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A club for owners of the NorthSky Blue Metallic Silverado and Sierra models.


Heaton, North Carolina, 28622

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Dark essentials package and fuel coupler wheels with Falken Wildpeak at3s. First new vehicle ever and I love it. First diesel also.
  3. 2020 Trail Boss. 5.3L / 10-speed - Crew Cab - Standard Bed (6' 6") - Towing Mirrors - Hard Rolling Toneau - Wheel well liners - AVS AeroSkin II - Putco strip light under tail gate - clear bra on bumper, grille and front of fenders - GM off road side steps.
  4. Just joined the club. Rear wheel liners added this weekend. Black center caps and bow tie this week. Thinking about getting the chrome in the bumpers and grill vinyl wrapped to match the dark grey in the argent metal pocket wheels. Thoughts?
  5. Since the weather has finally changed for the better and the chariot gets to stay clean longer. Also thought I would add an updated pic in comparison with the new rims installed.
  6. I didn't like how my eye was immediately drawn down to the chrome strip on my running boards, so I removed it. I think it looks better.
  7. With the new rims & tires on.
  8. First ever brand new vehicle.
  9. Oh I agree on even a ceramic coated vehicle getting just as dirty, it's the ease of keeping it clean that I find attractive, summer typically is not an issue but once winter arrives up here it's a pain to keep the pride and joy the way I like it!!! LOL
  10. I haven't done ceramic coating. I don't keep my vehicles long enough for it to be worth it. My friend on the other hand ceramic coated his 2500 blue truck and I feel it still get as dirty as my truck. What I usually do to keep the truck clean is bringing it to the touch less car wash and when I get home a bucket of warm water with some APC and wipe it down and of course wash the floor mats. I have the gm all weather mats and they are surprisingly good. And wash pretty easy. It is pain to own a dark vehicle. But if I have it my way I will never drive any thing that isn't blue
  11. Guys, whilst I would normally put this up on the main forum I thought I would see what owners of our colour are up to, so living in the great white north I find keeping my truck clean is a P.I.T.A in winter as once the snow hits they do the normal plow and spread this wonderful calcium based deicer on the roads and then we get a chinook wind blow through the sun comes out and it's all down the side of your truck! My previous trucks were silver which were way easier to keep clean and as much as I love the blue I am thinking I might as well have a black truck, so for ease of cleaning I am thinking of biting the bullet in spring and getting ceramic coating done, normally I put a layer of polymer sealant on once a year. Thoughts????
  12. Taken right after installing my Roll-N-Lock retractable tonneau cover. Sunny Eastern Washington.
  13. Love the pics. Here is my Trail Boss in WA state.
  14. Great pics fellas!! Here are a few more
  15. Not really sure how to navigate this club too well yet, so anyone feel free to di whatever you want, and welcome!! To me, this is the best color GM has this year. I sure do look forward to seeing yalls pics.

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