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  1. I'm still not having any luck on finding a solution. The towel and pad helped a little but not enough that they were worth messing with long term. One thing I found when looking in the seat is the lumbar adjustment is just a screw-drive with a cable. I've attached a pic. It's a little hard to see because I had already stuffed a black towel in there when I was messing around trying different things. The screw-drive is attached to the driver's right side of the wire mesh in the back of the seat. The cable attaches to the other side. The screw-drive is about 4 inches and is a solid piece. So when you power adjust more tension the screw-drive seems to pull against the back of the seat before the cable gets tight. I think this is what was causing me to feel like I was sitting twisted. On my friends F150 the lumbar adjustment is very similar except it has a plastic frame type piece between the cable and the seat foam. That more evenly distributes the pressure and buffers that pulling from the one side. Similar to the one pic I've attached. Just my thoughts..... But again, no matter what I try I'm still never comfortable driving the truck after 5 months and 6000 miles and I really am trying to accept it since I love most everything else about the truck.
  2. I see online when you build a 2020 TB there is an option on the Interior tab to add a rearview auto-dimming mirror. BUT it says this if you select it Changing Inside rearview auto-dimming mirror will also change the following: REMOVE Rear Cross Traffic Alert Front and Rear Park Assist Safety Package Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert ADD Outside power-adjustable vertical trailering mirrors with heated upper glass Price Change: -$545 Not sure why those options are tied in with what mirror you have.....
  3. Sorry.... I just realized you posted that before. Been a long week! I not sure where to look for the BCM connector, can you help me out?
  4. Installed mine tonight. Working great. Really can't understand why Chevy wouldn't just put in an auto-dim mirror when they have the connector right there. Didn't realize how nice auto-dim was until I didn't have it. I bought this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-12-17-NEW-GM-FRONT-WINDSHIELD-REAR-VIEW-MIRROR-W-AUTO-DIMMING-DIM-OEM/283191749982?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 The plastic around the mirror wasn't too bad getting it off the windshied. I used a plastic tool thing I got as part of a kit to pry between the windshied and the plastic piece working around it. I then slid it all the way til it was against the back of the mirror then rotated it 90 degress to get access to the screw and remove the mirror which slides up. Even being able to work on it on the bench the two plastic pieces were still a pain to get off the old mirror. I also did have to pull the home link thing down which was the 4 screws. Made it easier getting the glued connector pulled down.
  5. Did you by chance stumble on the dome light fuse? I ideally wanted power only when the dome lights are on.
  6. I have been fighting my seat since I got my TB. Among other issues I agree they seem very firm. I have been adding foam to different areas to try and compensate for places I feel I need some added support to try and alleviate some of the discomfort. I find myself often shifting my body position on even shorter trips due to being uncomfortable. Just this weekend my cousin sat in my TB and first thing she said was how firm the seats are. She has a 2007 Tahoe. I love the TB but having an uncomfortable seats really takes away from enjoying the truck. I have never had any issues with any other seats in all my years of driving. I'm to the point of either trying to get a custom seat shop to take a look at it or even going as far as trading the truck. I really hate to take such a loss this early in owning the truck by trading but things don't seem to be getting better.
  7. I too am coming from a Toyota. And the lines still keep throwing me off but I am slowly getting used to them. So I feel your pain!
  8. Mine causes me lower back pain and up until this vehicle I never had issues. I drive other vehicles to include most of my adult life in the military driving stuff that definitely wasn't comfortable and have no issues with lower back pain so I don't think it is my back. I have tried EVERY adjustment on the seat, steering wheel and my body position. I have over 4000 miles now so I don't think it's a breaking in or getting used to thing. The one thing that helped a lot was a seat cushion. It raised my back to just above the bottom contour of the lower back part of the seat and that made a big difference. I don't have much of an a$$. I don't like having a seat cushion especially for what I paid for the truck but.....
  9. I learned my lesson on my old truck and had clear film put on the new trucks's front bumper and grill. I bought a kit online and did the lights, door pillars and a 4 inch strip above the windshield on the roof myself. I also put a Weathertech hood protector on.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'll buy it's a temp sensor!
  11. I noticed a connector like thing on the bottom of my passenger side view mirror but not on the dirvers side. Anyone know what it's for and why only the one side?
  12. Here's a couple pics showing the passenger side mirror
  13. I got the EGR ones. One thing I noticed is the EGR ones are wider towards the bottom as opposed to the WeatherTech ones that seem to be same width on the top part of the window but taper towards the lower part. So when looking at the passenger side view mirror it blocks more of the mirror than the WeatherTech. Not a lot but just something I noticed. Other than that EGR ones are nice. My window does do the auto down somewhat often with them installed but only when I have the window all the way down and then put it up.
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