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  1. Great looking setup. So glad to see someone that don't use a set of ugly black wheels. I almost have the twin in the RST version
  2. just don't recall seeing that recommendation in the owners guide. reason I asked thanks
  3. The black CHEVROLET letters would look great on that red tailgate. I like a red truck
  4. Had the AVS in-channel vent visors too. Got sick of the constant battle with the pinch sensors. Took them off and threw them in the trash. Replaced with the Weather Tech in-channel style. They are GREAT! Cost more but well worth it.
  5. Had nothing but trouble with the in-channel AVS vent visors. Pinch Sensors causing window to roll back down. Drivers side front tape came loose and broke the visor when the window hit it. Passenger side front had more waves in it than the ocean. Back ones require clips so the window will roll up. Finally had enough and replaced them with the Weather Tech brand. Much easier install. No rear clips and no tape at all on the front ones. Windows went up and down and up again on the first try. They cost a little more but well worth it. Very pleased with the Weather Tech brand.
  6. I have the AVS in channel and have constant trouble with the window pinch sensors and then when trying to override the drivers side sensor, it busted the visor. The passenger side front visor is WAVY real bad. About ready to trash them and try WeatherTech brand
  7. Steve Martin, the lights on my grill is the Rough Country LED Grill Light Kit. They are designed to steady burn as an off road light. I work in an emergency vehicle equipment sales and install shop. I purchased a LED Flasher and wiring it thru a diode and relay setup built in our shop, I am able to make it flash for emergency response and also it will still steady burn as designed by Rough Country. It is white only. The flasher I used had some other patterns but for this application, I chose the simple alternating pattern.
  8. Installation was not too bad. Instructions are pretty detailed. Hardest part is cutting out the grill inserts where the lights go. I work at an emergency vehicle upfitter shop so I'm use to tackling a light mounting challenge. I have an air tool cut off wheel and a small rotary die grinder which made it easier. I also cut and splice wiring every day, so it made routing wires and going thru the firewall easier. I have read where some are buying wireless controllers so the don't have to go thru the firewall. The light output is awesome. There are some post on here from others who have installed these and posted pics with and without them turned on. They are impressive. I just put mine on yesterday so I really haven't had the chance to check them out at night.
  9. Northsky Blue RST with added red tow hooks, Z71 grill emblem and Rough Country LED Grill Light which will alternate flash for emergency response and also still steady burn for dark nights
  10. I work for a professional emergency vehicle upfitter. Over 40 years experience doing police equipment installs. I just finished a 2020 Silverado 1500 SSV. It still has an ignition key. Answers an earlier question about the police package vehicles shutting off if left idling for extended period of time. Maybe the Deputy Fire Chief's department may need to look at replacing the 2019 GMC's with a 2020 Chevy 1500 police package.
  11. I have the same lift. The mechanic at the dealership was a little worried about how close it is.
  12. can you detail what you did to the rear flap at the tailgate? I have the same setup. Thanks
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