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  1. I’ve wondered about that myself. Whether it be paint or vinyl wrap, it would be cool to delete a lot of the chrome on the LTs.
  2. I wonder what the safety essentials package and All-Star Edition Plus packages entail?
  3. Seems like they aren't making a whole lot of the diesels. We haven't had a new one come in on delivery since COVID hit.
  4. Wait, you were able to combine the Costco cash and 1st Responder incentive? If so, how did you manage?
  5. I just spoke with a dealer and unfortunately it is not true. Oh well, it's not gonna affect me that much but I thought that it would be a nice bonus.
  6. Big if true. Wheeling and dealing at the moment and a healthcare provider.
  7. Damn, yeah the non Z71 rode really nice when I test drove it. I figured the Z71 would be just is good but A LOT of people online complain about them. Maybe I should take their advice and add the skid plates and different shocks myself. I’m not against doing my own stuff a year or two down the line. Ok, well I think you all have answered my question for me. Thanks for the input!
  8. I'm looking at the 3.0L Duramax 4x4 (for ~$42k) or the 5.3L Z71 (for ~$41k). All other options are the same. Need to tow ~8000 lbs a year so it's a wash either way on that. I take it hunting too, which requires about 2-300 miles of dirt road (not too many rocks or potholes) per year, though the added protection can't hurt. Maybe there's an aftermarket solution? The diesel seems more attractive for the 10 speed, low end towing torque, and mileage but It's not a must have. Duel exhaust doesn't matter to me. Hill descent control would be nice probably once every year or 2 during snowy hill driving but I can do without if needed. 4-Lo would only be used on a boat ramp (if ever) but it's not a huge selling point for me. I'm just looking for a little input on if people use the Z71 package much. I liked the ride of the regular 4x4 on the diesel. Does the Z71 make the ride worse with those Ranchos?
  9. I'm looking at a truck that I like pretty well, but it doesn't have the Z71 package. Other than driving a few hundred miles on a dirt road every year, I'll not likely take it off road much if at all. I could step up to a similar truck with the Z71 but it ends up being about $3500 more because of inventory problems. I'll admit that the biggest draw to the package for me is the under body protection (for the rocks on the dirt road). Hill descent control might have some value once a year or so also. Is it worth it to jump up to the next tier for my needs?
  10. What happened to your Ford? I have test driven both the 3.5L TT F150 and the 3.0L Diesel 1500 and like them both a lot. I thought that the Ford's seemed nice enough though I admit that I prefer the looks of the Chevy and some of the other features.
  11. That's both hard to believe and depressingly easy to believe at the same time.
  12. It's really irritating that the dealers (and manufacturers) would bury this type of information to prospective buyers. Only though grumblings on forums like this have I even been close to gleaming this information. When I went in to the dealer to test drive, they put me in a diesel, which admittedly was very nice to drive for the test drive. Taking my lifestyle into account, it now seems unlikely that I would have a good outcome with the vehicle and I wish that they would try learn more about my needs before pushing me one direction or another. It's never happened to me *knocks on wood* but I can imagine that spending $40k+ on a truck only to have it crap out on you prematurely would suck.
  13. Damn. What did you end up going with? the 6.2 or 5.3? Do you miss the diesel?
  14. How short of a trip and how often do they need to be done in order for it to be a problem? I ask because I'm looking at a 3.0L at the moment (because I plan to tow and take fair number of roads trips in the Spring, Summer, and Fall) but my daily commute to work is only 6 miles with 50 mph or less to get there.
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