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  1. This is what I want to know! Would love to swap it for a 2kw inverter and maybe tie in a second battery.
  2. Never had that problem on my Fords in the past. However my 03 Tacoma had a serious oil sludge issue. It wasn't a matter of the dipstick finding the oil, it was more I needed a shovel to get the sludge out. Still boggles the mind how Tacomas keep their value.
  3. Cool thanks for the verification! I was wondering if there were two sections of the tent, one that goes over the rails and one the fits inside the bed and are stitched together. My Roll-n-lock won't come off quite as easily, so I'll have to keep it on.
  4. Nice! How did you wire them in? Was it to a console mounted switch or did you tie into the reverse lights? Also, wash your truck dude ?
  5. yeah, those are Napier tents. Not sure how they connect inside the tent to the truck, but outside it looks like straps that you tighten down. My real concern is the front of the bed where my tonneau cover rolls up into and if the tent would fit over that.
  6. Anyone get a bed tent for their truck and also have a tonneau cover on it? I have a TrailBoss with the 5'8" bed and a Roll-n-Lock tonneau cover. I'm thinking about getting a bed tent (Napier or similar) to do some solo camping this year when the weather gets nicer. Kinda curious if a bed tent will fit if I have a cover on it too?
  7. I second this. Have Katzkins installed in my 2020 Trail Boss and the leather seems more substantial and resilient than the factory leather. Have yet to test that though. I'm very satisfied with the quality, although it was a bit pricey (~$2000 IIRC).
  8. I did the Outer Banks out past Corolla a few years ago in my old F150 EcoTurd and did just fine when I aired down my tires. Kept it in 4Hi and stayed out of the dunes. Had my cigarette lighter air compressor to pump up my tires when I got back to pavement. Took a little while, but that POS compressor was to blame. You should be fine in your truck. There are tons of people with crappier vehicles than you that drive that daily.
  9. My dad has a 2013 Sierra with the 5.3 and AFM and has had no problems at all with it. I can't tell what "pattern" I'm in with my 2020 Trail Boss either and so far no issues (~6000 miles).
  10. In-town driving and may cruise the US (sounds like it might or might not happen and also not a regular thing) to me suggest a gas engine vs a diesel. Diesel engines need time to warm up which may be an issue if you're just doing in-town driving. Gas economy is better though. Also as mentioned, definitely get the 10 speed paired with whichever engine you choose.
  11. Sir Walter Chevrolet in Raleigh, NC (where I bought my TrailBoss) is offering $4750 customer cash, $750 competitive offer (just show you own a non-GM vehicle I think, no need to trade), and $2500 cash back + 0.0% financing for 72 months. In total that's $8000. I'm not sure if you can use all of it together. Then they offer a variable amount off each vehicle since they're a no-haggle dealership. This ranged from $3308 to 3439 depending on the LT TrailBoss's they have in stock. So total off MSRP looks to be just over $11K. I highly recommend this dealership since they've done right by me and made the purchase process very easy and quick. I know this sounds like I'm a salesman or getting paid to say this, but I'm not. Just very satisfied. Good luck buying your next truck!!
  12. I usually take a right on 221 before you get to Boone though. That's my weekend neck of the woods. Although not this weekend since I'm recovering from "retiring the swim team" if you catch my drift.
  13. Damn dude, that is BAD ASS!!! I too didn't want to mess with the stock bumper, but seeing what you have is changing my mind! What kind of lift do you have?
  14. Curious why people want to disable OnStar? Privacy reasons?
  15. Those types of soft rollup tonneau covers need the adhesive rubber gaskets installed in the corners. That's pretty much the only thing you can do outside of a more fitting cover. I had the Truxedo ProX15 on my old Tacoma and neglected to install the gaskets and just accepted the leaking at the corners. On my TrailBoss I put on the Roll-n-Lock M-Series and it barely leaks at the tailgate corners. It was also dealer-installed.
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