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  1. I've had KO2s on my old Tacoma and they were great tires that looked great too. You won't go wrong with them! I realized I'm one of "those guys" who buys a lifted 4x4 pickup truck, only to drive it around town and on the highways . I do go offroad to my cabin, but not enough to justify needing MT tires all the time. So I went with a more street-looking AT tire and I've been very pleased with them. Enough traction for when I do go offroading and quiet enough during the 99.99% of the driving I normally do on the road.
  2. If you don't mind me asking, how much is that going to cost you?
  3. I've got an inflatable queen mattress I use in the bed of my TrailBoss. Nothing beats sleeping out under the stars on spring and fall nights! I have a Roll 'n Lock bed cover and I'm 6' and fit well with my tailgate down. If it rains, I can roll the tonneau cover although that worked better back when I used to use a sleeping pad instead of the inflatable mattress.
  4. Back when I used to do my own maintenance I would always replace the factory wires because inevitably they were crap. Nowadays, I'm not so sure and I tend to prefer to keep my vehicles stock.
  5. It's a good cover, it's what I've had on my 2020 TrailBoss since I bought it. Sometimes I see a little water in the corners, but nothing like the old rollup tonneau covers I've always purchased for my trucks. The canister doesn't take up as much space as I thought it would since there's room underneath. I've actually slept in the bed of my truck with the cover partially closed since the moon was so bright that night.
  6. There's a 75mph speed limit on a two lane country road?!?!? Not sure who the idiot is here, the one who created speed limit or the idiots driving that fast on a country road. Only speed limit above 70mph I've seen in the US are on interstates. But you do you Bubba and keep your $5, I don't want you fondling my balls.
  7. Yep, had the Duratracs and when I had them replaced at 36K miles (~58K km) the tech mentioned how badly cupped they were and joked that people could probably hear me coming down the road. This is on a 2020 TrailBoss with 18" wheels. Rotated every oil change (~5K-7K miles) by the dealer. These tires are just not that great. Mine developed a loud drone and vibration between 50-60mph. My new Bridgestones are tons quieter while still giving me good off-road capability when I need it.
  8. Every truck I've owned since 2004 I've done a spray-in bedliner. I just like the looks and durability of them. Don't have to worry about the thing rattling around or water getting underneath or anything. Getting the spray-in liner and a good tonneau cover are the first things I do in any truck I buy.
  9. Same! I got my tires rotated by the dealership where I got my oil changed. Was included in the price and cheaper than I could go buy oil and an oil filter for. The Duratracs are just terrible tires when it comes to noise. OP, I put on some Bridgestone A/T Revo3's and they've been fantastic in the 2 months I've had them. Night and day difference in ride quality and noise-level. I don't hear these at all when driving and they've performed well going up to my mountain cabin.
  10. Glad you seem to be alright and that it's just some minor damage to your new truck. She'll be good as new in no time.
  11. I'm liking my Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo 3's I just put on about 3000 miles ago. Not as aggressive looking, but miles better than the Duratracs that were on it from factory. I have the 18" LT ones on my TrailBoss. Rides quiet and comfortably and yet still has all the traction I've needed offroad. I don't go mudding or hard-core trail riding, but I do have a cabin in the mountains that's only accessible via a stone gravel road for half the way and just grass and mud (when it's raining) the other half.
  12. spends $77k on a truck, can't figure out how to rotate photos on his phone and can barely string together a coherent sentence... LMFAO!
  13. It's because this forum is likely skewed to enthusiasts. I'm certain the 5.3 sells more than the 6.2 in the real world.
  14. Gas??? That trailer is diesel territory friend! MPG alone would dictate that, but also the torque gains would be a huge benefit towing up through mountains.
  15. No issues with my CarPlay on my 2020 TB and Apple Maps with my iPhone 12 w/IOS16.
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