk and both the Admiral and I hear it plain as day. We both have spent time pressing on everything. No dice. Seriously, everything. All the dash trim, the radio trim, the seat trim, the A pillar area, the center console area, the overhead console area....nothing changes the sound...nothing. I even went outside and checked everything you guys have mentioned. Nothing's loose. The only wear item I found was the trim/windshield washer plastic piece that goes full length across the bottom of the windshield. I put some matchbooks under the piece and went for a ride. Nope. No change. At this point I'm now wondering if I have a microphone going bad (3 in the cab that I've found) (A Mazda/Toyota repair guy mentioned that possibility) or if the amp for the noise reduction system built in to the Denali with the 6.2 is going bad. The noise is getting worse. The noise reduction system is suppose to lessen the sounds in the cab. There's nothing left mechanical for me to press on that I've found. BTW, I did get all the recalls done, the moving/crunching seat noises going around a corner repaired, etc., ...and so far at 70K miles, she's still running great! I emailed my dealer in Tucson about this issue, haven't heard back (3 days now) which is unusual. I'll call them on Monday. So FYI....if you have a Denali with a 6.2...keep your hearing aids tuned for snap, crackle and pop that sounds like light rain on the windshield.
  13. 2015 Sierra 1500 Denali with 6.2/8speed. 70K miles All updates done. All fluid flushes done. Truck shifts almost perfectly all the time. I say "almost"... as every once in a while I get a hard shift, either up or down, to 2nd gear. All other gears are fine. Sometimes the shifts are so smooth, I can't tell what gear I'm in.... As far as V4 mode...that is seamless...in or out. At any speed. Crossing fingers my Denali is going to continue this way. She tows my trailer and sailboat flawlessly as well. I am having troubles (still) using cruise control on the hills (was taught to never use CC in hilly country)...but do love the way you set the speed for going downhill as you crest the hill and she will stay darn close to that speed going down...despite the 6K lbs trailer pushing hard! And my TPMS is way off.....to the dealer it will go next chance I get. But that's another story...
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