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  1. does anyone know if the Bilstein shocks affect load capacity of the truck? If anything I'd think that 5160's with the extra oil capacity would help dampen the load better, but maybe not increase capacity.
  2. It's funny, at first I hated it and I was seriously contemplating getting the blocks I linked to above. But after owning the truck for 3 months now and almost daily driving it, I've gotten quite used to it. I wear size 13 shoes FWIW. And a little off-topic now... this truck is so damn comfortable, I could drive it all day long. I used to get cramps in my leg and the right side of my buttocks driving my 2016 Tacoma to and from my mountain cabin (3 hours). I did it this past weekend in my TrailBoss and it was just so easy. Plus the power!!! That crappy Ford Exploder that squatted in the passing lane on I40 doing 65 MPH didn't stand a chance when I got on the gas to aggressively pass him on the right (while giving him the stinkeye).
  3. On the drivers side, cold weather gloves and hat. And on the other side, a roll of TP, socks, and underwear for me and my kids. Never know when you'll need extra and when you do, you'll be grateful!! Am dad, trust me
  4. Got it, thanks! That's the look I'm going to be going for once these Duratracs wear down. Although I probably will be adding some upgraded shocks (Bilstein 5100's or 6112's) in the future. However I like the stock ride height and rake.
  5. Looks great! Wasn't sure from your post though, do you or do you not have any suspension mods? Are you on the stock suspension?
  6. FWIW, my 2020 Lexus RX350 FSport with every bell and whistle also requires me to plugin my phone to access CarPlay. And not only that, but it's one specific USB port in the center console under the armrest. At least my 2020 TrailBoss can access CarPlay from any USB port...at least I think it does... I personally think it's an Apple thing changing specs and all that, but I have no way of knowing.
  7. As someone who has the 10 speed transmission in his 2020 TrailBoss, I say definitely go for that over anything else! And make sure you maximize the value of your trade-in. I had an almost $6K difference in my Tacoma trade-in between different dealerships.
  8. Yep! This is the time to lawyer up and go after the other guys insurance. Pain == $$ Diminished value == $$. And a good lawyer can probably get you $$ for your time and inconvenience (being out of work, etc).
  9. I want to get the Bilstein 5100's in the rear and 6112's in the front of my Trail Boss and keep the same ride height (with rake). But I haven't heard of anyone doing that before. Bilstein's website shows that the 6112 is available for a 2020 LT Trail Boss for the front. I just don't want to have to deal with replacing UCAs and I really like the height the truck is at now.
  10. there's always the cigarette lighter based mounts. I have one in my Silverado and it works for me. This is how I usually roll (except not with that iphone 6)
  11. My dealer did BulletLiner and I love it. Feels better and more substantial than the LineX I had on a previous F150 from 2012. My 2016 Tacoma had a plastic bed to begin with so didn't have to have a liner. But this BulletLiner is pretty nice. We'll see if it holds up as well as the LineX. They also did not spray my tailgate, I still have the plastic and the cup holders. And yes, cupholders on the tailgate (as shallow and puny as they are) are an awesome thing I didn't know that I needed, until I had them. Was out at the boat ramp the other day drinking some coffee with my girl and just people watching for an hour before we hit the water. Can't balance your cup on the tailgate otherwise without them.
  12. Buy a beater 4wd truck for yourself, pocket the change and save for the minivan your wife will inevitably want
  13. Why would you do that? That would imply a trailer of 12,000 pounds which is way more than he said he was towing. He said 8000lbs so 10% on the tongue is 800lbs, leaving 1110 lbs of payload.
  14. As has been mentioned, I think you're at the upper end of a half-ton. I wouldn't feel safe with that big of a trailer and family in the cab in a 1500, but that's IMO as I'm sure others have no qualms about doing it. A 2500 LT with a 6.6 Duramax would easily pull that load and won't also break the bank. I just priced out that config and got around $61K MSRP before any discounts. That's about $6K more than my LT Trail Boss and a more capable truck for towing.
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