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  1. I agree with dieselfan1, get some soft of ppf on any painted parts on the front. I had a local pro install 3M PPF. I then bought a kit online that was precut and did my pillars, top of cab and all lights on the front. It was harder to work with than I thought but can be done.
  2. Have since added a Rough Country 4inch lift, painted to match Rough Country fender flares, Fuel rims and 35" Nitto Ridge Graplers
  3. I usually back into any parking spot then I have my dashcam (a Viofo A129) on all the time. I don't have the rear camera installed yet and of course they won't cover the sides so I don't get 360 coverage. I have the power for it ran so I can either use the cigarette lighter or the USB port (One is on all the time but can't remember which is which). That way I can change it to not be on all the time in case I want to. I drive it daily so not worried about the truck battery plus they don't draw that much.
  4. Not quite what you want but I added rock lights on the sides mainly for entry lighting. Might be an option if the mirror thing turns into a bigger project than expected. Adding rock lights requires some work too though.
  5. I have the Lasfits. Seem to be working fine. Attached pic of stock (passenger side) versus Lasfit doesn't do them justice. No hyper flash, I believe they have the resistor (or some sort of magic) built in. Have had to add resistor to wiring in the past. Much nicer to have it right in the bulb.
  6. I think the TB and AT4s are the sharpest looking trucks out there. I vinyl wrapped the "scoop" on the hood in gloss black. I also blacked out the emblems and the exhaust tips on the back with PlastiDip which I don't think the pic does it justice. Looks better in person.
  7. Mine has started doing this as well. I haven't had an update since I bought the truck. Still on 509. The Check for Updates keeps telling me there are none. The dealer keeps telling me there are none for my truck. But it seems odd it just started doing this a few weeks ago.
  8. 19 TB with just over 20k and it has been doing it for some time. Very annoying.
  9. Of the few seat cushions I tried this was the best in my opinion. kingphenix Car Seat Cushion with 1.2inch Comfort Memory Foam, Seat Cushion for Car and Office Chair (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MZJGYZ7/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_gnuEFbWG4HR0P
  10. Forgot to add to my last post.....I always had an issue with the left lateral support too. The thing that helped there was a long piece of harder, packing foam. There is a metal frame that runs vertical up both sides of the seat. There is a bigger gap on the left side versus the right between the metal frame and the inside of the seat cover/cushion that covers over it and provides the lateral support. I put the foam in that space and felt that made a noticeable difference.
  11. I tried a couple cushions and wasn't a fan of the look and I didn't think they did much. Kind of bulky. To get to the back of the seat there are two j type hooks that are on the bottom part of the back cover and connect under the seat. If you push them forward while pushing them down (hope that makes sense) that will unhook off the metal support. I don't have a pic of them unfortunately. Then there is a plastic c type bracket that goes across the whole back horizontally down on the bottom part of the back seat cover. I'll attach a pic with it circled. It connects the lower and upper seat cover so there is a c type connecter on both and they connect together. There are two zippers, one on each side, that go up the length vertically on the seat. They are tight at the bottom so be careful when you go to close it up. I found it easier if one person held the seat cover together while another person zips it closed. Be careful not to zip all the way off the end ( I MAY have done that) It is a pain to get it back on but can be done. You can see the two j type hooks hanging at the very bottom that connect under the seat. There also is a j type connector on the inside of the back flap about right above there the pocket is. It attaches to the vertical rail that is the lateral support. There is one on each side. After you have done it once it should hopefully make sense and it really isn't hard to open and close. I got the bottom seat cushion kind of off once but it was such a tight fit I really couldn't get anything in there to help out. Hope this helps if you decide to do it.
  12. I agree, the factory ones are so much better than WeatherTechs. I don't think I would buy WeatherTechs again. And happy so far with factory bed liner as well.
  13. Yeah mine started showing wear right away. I'm easy on them so definitely disappointed from the durability aspect.
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