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  1. Glad it helped....Let us know how the install goes and of course we'll want pictures!
  2. Never ordered from this site but better price. Not sure what they would charge for shipping. I thought I read somewhere that if you had front parking sensors it would interfere with them. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/exterior/2019-silverado-1500-nudge-bar-brush-guard-black-tubular-design/84027398-p-92300711.html
  3. Hooked mine up last night. Wired them into the dome lights. Thanks Smoothbassman!
  4. Still 509....it keeps saying no update available
  5. I'm still on 509. Took it to the dealer and asked to check it and update it. They told me there are no updates for my radio. I think that's BS But it still says No Updates Available when I select Check for Updates...
  6. Mine just started doing that since it's been cold. At least I haven't heard it before now. One reason why I may hear it more so now is I remote start it in the morning to warm it up.
  7. Thanks. I was hearing you can download it through wifi but thought maybe you won't have access to it at all if you don't have a subscription.
  8. Can anyone confirm they got the update without having a subscription to OnStar/Connected Services?
  9. It can connect to my home wifi when I'm in the driveway and my phone. I can run the check for updates from the menu and it will say No updates or something like that with the current date/time so I assume it's able to get out and check. But thank you for the suggestion
  10. Still haven't got the update. Does anyone know if the dealer can manually do it? It's not a rush really, just seems like it's been out for some time and I would have thought everyone would have it by now. Also didn't know since I had my system upgraded to NAV (didn't come with it) if that might have jacked up the updating.
  11. https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1161/19_Silverado_1500_Body_Builder_2019FEB13.pdf Page 7-465 in the document / PDF page 625 might be what you're looking for. This is for a tailgate led bar and may be something you could use https://www.putco.com/529005
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