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  1. I've noticed that too. My horn gets used regularly here in the city with the crappy drivers we have. It's just not emphatic enough for a truck. I need something louder and weighty. Looking into aftermarket horns...
  2. That seems stupid, why would you do this? Just drive it as normal and if it breaks it breaks and you're covered under the 5 year/60K mile powertrain warranty. If anything is going to happen I'd rather it happen sooner rather than later when you're out of warranty.
  3. Barring any troubles on my 2020 TrailBoss, I'll hold on to it until I pay it off, and then hold on to it for longer than that. If it does what my 2012 F150 EcoTurd started doing @100K miles, then I'll dump her for the next shiny thing. Right now I'm at 21K miles and she's doing great!
  4. I think Chevy really killed it! Love that the ZR2 has electronic diff locks for front and rear. Those multimatic shocks look awesome. And the interior is amazing, love the shifter and the new screen. Only thing I didn't like was that the driver dash screen is all digital now. I hate digital tachs/speedos and love the analog version. Keep the analog tachs/speedos and put a bigger info screen between the two and I'd have been happy. My Lexus RX350 has the digital tach and I think it's ugly and low-res. I much prefer analog there.
  5. 2004 Toyota Tacoma CrewCab TRD PreRunner Limited 2012 Ford F150 SuperCrew XLT EcoBoost 4WD 2016 Toyota Tacoma CrewCab TRD Off-Road 4WD 2020 Chevy Silverado LT TrailBoss Of all of those trucks, my TrailBoss has been my favorite. The PreRunner was 2WD and I really needed a 4WD. The F150 started crapping out at 100K miles and for that reason I'll never own another turbo truck. The 2016 Tacoma, and Tacomas in general, are just too small and uncomfortable for long-distance driving for this fat, 6' dude. I've got 16K miles on my TrailBoss and I'm hoping she makes it to 200K.
  6. LOL, I always knew there would be people like you who would buy my craptastic Ford EcoTurd with just over 100K miles on it. The older trucks were more reliable because they were simpler and didn't have things like turbo-charged engines to save miniscule amounts of gas or electronics prone to fail that take out your entire engine. That being said, I'm hoping my electronics-laden 5.3 DFM Silverado lasts longer than my turbo F150 did, but I'm not hopeful...
  7. Well this comment didn't age well. And dang have I driven some miles this year! I'm at 16K miles now in August and my Duratracs are droning and starting to vibrate things in the cabin. Only happens between over 45mph and doesn't happen when I'm trailering my boat. We'll see how long I can stand these tires before I head over to KO2's. And I still want to replace the crappy Ranchos...
  8. Congrats and welcome to the club! Would have loved the Denali, but was a little too pricey for me at the time.
  9. There's break-in guidance? Learn something new everyday. While I didn't do WOT, I also didn't drive like my grandma in her late-80's Buick (RIP her and the car). Still haven't done a full WOT run yet either after 15K miles.
  10. Sounds like the OP's mind is made up, but just adding a data point for those interested in this in the future. My 2020 5.3L averages around 20MPG on the highways and 17 in the city. This is with auto start/stop manually disabled (every frickin time I start my truck) and a CAI cold air intake. Everything else stock. I have a slight lead foot. I'll be pulling a 22' center console boat (roughly 4K lbs) soon and I'll report in the gas mileage towing that to the beach and back (2-2.5 hours). edit: the 20MPG is what I see normally (day to day doing about 45 miles and mix of city/highway). My best 400 mile MPG was 21.9 which was done on a trip from Orlando, FL to Durham, NC. Also, I'd never consider diesel due to additional cost from DEF and the fuel itself. Maintenance, other than oil changes, I have done via the dealer or a local shop I know who has serviced other vehicles of mine. Diesel has always a more expensive option for shops to do maintenance on. In the end, gas 5.3 was the best option for me and pairing that with the 10spd auto makes it a no-brainer in my book for those who don't want to deal with the hassle of diesel or premium in a 6.2.
  11. I got the CAI CAI and I've been very pleased with it. I don't drive WOT that often, but when I do get on the gas, it makes a righteous growl that I love. Need to get the exhaust changed out as well so it'll complement it. I didn't get a tune and I have no basis as to performance gains as I did it as soon as I got the truck.
  12. But as others have said, and the whole point of this post, it's not the wrong type of gas if the 6.2L engine runs fine with 87 and you're just running around town or whatever. If you need the performance (towing or hauling for example) then yeah, maybe fill up with premium because you're putting more load on the engine and you want to prevent detonation and pings and whatever. And yes, I did get the 5.3L because the hauling and towing I'm doing works just fine with the 5.3 and I save money.
  13. LOL! The Vette will be a track car and weekend cruiser to the Tail of the Dragon and will definitely be filled with premium. The truck is a grocery getter/wood hauler/daily driver. I didn't buy my truck to race to every stoplight, kinda silly to do that in a truck IMO. I kinda like to buy things for their original purpose (sports car for racing, truck for hauling). Just calling out the people here who say to always use premium for their truck when I suspect the majority don't need to. But you do you bro!
  14. I love this! I can just imagine all of the people with their 6.2L trucks racing everywhere they go, extracting EVERY OUNCE of performance from their engine. RAWR!!! Get it bro!!! When in reality, what we mostly do is go to Lowe's to pick up some wood, go to the grocery store, and drive our kids to school or other activities. Which is why I'm totally satisfied with my 5.3L running regular. I'll save the speed-racer fun for when I buy my Corvette in a few years Besides, I really do run my kids from place to place, no way in hell am I going to put them in danger by racing from stoplight to stoplight.
  15. Where did you get your Bilsteins from? Looks great, this is exactly what I want to do with my 2020 TB eventually.
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