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  1. I have a 2020 1500 Duramax and have had a fair amount of problems with it since I bought it. I had the windows leak, a coolant valve replacement, and now I have a P049E code (EGR valve?...this code is barely mentioned on the internet) that started today. I have to wait 3 weeks - 3 months to get service in my area. I didn't purchase an extended warranty when I bought and now I wish I had. Can I buy one from GM? If not, what are the good 3rd party companies? It's a 2020 model with ~17000 miles on it and under warranty at the moment.
  2. How do you like that tonneau? I just ordered one and am waiting for it to come in.
  3. I’ve been researching this for a while. I just ordered the GM tri-fold made by REV. It is based on the Bakflip MX4 (supposedly made by Bakflip under the REV name?) which has great reviews. The reason I ordered the REV over the backflip is because it is $300 cheaper in my area (Alaska) due to shipping. I got the REV for $850 installed because GM is having a sale this month until the end of the year. Unfortunately, it’s backordered so I am waiting. I went and looked at a couple of backflips and they were nice. I also looked at the Leer quad hard fold and that was the nicest one but it was $1450 installed (oof). I’ll report back when I get mine on. It seems nice and just like the backflip in the videos.
  4. Not today but this last weekend I put on a black bow tie on the grill and black bow tie center caps. They are a small change but made a big difference IMO
  5. Congrats buddy! Today’s my 1 week anniversary with my 3.0 Z71 and I’m still in love.
  6. Just put in the GM Z71 floor liners tonight. They are the nicest floor mats I’ve ever seen and I’ve bought weather tech mats for years. Highly recommended and worth the small premium.
  7. Ok then. Sound like the consensus is to take the tire off. I’m going in for an oil change sometime this month. I’ll have them pop off the caps when they rotate the tires for it. Thanks guys.
  8. I’m running the full front with partial hood. The dealer owner put it on because he was demo driving it and they forgot to charge me for it when I bought it. They also didn’t charge me for the bedliner and front and rear splash guards. I would pay to add all of those things honestly.
  9. Trying to get the center caps off my argent metal pocket rims to switch them out for the black bow tie version but not having luck. I tried the fishing line trick on YouTube. Might try the tape method tomorrow if it stops raining. Any other tips that don’t involve taking the wheel off or scratching the rim?
  10. Good choice. I’d pick the RST for the Z71 package alone.
  11. Just joined the club. Rear wheel liners added this weekend. Black center caps and bow tie this week. Thinking about getting the chrome in the bumpers and grill vinyl wrapped to match the dark grey in the argent metal pocket wheels. Thoughts?
  12. Can you share which one you bought please? The dealer offered warranty (ALLY) and the credit union offered warranty (IWS Group) did not offer DPF, EGR, Cat, and Exhaust coverage which I wanted too. They said that they were considered wear and tear items.
  13. Cool. yeah I tend to be paranoid about these things so I'm probably overreacting. Thanks for the insight.
  14. I just bought a dealer demo 3.0 Duramax and have put about 50 miles on it since I picked it up a couple of days ago (It is at about 1800 miles total now). This morning I noticed a slightly deeper rumble from the exhaust, and figured that a Regen was starting. I switched the display to fuel economy because I also have read that the regen process drops the gas mileage by a lot. It was reading on the gauge that the fuel economy was averaging 20 miles per gallon. I drove 30 miles on the highway to let the system do it's thing. The deep rumble went away at some point in the drive but the fuel economy on the computer never improved much more than a mpg or so. Am I missing something here or is the computer slow to respond in general or during a regen? The 2017 with the 6.2 engine that I had been driving had a computer that was very dynamic about adjusting the fuel economy report based on my driving. This thing seems like it hardly shifts at all and I am babying the hell out of it. Other that this little thing, I freaking love this truck and don't miss the 6.2L/8-speed combo at all.
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