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  1. Where exactly did you put a 4’ long shim? The box sizes are identical. The only difference is the rear seal.
  2. Yeah, it's too bad these forums tend to go that way. I never thought I would get bashed for posting a darn tray of all things! It wasn't meant to be a work of art, just something I needed. In fact, I had no idea that they even had trays available on Amazon. Regardless, I would still build one because I just enjoy making stuff whether it's worth the time and effort or not. I'm sure some will understand. FWIW, I'm retired and it's just another hobby. Thanks to those with the positive comments.
  3. You're a bit of a Dickhead, aren't you? I guess with all the inbreeding in WV you've earned it. 

  4. Ah the joys of public forums and their trolls! FWIW, that tray was aluminum and was made in about 45 minutes. As far as woodworking, I too built all my own furniture right from the log. You do have a kiln at home, don't you? You can borrow mine if you'd like. Why don't you post some of the projects you've done over the years and impress us. I'd especially like to see how you would "glue" polycarbonate (Lexan) together? Here, I'll post a few of my projects to start!
  5. Tom, some guys will never get it. Some like to play video games or surf midget porn all day, I like to build things. I get satisfaction knowing that tray was made by a plasma table that I built and coated with equipment that I built. It's just too easy to buy some Chinese crap from Amazon.
  6. I don't understand GM engineers! The new trucks have absolutely no storage space for regular items we all have in our trucks. In my old Silverado I would use the ash tray for loose change, and there was a spot to hold my sun glasses. The new trucks have no ashtray, but for some odd reason they decided to put a couple brackets to hold file folders. How many people have file folders in their truck is beyond me? I decide to make a removable tray to keep all my loose crap organized and out of sight. I plasma cut the pieces from 14g aluminum and powder coated it a fine textured black. Should work good, but I will try and source some type of thin foam to line the bottom to prevent rattles.
  7. OK, here a few more pics. As mentioned above, they do fit as is, but the issue is the seal wanting to sit ON TOP of the tailgate. This is fine if the tonneau cover is closed AFTER the tailgate is closed, but if you try and close the tailgate without the tonneau cover open, the seal gets crushed. My fix was to remove this seal and install a 3/4 piece of aluminum with a new seal so that it gets compressed by the tailgate. It works awesome and worth the couple hours of work. I powder coated the aluminum to match the cover, and was able to source the seal from Amazon for $20.
  8. Give me a day or so. I'll take some detailed pics and post them here.
  9. The top rails are not less than an inch different, they are exactly the same. As I said in my last post, the only difference is the sealing area at the tailgate.
  10. Well, I guess the answer is they do fit, kinda! They do fit perfectly as is, but to make it perfect the rear seal needs to be modified. The second picture shows a small gap and apiece of 3/4 X 3/4 aluminum I installed on the rear edge of the cover. Now that I know it's perfect, I will powder coat the aluminum to match the cover and install the new seal. Doing this allows the power tailgate to work properly. Hopefully this post will answer any questions for anyone wanting to know if the older covers fit.
  11. I'm posting this info because I've read too many times that the new 2019-2020 trucks need a unique sensor, which is false. This info will help someone that wants to use their after market rims that they may have had on their previous truck,.
  12. OK, I picked up my truck today and already started to do some mods. Here's some info some might find useful; These new trucks have very wide calipers on the front that stick out past the rim mounting flange a lot more than previous trucks. So, if you plan on using aftermarket rims, test fit them first for clearance. I got lucky and my Centerlines fit but with only 1/8" clearance. Onto the TPMS sensors. I have some NOS ones here that are 5-6 years old. They are 433MHZ, and they do work! You DO NOT need to buy year specific TPMS sensors. I have the TPMS tool that others have mentioned, and it will work on both 135MHZ as well as 433MHZ. Tomorrow I will try and fit a 2017 flush mount tonneau cover to see how it fits.
  13. If one sensor fails on a Jeep, the warning light will come on. If all four.sensors fail at once or are removed( change wheels) the system fill totally ignore them and NOT set the light on. Very handy for those that change wheels.
  14. I know they do, but if you run rims without sensors, the TPMS computer will assume that the wheels don't have them installed and will bypass the system so that you don't have to stare at a light everytime.
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